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असुर्य्या नाम ते लोकाऽअन्धेन तमसावृताः I

ताँस्ते प्रेत्यापि गच्छन्ति ये के चात्महनो जनाः II (यजुर्वेद ४०.३)

Those people who are indulged in or support sinful selfish activities and who refuse to pay heed to their inner voice/ conscience continue to remain in utter darkness devoid of knowledge and happiness even after death.

asuryaa – indulged in sinful, selfish, corrupt deeds

naam – who exemplify, characterize or support

te – those

lokaa – people

andhena – such a darkness where one can see nothing

tamasaa – no scope for light or knowledge or happiness

avritaah – completely covered from all sides

taan – those situations

te – those people

pretya – after death

api – even while they live

gachhanti – go towards

ye – such people

ke – who

cha – and

aatmahano – work against their conscience or inner voice

janaah – people

The first two mantras of Ishopanishad explain how one should live in the world and what precautions should be taken during our stay here. The third mantra spells out the fate of those who do not heed to this advice. It also provides a formula to assess whether you are in the right direction or not. Plus it implicitly expounds why we get only what we truly deserve and not a punishment due to whims of some super-power. Thus the first three mantra of Ishopanishad summarize within them the complete Corporate Governance policy of World Inc.

While the meaning of this mantra is straightforward and self-explanatory, let us review a few salient points:

a. The mantra defines who are Asur or evil people. It states that those who act against their own conscience are Asur. They kill their own self or in other words they destroy their own inner voice.

b. Thus the mantra also states that each of us has a guide within us who keeps directing us intuitively on what is right and what is wrong. When we resolve to do something noble, we get a feeling of satisfaction, enthusiasm, peace. When we force ourselves to do something wrong, we get a feeling of shame, guilt, fear, discomfort. This is the inner voice, coming not from us, but from Ishwar Himself.


c. It is however very critical to distinguish this inner voice from instinctive urge. For example, when a thief sees an opportunity to steal money from a blind man, he may not be able to resist the easy golden opportunity to become rich. He may argue that he got an inner urge to steal. Another person may be addicted to drugs or vulgarity. He may feel helpless when faced with situations giving opportunity to consume the narcotic or conduct lustful acts. In fact the western society of today tries to legitimize all this in name of ‘human instinct’ that is supposed to be natural in all humans. They confuse between ‘inner voice’ and ‘instinct’. Many a scientists would deny existence of any ‘inner voice’ and they would conduct experiments on instinctive behaviors to prove that humans are chemical reactions merely.

But that is not the case. ‘Instinct’ and ‘Inner voice’ are completely different. Instinct is simply a patterned behavior. When you repeat something again and again, it becomes part of your instinct. You thus need not think about it consciously and yet you can repeat the behavior. Human skills are results of these instincts that we develop. Walking is an instinct, running is an instinct, speaking is an instinct, stealing is an instinct, enjoying particular things is an instinct etc etc. Development of instinct is a wonderful gift to human beings that helps us use our thinking powers on more relevant things and free it from bothering about bulk of the large number of mundane tasks that we do in our life every moment.

Anything that you repeat would become more and more instinctive. Thus developing instinct has nothing to do with anything being good or bad. You drink alcohol for first time, it tastes horrible. Some people even vomit. You keep drinking again and again and it becomes part of habit – yet another word for complex instincts. Now more you drink, more you get the urge to drink again in similar situations. Instinct is working here. Some people, intolerant to alcohol, even start enjoying the vomiting sensation because of the instinct.

Thus if you have been enjoying watching blue films in past, you would instinctively seek to enjoy them again. If you have been an alcohol lover, you would seek to enjoy alcohol  again. If you have been into self-destroying habits, you would tend to enjoy those acts again. Left to itself, thus, the first few instincts that you have developed accidentally in life would determine the rest of your personality throughout your life. This is not wrong, and in fact, the overwhelming truth for the vast majority of people today.

Such people are in effect nothing more than chemical reactions. If the driver is sleeping, the car is as good as a car without driver. These are the people whom this mantra calls Asur – those who are driven only by instincts and have no driver in the car.

d. However beyond the instincts that propel us, there is yet another propeller in our system. This is the INNER VOICE. This is a constant guide that is active even in sleep. This is the driver. This forms the force which can shape the patterns of instincts. This is the force that urges us to do good and not bad.

How do we prove its existence? Very simple.

Even a terrorist has certain facets in his life where he shows kindness. Even an atheist feels the urge to state to world that God does not exist. Why? What motivates a Richard Dawkins to try to prove that God does not exist and there is no soul. When there is no soul, why bother about telling all this and to whom? Still he would find a natural urge to propagate the truth, best known to him, to his domain of influence. This natural urge is like a source of pure light that filters through all our instinctive behaviors and our free-will to come out in some form or other.

