The modus operandi of creation in Islam is very simple. Allah simply says, “Kun” and things get created!

Creation of Universe

1. Surate Bakar 117 states that whenever Allah wants to do anything, He says to him, “Kun” and it just happens.

Same is repeated in Al Imran 47 , Surate Nahal 40 and Surate Yaasin 82.

a. Now a doubt is that who is ‘him’ in above verses. Whom does Allah says ‘Kun’? The thing that was not present so far? What is the logic of addressing something that was not there in first place?

b. Further, what is the need of even saying ‘Kun’? Can’t Allah bypass this redundant step and directly create what He wants to create?

c. Further, if this is the method of creation, why has this method suddenly stopped now? Why we do not hear ‘Kun’ anymore? What is the proof that this is the method of creation? Is there anything beyond blind belief that can justify such crazy concepts?

2. Surate Yunas 3 has another story to tell. It says that Allah made the skies and earth in 6 days and then settled on his throne.

a. Now one may ask how can one count days when there was no sun and hence no concept of day and night?

Tafseer-e-Jalalyn answers that by 6 days, a time duration equivalent to 6 days is implied. It further says that Allah could have made everything in a moment but he took 6 days to teach that one should work slowly and not in hurry.

Tafseer-e-Husaini states that hurry is nature of Satan, and Allah acts gradually with patience and procedure.

b. Does that mean that even ‘Kun’ is said by Allah with patience over 6 days?

c. Also, when no one was present, and time is a relative concept, how shall one decide if creation in 6 days is an act of hurry or patience?

If someone is capable of doing something perfectly in 1 minute but takes 6 days to complete it, do we call it patience or laziness? Going by Quran, this Allah seems to be extremely lazy!

3. Interestingly, Surate Hum Sijda states that Allah made earth in 2 days, then took 4 days to make food, and then the seven skies were made in 2 days.

The total comes to 8 days. Now different scholars argue differently to prove that 8 days in this Surat is equal to 6 days in Surate Yunas. They keep fighting over this mathematical discrepancy, but that is not the subject of this article.

For now, one can question that if 6 days were needed to create earth and food, why did Allah suddenly rush to complete rest of the universe in only 2 days. After all the size and complexity of earth is negligible compared to universe.

Perhaps Allah started with patience and then Satan took over shouting ‘Kun’ and hence He rushed up!

Two more related queries come in mind.

a. Why suddenly Allah thought of creation, all of sudden? If creation is a power of Allah, why did he not execute this power earlier? Why was he not showing this power for infinite time and then showed for a while, and will stop forever after that? Is it that Allah’s powers also keep changing like his mood and he was unable to create earlier? That means there is a supreme reality that controls even Allah. Or is he simply whimsical? Or imperfect? That seems so if we believe in modern Quran.

b. Surate Room 10 says that Allah creates the Creation first, will do so again and then you shall return.

Thus, powers of Allah would be waste and useless before and after this Creation for infinite time?

These anomalies do not remain in Vedic concept of creation.

Vedic concept of creation of universe

Vedic concept of creation has surprised modern scientists for years. They are surprised on how Vedas could describe creation in such details and accuracy as per recent researches. That is the subject of Naasadiya Sukta of Rigveda. Here let us briefly highlight the philosophical concepts of creation as per Vedas.

As per Vedas:

a. Creation and dissolution is a never-beginning never-ending process executed by shapeless and omnipresent Ishwar.

b. Soul, Nature and Ishwar were always present and shall remain so. Thus Ishwar did not create Adam. He simply used existing matter to create universe, its various structures, and then integrated souls with various organic forms.

c. Ishwar does not do all this instantaneously. On contrary, it does so through its unchangeable laws which take their own time to complete.

d. Creation and dissolution happens in exactly same manner every time, because Ishwar is perfect and unchangeable.

For more details, please read Chapter 7,8,9 of Satyarth Prakash (Light of Truth) which is available online from Downloads section of

Creation of Human

Surate Hazar 27 details process of creation of Human or Adam.

It says that Allah created Adam with clay using His two hands. And then He puffed His soul into Adam.

Now this clay was created from nowhere by Allah by saying ‘Kun’. Thus human or Adam does not have his own individual identity. It is made of clay (invention of Allah) and even its soul or Rooh is that of Allah. As we shall see further, this soul of Allah is corrupted and evil as per Quran. So really it is Allah who is evil, if modern Quran is to be believed.

As we already discussed in chapter of destiny, even the actions of Adam are pre-decided by Allah. Yet Allah goes a step ahead and states in Surate Ibrahim 27 that: In reality human is criminal and Kafirbecause this tendency of crime and Kufra has been provided by Allah!

Now the big doubt is that if Allah is so perfect, pure and noble, why did so many defects come in what was purely created by Him and from Himself? And why is soul of humans, which is actually soul of Allah criminal? And if that be so, how can a criminal Kafir Allah be benevolent and loving?

Thus the sole source for all defects, as per modern Quran, is Allah.Allah is the greatest Kafir!

Vedic concept of creation of humans

As per Vedas,

a. Soul is an unborn and undying entity.

b. It takes birth in various life-forms including humans as per its level of ignorance/ knowledge.

c. The human body we see is made of inanimate matter. It is integrated with soul that is our true identity.

d. Based on the acts we perform, we develop tendencies or sanskaars which are attached to soul.

e. Even after we die, we take a new birth as per these sanskaars and continue our journey forever.

f. Soul has limited potential for knowledge and hence is prone to ignorance. This ignorance causes difference in personalities. When ignorance is eradicated beyond a threshold through our efforts, we obtain ultimate bliss or Moksha.

