Q – You supported Trump. See, now he is appeasing Saudi Arabia! You failed.

I never supported Trump. I only predicted Trump victory based on data analytics.

As for appeasing Saudi Arabia, understand two things:

– USA is a businessperson. It will do deal with whoever benefits its business goals.
Certain things do not change in US irrespective of government changes.

– USA is on other side of planet. So far it can secure its borders from a tiny minority of Jihadis, it has no reason to give a damn to what happens elsewhere, except for business reasons.
There are no surprises here.

India, unfortunately,
is not so lucky.

One, If we had commonsense (forget about business sense), we would not have been tolerating this nonsense of rape and kill for more than 1300 years.
This disease of foolish wisdom has infected from era of Prithiviraj till date.

Two, conquest of India is gateway to Heaven for Jihadis.
The Ghazwa-e-Hind has been motivation of every terrorist, the reason for partition, and will continue to be so till Judgment Day.

No diplomacy, appeasement,
chadars at Garib Nawaz will change it.
(EXPOSED! REAL Traitor of Medieval Indian [Not Jaichand])

Yes, I have failed. But not about Trump because he never mattered.
I failed in awakening my country-men to think big and deep, except a few thousand Agniveers.
Few agendas Agniveer wants to work on

Anti Terrorism | Agniveer

I am in same league of failures like Pratap, Sanga, and Shivaji.
My life is less risky than them so I hope future brings success.

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