Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) is promoting terrorism openly through its so-called preaching activities. It has got nothing to do with Islamic spiritualism and everything to do with Islamic fundamentalism. It’s head ‘preacher’ Zakir Naik is known for openly praising Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists, abusing every other philosophical ideology on earth that varies evenly slightly with his version of radical Islam. Zakir Naik’s IRF is a breeding ground for terrorism.

>> Being an ultra-conservative Zakir Naik propagates that despite a person being as much good or noble, unless he unconditionally accepts his version of Islam, he will go to Hell and Hell alone and forever. This goes against beliefs of more progressive Muslims who believe that all who act with genuineness, regardless of their religion will go to Heaven and not Hell.

>> Muslim women obviously have all the reasons to hate Zakir Bhai because in name of pseudo-science he is simply restricting their freedom that has been ordained by the Creator. For example, he states that Muslim women should always wear Hijab and Burqa and cover their entire body always. Medical researchers are worried that such unreasonable practices cause dreaded diseases due to lack of Vitamin D in Muslim countries which enforce such beliefs on women. More liberal Muslims see such insistence as dangerous dogma harming the cause of Muslims and Human Rights.

He further states that Muslim women should not work in offices because they may have chance to be alone with men even for a second. The only men that a woman is allowed to be alone with are her husband, very close relatives and those who have suckled her. Taking this crazy dogma of Zakir Bhai further, the Head of Hadith Department of the most reputed university of Islam in world recently issued a fatwa that Muslim women should allow their male colleagues to suckle them five times. This will allow them to work with these men, even when alone!

Zakir Bhai debars women from being any doctor except gynecologists because that is haram as per his version of Islam. Women should not take part in sports as well!

He further defends polygamy by furnishing false data on population but disallows polyandry.(Read this expose on his views on polygamy) . He goes to extent of suggesting that if one desires to marry again, he may not even seek consent of first wife. He may at best inform the first wife as good manners.

He justifies the belief that women are less intelligent than men and hence evidence of two women equal that of one man! He thus also justifies that women cannot inherit equal to their male counterparts!

No wonder, he would agree to dogma that to prove a rape, a woman should bring ample number of witnesses who have witnessed actual penetration!

The list can go on and on. So much that now even Wahabis have started calling Zakir Bhai a Shaitan. Read this.

And other sects who do not receive as much funding as Osama or Zakir Bhai try tooth and nail to debunk his fraud through all means.

They are even more upset by the fact that Zakir Naik does not even know how to read Arabic and merely imitates dialogues and manners of Ahmed Deedat, another preacher considered deviant by many scholars.


The process of seeking truth demands process of elimination. One may not be sure and continue to debate on which of the 72 or more sects of Islam would lead one to Heaven, or whether Quran itself is the authentic Quran and not the new Quran as created recently. One may not be sure whether a permanent Hell or Heaven, or Fairshtas or Jinnas exist in first place. One may doubt if Muhammad was a great non-divine social -reformer or actually a Messenger of Allah’s word. One can debate if Quran deserves to be final word of Allah and what should be its interpretation or what new good thing Quran provides which was not there in previous books. Everything in life must be questioned, analyzed, debated before accepting. That is what is called scientific spirit and that is what makes us humans.

But one fact is sure, there is not even a scope for debate, and certain persons should be out-rightly banished to Hell or hell-like place for benefit of rest of the civilized peaceful society. They include

– people who dare not condemn terrorists like Osama

– who consider that all except their sect will burn in permanent Hell despite how-so-much good they do in their lives

– who cannot tolerate others but want themselves to be tolerated everywhere

– who believe that women are inferior or bereft of intelligence

– who justify inferior rights and curtailment of freedom for women

– who refuse to change their stands despite presence of factual information proving the opposite

– who do not clear their stand and purely use material prepared by someone else to claim scholar status for self and yet condemn the source

Such terrorism sympathizers are threat for any civilized society. Progressive and even conservative Muslims have showed the right way by criticizing Zakir Naik so severely. The first and foremost religion of humans is humanity. The way noble-minded Muslims have shown courage and mettle to condemn the dangerous frauds of Zakir Bhai that are detrimental to entire humanity is warmly welcomed. Such steps in right direction pave way for right direction for seekers of true knowledge.

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Disclaimer: By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. For full disclaimer, visit site.

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