Look at a child. It keeps trying to stand up, walk and run. Despite being hurt again and again, it does not give up. It would fall down, cry like anything, then again try to stand, then try to walk. As it grows up, it develops complex instincts. Now because society emphasizes pain and miseries a lot, it learns to give up after a few failures. Still we all, regardless of our frustrations, see a hope in everything. But then we force our instincts upon it and decide, “Well, no. No use of trying. It will not work!”. The reason that we had to justify ourselves that it will not work is that there was another propeller which said, “Try once more.” This is the INNER VOICE.

When some of us look at a scantily clad heroine with lust, another inner voice does come, “What if someone looks at my mother, daughter or sister like this and actually does all that with her in front of my eyes that I am fantasizing right now? Why don’t I exhibit the same feeling for my mother, daughter and sister and do with them what I am fantasizing right now? What is the difference? After all its skin and body that is attracting me and it is same in every female.”

So that INNER VOICE does try to slap you again and again. And if, God forbid, something happens with some lady in our family, we are filled with anger and even swear to kill the culprit.

The INNER VOICE tells us that considering all women with same respect as mother is the ONLY way that we can live safely and with dignity in this world. And if that not be the case, no relationship, no law, no enforcement – nothing matters. And why only women, if this logic be applied to anything that we lust for, living or non-living, then the only way to justify them is to justify a free-for-all jungle Raaj. All laws, all ethics, all code of conducts, all urge for discipline – everything is then stupid and at best relevant ONLY for them who can make them or break them for their own “instinctive” fun.

The inner voice does not tell us in so many clear words. It tells us all this as a feeling of shame, guilt, disgust or discomfort. Those who follow the inner voice also get to the reason because now they are in harmony with nature and can understand their own feelings more deeply.

To deny INNER VOICE is to deny our own existence.

If anyone says he does not hear any inner voice, it may be either of the following cases:

– He is simply lying because he cannot overpower instincts

– He has learned to dumb his mind into blankness so that the inner voice no more disturbs him.In other words, he deactivated the voice.

e. That is why Ishopanishad Mantra 3 gives another clue to know whether inner voice is activated or deliberately deactivated. It says, rascals shut their minds off. They find themselves covered with darkness everywhere with no knowledge. Hence, if ever you find that your mind is blanking, or your thinking power is diminishing, or your reasoning ability is reduced, or your alertness is decreasing during or after an act, that is NOT as per INNER VOICE. That will lead you to further darkness and miseries.


– Drinking alcohol is stupid because it dumbs your mind

– Eating meat is stupid because it harms environment, kills innocent animals, bad for economy, bad for longevity and hence cannot be logically reasoned

– Killing innocents is stupid

– Enjoying vulgarity or idolizing glamorous pimps and prostitutes is stupid

– Considering any woman to be anything except as respectful as mother is stupid

– Running behind short-term material wealth or fame without any higher goal is stupid

– Indulging in corruption is stupid

etc etc.

Instincts would lead us to do something as per our past behaviors. But INNER VOICE will act as an alert watchman certifying whether its worth doing or not. And if it is not, INNER VOICE would help us reprogram our instincts through practice. This is already explained in Mantra 2 of Ishopanishad.

But never ever deactivate the INNER VOICE.

Any action performed with INNER VOICE deactivated is stupidity and cause of all miseries. Period.

f. Note that we all are Asurs in some form or other, in some aspects or other. This is the SOLE cause of ALL our miseries. There are a huge number of actions that we perform purely on our instincts without consulting inner voice. Thus we shall suffer miseries, darkness and frustrations in those areas. Also know that our life is not divided into different water-tight compartments. Thus if we are Asur in one area, it impacts everything else also. This is same as the old adage: One rotten fish spoils the whole pond.

The goal of life is to KILL this Asur who is Aatmahana – Killing us.

Since soul is immortal, killing of soul means deactivating those traits which differentiate us from non-living things. Those who kill their souls also kill the capacity of soul to enjoy bliss of Ishwar. Thus they are naturally led to darkness and miseries.

In other words, since we ourselves attempt to kill our soul, we get the results that we truly deserve. If we are told to spend few days with a dead body next to us in a closed room, we shall rather die than face the infection and odor. Imagine what would be the result of living with our own dead soul closest to us!

REMEMBER, it is this INNER VOICE that differentiates us from non-living entities. Those who deny its existence either through their actions or thoughts or even arguments are actually Asurs attempting to kill themselves. They are destined, by their own deeds, to face miserable consequences of living with a rotting corpse.

g. The Mantra states that when we kill our soul, we face dumbness, reduced ability to enjoy happiness and miseries. This happens not only in this life right from the moment we kill our conscience aka INNER VOICE, but also continues after death in next birth. We take birth in species and environments that best suit our dumbness. Animals are supposed to be those species where those souls take birth who stopped using their INNER VOICE. Thus they face the results of their dumbness and only when they are suitable enough to exercise their free-will to heed to the INNER VOICE, that they take birth as humans again.

