The basic framework of popular Islam is simple:
a. This is first and last life
b. Based on deeds of this life, everyone would get Heaven or Hell.
c. The stay in this Heaven or Hell will be forever.

We have already reviewed some of the blatant fallacies in this framework in the article “God must be Crazy”! Readers are requested to study that and “Helpless Destiny in Islam” in conjunction with this article to get complete perspective.

Now let us study this Islamic Justice of Allah in further detail.

1. Popular Islam does not believe in Rebirth (even though minority scholars including Iqbal believe in rebirth). It believes that Heaven or Hell would be due to deeds of this birth or life. But it fails to explain what is the cause of trouble, grief and happiness in this life?

Even Prophet Muhammad had to weep on death of his son Hazrat Ibrahim. Muhammad had to be ill for several days before his death. Why even the Prophet had to suffer so many troubles for no fault of his?

Does it not bring allegation of unfairness and injustice on Allah?

The philosophies of East, inspired by Vedas, have a solution to this inconsistency.

– As per Vedas, birth and death are beginning-less and endless process.

– The situations (happiness, grief) are due to our deeds of previous birth as well as deeds of this birth. This process continues till ignorance is eradicated through noble efforts and salvation is reached.

– As per our deeds, our species, environment and variety of other factors are decided. This is decided as per Ishwar’s kindness and justice to provide us best opportunity to eradicate our ignorance.

– Ishwar inspires us every moment through feeling of satisfaction and encouragement when we think of doing something good, and feeling of shame/ fear/ doubt when we think of doing something bad.

Since Islam does not believe in rebirth, the blame for mishaps of this life go squarely on Allah. The unfair advantage that criminals possess in this life are also due to injustice of Allah.

2. Islam has blatant contradictions with regard to addressing this grave loophole in its ideology. Let us see a sampler.

a. Surate Nahal 111 states that each soul shall be justly rewarded as per his deeds and there shall be no injustice with him.

b. Surate Naba 26 states “ Shall be changed as per deeds”

c. Surate Nisa 40 states “Allah does no injustice even of magnitude of a point, and doubles the rewards of good.”

d. Surate Bakar 58 states “We shall forgive if you say Sorry and shall give more rewards to those who do good.”

Doubts of a rationalist:
– What is meant by doubling of rewards? What is the benchmark for this doubling? Only Allah knows what rewards to be given to whom, and if he doubles it for everyone, it remains same relatively for all. When there is no absolute coordinate to measure, this claim for double rewards is meaningless. There is no way to measure whether Allah has doubled, halved or quadrupled the rewards.

– This concept of forgiving is also curious. One may have been a murderer and rapist, but once he says Sorry, all his previous records are deleted forever. Is this forgiving or injustice with those who were also on right path? After all everything is relative. One man did good whole life. Other was raping his slaves but said Sorry later. Allah brings both to near equal levels!

3. Surate Taha 82 states that Allah forgives those who say sorry and do good acts.

Tafseer-e-Husaini explains it: One who embraces Sunnat (a cult of Islam) alone is forgiven.

4. Some Ayats do refer to Allah forgiving everything when one says Sorry. For example he forgave Moses when he murdered a person. (Surate Kasas 15,16) or Surate Zamar 53.

But this has been opposed by translators of Quran. Tafseer-e-Husaini explains that the crime of Shirk will never be forgiven.

And what is Shirk? To refuse to believe in Allah, Prophet, Angel,Judgment Day and Heaven/Hell. To perform idol worship, or to be atheist. Thus an idol-worshiper or atheist or non-believer in Islam is destined for Hell forever and shall not be forgiven.

But the greatest of criminals, including Osama Bin Laden would go to Heaven if they say Sorry!

5. Allah Miyan goes further and states that the crimes of the likes of Osama Bin Laden would be converted to their nobleness once they say Sorry! Refer Surate Furqan 70.

Jalalyn elaborates that on Judgment Day, the misdeeds of these people would be converted into noble acts. As if Allah would sit with a calculator and change the numbers as per his whims!

If this be Allah’s justice, what more would be termed as murder of Justice and Law?

6. Surate Mayda 17 says that Allah forgives whom he wants and troubles whom he wants.

Are we discussing a Just ruler or a psychopath like Idi Amin (cannibal dictator of Uganda)?

7. Surate Ahazab 30 says that the punishment for misdeeds of wives of Muhammad would be doubled?

Tafseer-e-Jalalyn explains the maths – When wives of Muhammad do a good act, they get double reward – one for following Allah and one for following Muhammad. So even the punishment would be doubled!

– Why inequality with others? Why all the people were not made wives of Muhammad? Why this discrepancy?

– Is Allah=Muhammad. If not, then reward/punishment should not be doubled. Perhaps Quran author was weak in maths!

8. Surate Furqan 69 states that for common people their troubles shall be doubled after Judgment Day?

Is this Justice of Allah or torture of a dictator?

9. Surate Ahazab 68 prays for double troubles and biggest curses for them.

On contrary Vedas pray for well-being of the greatest of sinners. While Vedas do order destruction of criminals, they do pray that the criminals also get rid of ignorance and get to path of bliss. There is never a permanent curse for Hell or troubles forever.

10. Surate Kahaf talks of Hazrat Khizar murdering a small kid. When Moses asked why a small child was killed, Hazrat Khizar cooked up a brilliant answer that is the mantra being adopted by terrorists all across the world:
“I killed him because I was afraid that the child would grow up and rebel against his believing parents!”

That is why terrorists keep killing people including children randomly. Because they fear that these people do not turn rebels in future.

Another doubt that comes is that after all the tendency to rebel is also put by Allah, so is Allah not the real culprit?

11. Surate Kahaf 59 states that we destroyed these habitations after they attacked us. And we destroyed them because we had promised to destroy them.

– If you had already decided to destroy them why give the excuse of destroying them because they attacked? Allah Miyan had already decided to destroy them, so this had to come true!

– Why destroy the entire habitation that includes children, women and even those who did not participate in attacks? What was their fault?

This ayat forms the slogan for those hurling bombs and blasting human dwellings. Quran is unique among all scriptures in world to have such misleading verses, and that is why Islam and terrorism have become almost synonymous.

12. One more – Surat Muhammad 13 states that Allah destroyed those inhabitations who forced out Muhammad and there was no one to save them!

It is impossible that all children, women, people jointly forced out Muhammad, but punishment is borne by everyone.

And since they did not even got time to say “Tauba” or “Sorry”, they are destined for Hell forever!

This illusion of unequal rewards and punishments have drawn the dumb minds to slay non-believers and become terrorists in pursuit of eternal Heaven! After all even their Prophets like Moses and Khizar were forgiven and elevated to status of Prophets despite murders. And even Muhammad is alleged to be reason for large number of deaths.

The sharper minds would be easily able to see the flaws and reject this modern Quran that does not seem to be a book inspired by an Messenger of Peace.

May all mislead see light of wisdom and eradicate their ignorance! May they learn to peacefully coexist and shun away intolerance.

May the light of Vedas emerge in their hearts!

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