Invite Agniveer

Invite Agniveer

Agniveer conducts lectures, seminars, workshops, sessions and special classes on various subjects around Vedic way of living. Agniveer is the most transformational site-network today and has changed innumerable lives. Its rational-cum-spiritual approach to life and religion is unequalled.

Now you can invite Agniveer in your city, country or location and experience the transformation that you may never have witnessed.

Subjects covered include:

– Principles of Vedic Dharma

– Comparative Religions & Analysis

– Vedic Self-Help

– Personal Power & Motivation

– Vedic Lifestyle & Charisma

– Vegetarianism

– Human Rights

– Caste System & Equality

– Gender Rights

– Science & Hinduism

– Successful Career with Vedas

– Hinduism

– Vedic Yoga

and related topics covered on Agniveer Site.

Apart from these, Agniveer also actively involves in social activism in fields of human rights, gender rights, anti-casteism and uniting masses.


Since Agniveer Mission is all about promoting true humanism like a missionary, we have very basic requirements for conduct of such sessions:

– Travel & Stay arrangement for Agniveer representative(s).

– Provision for video recording of sessions (Preferable).

– Availability of simple, non-spicy, non-oily vegetarian food.

– Access to internet connection.

To invite Agniveer, kindly contact us through the form below. Our representative will get back to you for further details and next steps.