Thus the whole process continues without any disruptions due to death. Hence it is also futile to think of suicide as a way to escape the miseries of today. In fact, the tendency to commit suicide will add up to our instincts and hence make us even more dumb to listen to INNER VOICE. Thus it will make matters worse.

h. So what to do when we realize that we have got into bad habit of numbing our minds and not listening to INNER VOICE? How to kill the Asur inside us? What to do when we know we have committed many blunders and mistakes.

The answer is already provided in previous mantras.

But here are some more popular wrong ways:

Suicide: It is out of question because that will make matters worse. You will become even bigger Asurs and face even more miseries.

– Running away from situations to start afresh: This will also not work. Because the instincts will recreate the same situations wherever we go. This world is a war against not anyone else but our own instincts. So run anywhere, even in most isolated jungles and yet your instincts will follow you. Just as head of a coin cannot run away from its tail, you cannot run away from your instincts.

Becoming a sanyasi or monk: It will not help either.Sanyaas is not for those with deafness of INNER VOICE but those with extremely strong ears to INNER VOICE. Becoming a namesake sanyasi without the transformation inside will make you a hypocrite and hence an even bigger Asur.

Confessing your crimes and saying sorry to the person against whom you committed crimes: Again of no use.Many intellectuals state that if you have done anything wrong you should confess that to the person against whom you committed wrong and then you shall be free of its guilt. Those in path of Vedas will not say so. Because Ishopanishad Mantra 1 clearly stated that everything belongs to Ishwar alone and nothing else is directly related to you. So the only person against whom you committed crime was Ishwar even though He remains unaffected by it. Thus confessing crimes in front of others – who are neither as intelligent nor understanding – as Ishwar would simply be foolishness.

Further, just as a drop of poison makes entire food poisonous, each act done by each person against his INNER VOICE affects innumerable souls linked to him directly or indirectly. Thus if confession be the way to get rid of Asur inside, then one will have to make billions of confessions.

–  Some scholars are of opinion that one should detach himself from the crimes and if told to reveal his or her past, should honestly speak the worst of his crimes. This will give inner strength. This approach is also against Vedas and good for only those who doubt Ishwar or do not understand mechanism of mind.

Had detachment been so easy, what took us so many births and even in this birth we are struggling so much to get detached? Further, each time one is told to reveal his past and he states his misdeeds, he would only be strengthening the very instincts that made him commit those crimes in first place. So this approach would only make him more vulnerable. Also the very fact that he mentions certain crimes means that subconsciously he considers these crimes to be big enough to be discussed. Thus it means that in reality instead of being detached, he is still attached and perhaps even more attached.

And what about the millions of minor crimes that we all committed since birth. If I committed a bank robbery, then after being a so-called saint, I should discuss about it when asked to get rid of the Asur tendencies. But what about those petty things I stole since birth that turned me into a robber, each lie I said, each time I cheated in all the games we played as children, each time I abused anyone, each time I killed ants for fun etc etc. All these together made me into a bank robber. How much can I tell and how long can I tell. Each moment can take hours to elaborate.

i. Here is the Vedic way or Ishopanishadic way in current context.

– Surrender to Ishwar and humbly apologize for all the mistakes I have been doing since Ishwar-knows when. Do it emotionally and not by mechanical recitation of some dialogues or mantras.

– Promise to Ishwar that I would never ever repeat false ways again. Promise to Ishwar that I shall only follow the path of truth taking Ishwar alone as example, guide and benchmark. Request to Ishwar alone that He provide me strength to be successful in this vow.

– Now refuse to do anything with whatever you may have done in past. Even if it is in active memory, refuse to discuss it or even think about it. Think of something better. Surrender all evil thoughts of past and present to Ishwar and feel Idanna Mama.

Instead of carrying skeletons in suitcase and be eager to show it to anyone when asked as a mark of honesty, throw the suitcase in dustbin and travel light. Idanna Mama – Not mine, all for Ishwar.

– Now get into vigorous actions. Perform more and more of noble intentioned actions as much as you can with full enthusiasm. Mantra 2 clearly stated that this is the ONLY way.

– Obviously old habits die hard and even the noble actions would have many defects. Plus there would be many times when you would be swayed away by instincts to be Asur again.

But do not worry. Do not give up. Rise up again, even more aggressively. Repeat the previous steps again and again. In fact make it part of a new instinct that whenever you fall you rise even more enthusiastically refusing to do anything with past.

– Do ensure that even this does not become another bad habit to say sorry and work again and fall again and say sorry. Don’t think that by saying sorry you have another opportunity to start afresh then why worry!

Know clearly that each time you fall, you do lose something. Each time you try to fool Ishwar, He is smarter than you to know this.