Story of Satan

The greatest tragic character in entire Quran is the poor Satan. He was also created by Allah but Allah had already decided that Satan would be rogue.

1. Surate Bakar 34 states that Allah ordered angels to bow to Adam and they did so. But Satan refused and showed pride because Satan was a Kafir.

But the question is that since Satan was also created by Allah, why did Allah make him a Kafir and not a saint?

2. The story of Sin starts from here. Surate Bakar 35-36 state that Allah ordered Adam and his wife to go to Heaven and do whatever they wanted. They were debarred from going close to a tree. But Satan misguided them.

Many questions arise?

a. Why were Adam and Eve sent to Heaven? What great acts had they done? A Muslim would say that because they had done nothing wrong.

If that be so, why not also keep Satan in Heaven and also keep his mind honest? After all who except Allah created Satan and his mentality?

b. Why did Allah make Satan enemy of Adam?

c. Who is the primary source of sin of Satan when Satan, his actions and his destiny have been designed by Allah himself and no one else?

d. By the way, what is meant by ‘going close to a tree’? How close is ‘going close’. One mm, one cm, one inch or what? Because if creation in one second can be hurry, and in 6 days be patience, then one mm may be far off and one nm be too close?
(That was merely a digression for those who correlate Islam with science)

3. Surat Swad 75-81 explain the story of Satan’s curse.

Allah said: O Satan, why do you refuse to bow to whom I myself have created with both my hands. Were you arrogant or exalted?

Satan said: I am exalted because you made me with Fire but made Adam with clay.

Allah said: You are wretched and you should get out of the sky. You shall be condemned till Day of Judgment.

Satan said: O Allah, give me some concession.

Allah agreed. Then Satan promised that by grace of Allah he shall mislead them all except the chosen ones of Allah till doomsday.

Now again several questions come in mind:

a. Why Allah got angry with Satan when Satan used his power that was gifted by Allah himself?

b. Why was Satan created to be arrogant? Or was it mistake of Allah? (Allah is kind and pure after all!)

c. Why will sons of Adams be cursed for arrogance of Satan? What is their fault?

d. Even the chosen ones are pre-decided by Allah. So where is the scope for others to do good? They are merely stooges in this great conspiracy between Allah and Satan!

e. Finally, Allah himself says that bow to none other then Allah. Hence, if Satan refused to counter this order of Allah to bow only to Him, Allah should ideally have rewarded him. How would poor Satan know that the Allah who is asking him to bow to Adam is the real Allah or a fake Allah?
(After all if Allah can do anything, it can also create a fake Allah and fool Satan! It can also create another Allah who can kill previous Allah! Thus poor Satan had to pay the price of being loyal to his original father!)

4. Allah goes a step ahead and warns humans in Surate Bakar 168-169 that they should not follow Satan. He is their enemy and will guide them to evil and shameful acts.

Now Allah is the greatest villain here.

a. He should not have created Satan in first place.

b. If he had to create Satan, he should have not made him enemy of humans.

c. If Satan had to become our enemy as per Allah’s will but did a mistake, Allah should not have allowed him the chance to misguide humans. Allah could have simply pardoned him but what was the point of giving him permission to misguide poor humans made out of mud?

d. And if all the above was necessary, he should have at least given humans multiple births so that they get ample time to learn Arabic, mug up Quran, analyze Quran, and then practice avoiding Satan.

e. Finally, he should not have tested and punished Satan for his loyalty to original order of Allah.

5. In Surate Aaraf 16,17,18 Allah Miyan warns that He shall fill Hell with those who follow Satan.

a. If Allah can do anything by saying ‘Kun’, why did he not make Satan a saint?

b. Why did he allow Satan the permission to misguide people, if Satan was a villain.

c. If Allah has already decided to fill the Hell, written down everything in book called Lohe Mahfooz, and is now merely following the same, what is the fault of Kafirs except that Allah is whimsical?

d. If Allah created such a defective Satan, who would be nuisance for whole world forever, how can Allah be perfect and expert.

Yet Allah falsely claims in Surate Nahal 9 that I am extremely perfect!

6. Surate Hazar Ayat 9 clarifies even further. Satan says that he shall misguide everyone because Allah misguided Satan.

And Allah gives the permission to misguide! He states in Surate Mariyam 84 that don’t you see that I have sent Satan to misguide Kafirs by agitating them?

This means it was a conspiracy between Allah and Satan. Kafirs are merely guinea pigs suffering in this sinister game.

Vedic story of Satan

1. Vedas do not believe in such stories of Satan.

2. On contrary, as per Vedas, belief in such stories makes a person Satan (stupid).
3. As per Vedas, the only Satan is our own ignorance. We can curb it through open-mindedness, rationality and efforts.

4. Ishwar has no villainous role to play in this. Ishwar simply provides us the best situations to eradicate our ignorance depending upon our current level of ignorance and direction of our efforts. He continuously manages this optimization process.

It is high time that our Muslim brothers and sisters rise above such Satanic concepts and superstitions and embrace rationality. That is the only way to achieve the true Heaven/ bliss right now in this life! Or else, the blatant logical fallacies in such childish stories will dumb the minds if taken seriously.

May Ishwar give us all courage to reject the false and create room for imbibing truth.

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