And you HAVE to face the consequences of all your mistakes. No amount of worship, prayers or confession can delete the results of your actions. Just as obesity does not get cured by saying prayers or saying sorry. But if you refuse to do anything with past mistakes, reprogram your routine, become health conscious, take good diet etc, over a period of time you can become lean again. Whatever principle applies to body, same applies to mind and soul.

To ensure that this works effectively, keeping yourself busy with vigorous and more ambitious actions is essential. Each time you fall, the actions and discipline should be even more tight this time.

To this with all your emotions, passions, feelings and reasoning. Set ambitious targets. Make sure you are doing something concrete for betterment of world and not your own self. Review the first mantra of Ishopanishad.

As you engage in better and more of noble actions, old patterns will start breaking and new patterns will start emerging. Refuse to think about old patterns because that will strengthen them. When found with a situation that arouses old instincts, simply start thinking of your new goals and immediately get to actions. Avoid the trigger situations in first place and if you cannot then make yourself busy in completely different noble deeds then.

Soon you will have all your instincts reprogrammed as per your inner voice. Life will now become much more easier, enjoyable and relaxing because you have stopped struggling with your INNER VOICE. The INNER VOICE will bring greater and deeper feeling of enthusiasm, fearlessness, peace, satisfaction and happiness with each act. Instead of killing your soul, you have started nurturing it.

Now seek newer ways to learn more, meditate better and perform even better actions. Soon this would spiral up towards enhanced wisdom, more pronounced INNER VOICE, ever-increasing happiness, heightened harmony with nature and you would find journey towards ultimate bliss of Ishwar the most enjoyable experience of your life!

O Ishwar! Grant me the wisdom to have this exhilarating experience RIGHT NOW!

The Science of Blissful Living

The Science of Blissful Living

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Genre: Inspirational

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  • Agniveer
    //we killed ants for fun// I find this sentence funny . ( don’t intend to offend you )
    Thanks for this another wonderful and inspiring article.
    Your both Intelligent Quotient and Emotional Quotient must be very high.( and that’s why you are IIT IIM graduate.)

  • Thanks a lot Agniveer !
    It shuns most of the questions.

    One more thing I wanted to ask you along the same lines,

    Suppose a boy is born in a tribe where killing your fellowmates of your tribe is required for your existence, What will that boy do ? Ofcourse, he will grow up thinking that I have to kill everyone. I dont think he would ever feel any kind of guilt thoughout his life or inner voice will play any kind of role?? What would happen in such extremem cases ?

    • That is where law of karma comes in play. Why tribals, even animals follow the same. God provides us the environment which is best match for our inner sanskars. As we start improving the sanskars using ‘inner voice’, the environment changes for better. If we deny ‘inner voice’, sanskars deteriorate and hence the environment as well. If the boy starts following the inner voice, eventually he would realize that killing is bad. For those who have sufficiently dumbed their inner voice, law of karma gives them birth as animals so that they can purge out their sanskars and start hearing the voice again. And hence the saga continues. But remember that if one resolves to follow ‘inner voice’/ conscience, it is possible to reach any height of enlightenment.

      • Sanjeev ji Namaste!

        Every article i read here is so inspiring as if i have found the whole knowledge of the vedas.
        Aap ko shat shat naman karta hu, aise articles hame prastut karne ke liye.

        Please continue the series of Ishopanishad. I read all the three so far and they are awesome and mindblowing. Trying to put into practice as much as i can.


  • I have one very basic question regarding to the the fundamental concept of this article that is ‘How does your inner voice learn which things are good/bad and accordingly guides’ .. What I think is – the kind of society/law of state in which the person has been brought up decides the traits of inner voice.

    For e.g.

    1…Drinking wine/beer(alcohol) is completely fine in western country and nobodu ever feels guilt doing that as it is the part of the society and completely legal .. But in india its completely opposite. So if you compare such two persons brought up in West and India will have different inner voice traits.

    2…Along the same lines, In middle east – having four wives/ praticing sex/lust is completely fine so there is no question of guilt.

    3.. In Indian history mughals used to kill Hindus, rape their daughters/wives which is completely right as per their inner voice caz Hindus are Kaafir acc to them.

    4.. taking nude sun bath is perfectly fine in so many countries, there is no guilt as inner voice is moulded as per their upbringing and society.

    5.. If there is a guy born in a tribe, he will completely follow their laws/society culture whatever it be and that becomes his inner voice.

    Conclusion – the environment/society/laws of state or culture decide your inner voice and its not guided/supported by God(I am agnostic). Kindly help me with these queries and provide the counter argument for same. I am looking for answers with open mind

    • 1. Inner voice is not guided by environment, but its implementation is. Inner voice is like a ‘unit vector’. It justs points towards the optimal direction. It simply indicates whether there is something fishy or not.

      2. Depending upon the environment, we learn to ignore the ‘inner voice’ in certain aspects of lives. The voice is still there but we refuse to listen. We make ourselves comfortably numb. As we become more and more numb, our ability to listen to ‘inner voice’ also diminishes. It is like muscles getting weaker if you don’t use them.

      3. The way to use ‘inner voice’ is to start with what you have. Just like how you start exercising to strengthen your muscles. You don’t start with acrobatic exercises to begin with. You start simple. As you apply inner voice in more obvious things and stick to this practice, and the gradually stretch, you come to find more and better and diverse applications. Eventually over a period of time, you realize why wine is bad, polygamy is bad etc.

      4. In fact for examples that you quoted, it is much easier. Drinking wine is socially popular in west but everyone knows it is not the best thing. They all know that anything that dumbs mind is not good. Driving with drink causes accidents. Drinking is cause of many violent acts etc. At least in current era, it is known. They know that pious people shun drinking. It is just that they have decided to not apply their intellect (driven by inner voice) in this matter. In fact what happens in tribal culture is that people learn to refuse to listen to their inner voice and become dumb.

      5. One trait of inner voice is that it will constantly seek more wisdom and knowledge and try to improve. That is so innate. A child becomes adult due to this. It learns to walk and speak due to this. One cannot deny it. If it were not there, we would not have survived. Similarly, all tribes protect their own children and women. It is just that after an age, they refuse to apply this innate trait further and stop their growth.

      And that is why you will see that, despite whatever tribe they belong to, some people do rise above who are introspective and hence refuse to abide by tribal views. That is how tribes have modernized. That is how Dara Shikoh was born to a pervert criminal, people have rebelled against existing ways of society, world has changed, slavery was abolished and lot of good things happened. Yes bulk of people tend to follow the environment/society/laws of state. But then somewhere a Shivaji is born, a Pratap is born, a Dayanand is born who follow inner voice in their respective areas, despite being fully entrenched in a society that was directed in opposite direction.

      Difference lies in how much passionate one is about listening to that faint ‘inner voice’ and ‘abiding’ by it regardless of anything else, so that it grows stronger and stronger.

      • and then some where an Agniveer is born.
        यह इश्वर की ही प्रेरणा है जिसे सुनके लोग इश्वर का दक्षिण बहु बन जाते हैं
        ॐ सु अस्तु

      • Excellent explanation Agniveerji,
        This bad environment itself (which guides the implementation of inner voice) is created by collective ignorance of inner voice. So ultimately everything is shaped by either following or ignoring the inner voice.

  • Just wish to thank you….! This age is where we dont even get to listen to good words let alone the knowledge of god.Thank you so much for educating all …GOD Bless you !!

  • Namaskar Angiveerji,
    When our trust is broken and we are deceived by our “friends”, “well wishers” it is very difficult to forget about it. Trust is one thing all relationships are based on and then the inner voice never tells anything whether our trust is going to be broken. All that remains is feeling of guilt and being dumped and foolish. How can one learn to move on and trust and not think that this will not happen again. May be by commiting suicide atleast this life one will be spared on being let down and living dreading each person one meets.

    • @Neha : your “expectations” are the cause of your misery , give them up do what you have to without expecting returns.
      Take charge of your life and do the right thing for your self.Ishwar has made all of us complete its just that we are too scared to let go.

    • I too had the same question.. but after reading so many posts by agniveer i believe i m quiet better off now.And suicide is not a solution to any problem

  • Namaskaar,

    1.How can we strengthen our inner voice so that it is never dominated causing mistakes or miseries?
    2.How can one stop himself thinking guiltier and shameful(if committed crime/sin) than the other person(S) who are good and are doing good deeds? In Mantra 3 above, it is explained theoritically. But merely by accepting theoritically, it is difficult to put into practice.
    Is there any spiritual way for performing what is desired in above 2 questions.?


    • Namaste,

      1. The journey of entire globe is bult of small steps. Same with strengthening inner voice. Take small bites at a time. Resolve to be honest and following goodness for next 10 minutes. Then 1 hour, then one day and stretch gradually. Dedicate certain days to only spiritual activities. This will significantly increase will-power and hence inner voice.

      Also make a habit of regular meditation. If in stress, increase amount of meditation. And before morning meditation, do a workout. Physical exercises strengthen inner voice as well.

      Also, read good literature. I strongly recommend Articles on Vedic Wisdom on this site, and Satyarth Prakash.

      2. You cannot stop thinking anything so easily, unless you have great mind control. So work on building that control through meditation and knowledge enhancement. But in the interim, keep yourself busy. Whenever that thought of guilt comes, immediately start doing something worthwhile. Like writing something good, helping someone, or even exercising. Use this each and every time you feel guilty. Simply get busy in something useful. Make a list of things you enjoy doing which are also useful for society or Self. Once Swami Dayanand was asked if he ever got the urge of sensuality. He replied that he never got time to think of that. If you can follow this, you will not even realize how soon all this guilt etc will melt away and vaporize. But never ever try of NOT thinking about anything. Simply think of what you want to think.

      These are the most powerful methods for this situation. Proof of effectiveness lies in its testing. Try for a month and provide feedback.


  • Namaste

    Past is not in our hands. However future is. If you intend to repeat the past crime, or the past relates to something that will repeat in future, then you should say. But if past is gone and you are not going to repeat it in future, then by revealing the past, you are doing 2 blunders. One, by remembering it, you are increasing the chance of it getting repeated again. Because it is law of nature that more you think of anything, more it has chance to happen. Second, you already caused wrong to the other person. By again revealing, you torture him again. So revealing anything is pointless. However this is relevant ONLY when you have surrendered to Ishwar and have resolved to break away from your past and start afresh.

    • नमस्कार अग्निवीर आचार्य!

      कृप्या विस्तारपुर्वक समझाए! अर्थात यदि कोई पूछे कि तुम्हारा भूतकाल क्या था और हमारी इच्छा यह है कि जो पूर्वकाल में पाप हुए वह पुन: ना हो। अभी कोई पूछे कि क्या भूतकाल था तो उस परिस्थिती में क्या प्रतिक्रिया देनी चाहिए? आपके अनुसार यह नही बताना चाहिए कि कौन कौन से पाप किए तो अभी ऐसी परिस्थितियो में क्या करना चाहिए?

      • यदि आपको लगता है कि बताने से भविष्य में कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ेगा तो बता दीजिये. किन्तु बताकर फिर गड़े मुर्दों का पोस्ट मार्टम हो, और आप अपने पथ से भटको यह उचित नहीं है. अपने आप को इतना बलशाली बनाइये कि आप कह सके कि आप भूत काल की बात करने में रूचि ही नहीं रखते. वैसे भी यदि व्यक्ति एक एक पाप गिनाने लगे तो अनेक जन्म बीत जाएँ.

  • I had a question.

    In the above article, it is written
    -‘ Some scholars are of opinion that one should detach himself from the crimes and if told to reveal his or her past, should honestly speak the worst of his crimes. This will give inner strength. This approach is also against Vedas and good for only those who doubt Ishwar or do not understand mechanism of mind.
    Had detachment been so easy, what took us so many births and even in this birth we are struggling so much to get detached? Further, each time one is told to reveal his past and he states his misdeeds, he would only be strengthening the very instincts that made him commit those crimes in first place.’

    Question is

    By not revealing the past sins/crimes, do a person not cheating the other person against whom he has commited the sin/crime?

  • Dear Meera

    Before reading the Vedas you should first read these two books :
    (1)Satyarth Prakash(Light of truth)

    These two books wer written by Swami DayanandSaraswati.Most of the translation available on internet is by Swami Dayanand.It is impossibl to understand them if you do not read the above said two books.You will find the language to be quite boring.Many have failed in understandin that translation because they id not read the above said books.So,in order to get maximum out of that translation you should read the above texts.

    Thank you!

  • Meera jee, try aryasamajjamnagar.org to know all 4 vedas.
    Authentic text of Puranas not available.

    But vedmandir.com can be also used to ask some doubts in particular.

  • Hello,

    I am intereted in gaining and understanding veda/purana knowledge. Please let me know from where do i get the complete book in hindi.

    • Agree with Vinay Arya!

      Please read these 2 books first.

      These 2 will help you understand analysis of Vedas. After reading them, go through
      http://aryasamajjamnagar.org/rigvedabook.htm to read all 4 Vedas. If you have specific query, you can visit vedmandir.com

  • Our society really needs this kind of article where some one is comminting suicide in every 4 minutes, 14 Suicides Per Hour, 300 Suicides Per Day.

    • dude for god sakes there is no aryan civilization….. at least on the Vedic Land
      and Arya- means noble man… a mere word of sanskrit….

      Creating a race/civilization out of Arya… is not good. Because there is no aryan race in Bharath but there is Dravidian Race..

      And even some scriptures speak of who is arya & who is not (anarya)… Like if arjun wouldn’t have raised to fight against injustice, his act would have been anaryan as Krishna explains…

      • Namaste VivekanandaInsp

        Race and civilization are two DIFFERENT things dear friend. Dont get confused b/w the two. Each civilization was/is/will be Arya up to the extent it possesses nobility and Anarya/Dasu in the proportion of evilness in it. Absolute Arya and Dasyu civilization are practically impossible to find out. In the ancient times, society might have higher moral values and greater scientific progress than now and thus can be called as Arya civilization as compared to current one. And the current one might be relatively Arya than the society of last 5000 years that was full of selfishness, cheating, treason, incompetence, nudity, superstitions….

      • Namaste Vajra,
        Exactly thats what I am saying… I don’t like any Indian using terms ‘Arya’ and ‘Civilization’ or ‘Race’ together… If any Iranian or Eripian uses I can understand but, I can’t digest if guy speaks about Veda, Rama & Krishna and talks about Arya Civilization, Arya Race etc…

    • Let me introduce myself in short, I believe that Vedas/Upanishas contaim much knowledge.. But personally I do not know much. I have passion for my country history and philosophy… I read Vivevekananda complete works once…

      But, I am actively involved in outside social works, seen many injustices, oppression, heard many personal stories-plights…
      Your answer above is not soothing me..

      My instincts say as long as Good people maintains tolarance or has impotency the bad people will have fun in torturing others, thus adharm should be never entertained and must not wait to god to punish him in his next lives, but we must… or else just cry stting in corner of our room… i feel its better to say good bye to this weak situation of your body and take a pigs body that is much better..

      Was expecting somemore inspiring answer but any ways got new idea of compensation but i dont want moksha or god, i want justice for all in this life…

      • ‘i feel its better to say good bye to this weak situation of your body and take a pigs body that is much better..’
        here by ‘your body’ i meant oneself’s…like instead of crying must fight and die or just die but must not entertain injustice at any cost… hell with peace & non’violence

      • ————My instincts say as long as Good people maintains tolarance or has impotency the bad people will have fun in torturing others, thus adharm should be never entertained and must not wait to god to punish him in his next lives, but we must———

        yea! i proudly and completely agree to this and woul say that this is what a vedic must do !
        that is for what we have a complete judicial system and police system to punish the criminals … and wrong doers … though it is lacking for we know criminals are not being punished .. so we must try to improve it!
        about leaving it on god is that in case the justice cannot be done in this world as in present situations then we must still have faith that that person or sinner would be seen by the god and justice would be done!

    • About Seeth, you are wrong…
      She saw a good deer she wanted to play with it, thus requested with her husband…
      Her husband went after it and shouted for laxman to help him, ofcourse any women will be restless knowing her husband is in trouble.. So demanded laxman to go for help. She didn’t wanted to even cross the line but again dharma said ‘Seethe’ Athidi devo bhava’ how can a mother deny…
      I don’t even see a bit of mistake on seetha’s part…

      • yea! ok i change my stand and accept that the point i gave regarding sita ji was not correct one.
        i can modify it like that, since grave injustice was done to sitaji, but she got a compensation did she not?
        the world thinks of her like goddess today! she is ideal to millions…. and an ideal lady acc. to millions.
        also ravana got his punishment , first by shree rama and for sure by god also!!
        also in her next birth (if at all she ever had to take one , she would have got nice conditions to attain happiness and moksha to compensate).
        in this way i feel,
        and as you say…
        if seetaji had commited suicide since she could not oppose ravana , if she had killed herself… that would not have been a solution!

        now i think also you shal ask this question from agniveer through forum section directly!
        there in the section “ask agiveer” you can get a direct response from agniveer , if he misses it here in commnets section!

  • “Thus we shall suffer miseries, darkness and frustrations in those areas”

    Agniveer, I really believe in what you said but… miseries & frustations not always because of mis-deeds and not listening to inner voice..
    For Ex:
    1. I born as orphan, what misery I have to explain you.
    2. Got separated from loved ones (sometimes because of listening to inner voice)
    3. Failure in Exam (is not a Sin according to me but brings a lot of misery)
    4. Some politician send rowdies to beat/torture my family because I opposed him.
    many more…

    Please Don’t Feed Me This:
    If you don’t do any adharm (manasa, vacha & Karmana) still you suffer; then you did bad in past life..
    Because: What about Seetha, what sin she commited.
    What about all those people who died from Afganisthan to Delhi in Islam crussades..

    The people, whom you say involved in curruption, adultry what so ever; you are saying they will face miser??? No your honor I object.. They are enjoying.. Having fun…
    The people who live honestly suffer face many miseries, I have ton of history stories as well as live examples.. Please tell something to such people give them hope…(from the Vedas point)….
    If you tell me that past life deeds, then I have to say why we are worried, the rapes are due to past life sins of those women, oppression of casts is past life deeds. Terrorist bomb blasts is to punish for past life deeds.. and so many…..

    • namaste!

      what i feel and believe (according to the knowledge i got till now through reading books and pravachans etc.)
      is that the bad which happens to us is because of three reasons::
      1. our bad deeds in this life.
      2. our bad deeds in past life
      3. someone else’s mistake.

      1. our bad deeds in this life.
      as if we smoke, then we are bound to have a cancer then you can not say that this was due to past life sin or not my mistake.. it would be mistake you commited in this life and you get fruit in this life!
      similarly for those who do prostituition and other evils and resultedly get burdened by so many diseases fall here.

      2. our bad deeds in past life.
      this will reflect as the birth based disabilities , a someone is deaf others dumb, blind , handicapped , and diseases carried from birth etc..
      also as someone very much tensed always, no peace etc. fall here.

      3. due to mistake of others.
      this is the third reason because of which we have to suffer sometimes.

      as in world if a thief stoles from a person and that person complaints in police.
      the judge will handle the case and gve a punishment to the thief and will give compensation to the person who was robbed to complete the loss.


      eg. as a train driver drove after being drunk and made a train accident killing … 1000’s of people. now this is a mistake of driver. not that all 1000 people were guilty of past life..
      now what god will do is,
      punish that driver in next birth, then would give compensation to all people in their next birth who had to die, and have wasted their time on their journey to moksha ,
      this way god will do justice as a justice is done by the judge in courts.

      for this suffering we shall be careful to save ourselves from such things as, the person should have proper security to save from thefts, sita mata should not have compelled both rama and laksman to go behind a deer, terrorists should be dealt strictly so they dont dare to commit such things….
      but nevertheless they shall keep faith on god that…

    • Namaste VivekanandaInsp,

      you are reading only half of the message in my opinion. There is a cause of suffering BUT there is also inspiration to ACT and come out of that suffering.

      the message is to appreciate the WHYs of our suffering and ALSO the HOWs to alleviate or remove them . nowhere it is suggested that the status-quo be passively and pessimistically accepted as fate.

  • –Confessing your crimes and saying sorry to the person against whom you committed crimes:—-

    Don’t you think by apologising to that concerned person paves the way to friendship and perhaps create a good atmosphere among them?

  • Namaste,
    Can I please suggest that the wonderful articles be edited a little bit . The content is very helpful but a little editing might tweak out the etc’s, repetitions and make it sound more free flowing. I don’t mean any disrespect but every language has a natural sound to it. This sermon sounds like a list of do’s and don’ts and dogmatic. Sir, very humbly youngsters today don’t have the attention span to read lengthy articles with examples about thieves which make them feel like we are back in school. If a editor could help to make the article more precise and concise, with a better layout I am sure it will be easier to read.

  • REQUEST: I would love to read an article/s on Maharishi Dayanand — his life, principles, message and contributions — written by the scholars of Agniveer team. It would provide immense inspiration to me and many others.

    I don’ find many articles on his life on internet. It seems that his personality is much less known among the youth of India, although it remains a solid fact that his contributions were at a similar level, if not greater, to that of Swami Vivekananda’s.

  • Brilliant Insight Agniveer Ji as always

    this one though has the power to liberate a thinking mind instantly!


  • Great article. Words explaining the difference between instinct and inner voice and also why every woman other than wife should be treated as mother are simply incredible. Very nicely explained. Dhanyawaad!

  • Pranam to all the scholars of Agniveer,

    “Now refuse to do anything with whatever you may have done in past. Even if it is in active memory, refuse to discuss it or even think about it. Think of something better. Surrender all evil thoughts of past and present to Ishwar and feel Idanna Mama.”

    What I have experienced in my personal life is – the more I resist, the more it persists.

    Can you suggest me some remedy for this ? I shall indeed be obliged

    • We wrote in the article – simply ignore. There is a set of Manasa Parikrama Mantra in Sandhya that states that we surrender all Dwesha feelings to Ishwar. Another mantra states that I simply dissociate with falsehood and go to truth.

      So refuse to even resist. Simply ignore and think of something else, something better, something more worthwhile. Don’t even think of not thinking. Simply think of what you should be thinking.

  • यसमिन्न ऋच: साम यजूंशी यस्मिंप्रतिष्ठिता रथनाभाविवारा : |
    यस्मिंश्चित्तम सर्वमोतंप्रजानाम तन्मे मनः शिव संकलपम अस्तु ||

      • Aum,I would add to your comment that the means of cnoversion to Sanatana Dharma is different. A good Hindu will only attempt to convert others by telling them the virtues of Hinduism itself. Other religions often resort to bribes, like medical treatment, food, or education on the condition that someone converts. Still worse, at times they resort to threats or actual violence. The beliefs of the Abrahamic religions are themselves threats and bribes. Follow my religion and you will have eternal paradise no matter how badly you behave, don’t follow it and you will be eternally tortured even if you show goodness and kindness to all . The Dharmic religions on the other hand acknowledge that a mean, violent Hindu is less virtuous than a kind and patient follower of another religion.Then there is the use of deception to gain converts. The worst case that I have heard about was . Many people assume that priests of other faiths hold truth in the same value as Hindus. Of course there are individuals following those faiths who do value truth, but the faiths themselves encourage the opposite. The belief in hell for non-believers means that many of them think that lying and deceiving to save a person is justified, as it is in their best interest.I would say to anyone considering cnoversion to Hinduism, if anyone has promised you money to convert or threatened you if you don’t then this is wrong. Convert because of the well-tested path to God-realisation. Convert because Hinduism teaches of a loving God who will bring all to moksha, and not abandon those with mistaken beliefs. Convert because Hinduism teaches goodness, treating all well. Convert because Hinduism teaches that we all have the divine spark, and you feel it in yourself and see it in others. Converting because of promises or threats wen you feel nothing for the religion,is denigrating both to yourself and the faith you convert to.