For a scientist and as per Vedas, the greatest miracle is this world itself that is running perfectly through such smartly thought out unchangeable laws which form basis of our life and sustenance.

Vedas declare that Ishwar never deviates from His laws and does not change these laws to sort out personal affairs of few individuals.

In fact, as per Vedas, if anyone claims that he or she warped these laws, he or she is a fraud. Further, using these laws, a variety of amazing things can be created by humans. This again is a miracle based on scientific principles and hence a Vedic person prays in Gayatri mantra that Ishwar may always enlighten his mind to be able to understand these wonderful laws of Ishwar and apply them appropriately.

However, hailing from an uneducated barbaric society, Islam relies too much on stories of miracles and superstitions. The Prophets of Islam are prophets not because they were great people, but because they could demonstrate miracles. One may wonder what would have happened if magicians like PC Sorcar or David Copperfield would have been during those times!

Let us briefly glimpse through some of these miracles of uneducated people that form basis of belief in modern Quran as final word of Allah.


1. He turned many people into monkeys and they died after 3 days!

2. A person who had died rose again to give testimony when he was hit by a piece of cow’s meat!
3. One stone ran away taking clothes of Moses.

4. This stone was hit by Moses with a stick and 12 waterfalls started from that stone!

5. Moses turned his stick into a python!

6. Allah turned Moses’ stick into a thin snake which scared Moses. Then Allah asked him not to be afraid.

7. People refused to believe in Moses. So he sent grasshoppers, insects, frogs, blood etc to destroy their crops and leave them without water!

8. Moses split the river into two.

Jesus Christ

1. He uses to immediately treat leprosy patients and blind people because Gabriel used to walk with him.

2. Gabriel was sent by Allah to gift a son to Mary. So he came and puffed inside her reproductive part through her dress. Hence she got pregnant.

Could Allah not have thought of a more civilized manner of making her pregnant!


Abraham killed a peacock, crow, cock and sparrow and kept their heads with him. Then he mixed their bodies and wings. Now when he called them, all the pieces went back and joined with each other to make these birds living again!


1. He had a she-camel of Allah. Once someone cut her leg. So Saalih cursed them to be killed in three days.

2. Samood asked Saalih to show a miracle. Then Allah created this she-camel from a stone!

3. This she-camel used to drink water one day and that day no other animal was allowed to drink water.

What was the logic of such a stupid miracle is beyond rational minds! But yes, it shows that water crisis in Arab had a deep influence in imaginations of Quran writer.


This prophet is supposed to have lived for 1000 years. He preached for so many years, yet no one believed him and finally everyone was killed when water rose during last part of his life. So what was the use of giving so long and wasteful life to Nooh?

On contrary, Muhammad, the last prophet was given premature death even before he could compile the real Quran! Even if Allah has to do miracles, he should at least do it intelligently!


1. Muhammad split the moon into two. But even then no one believed him.

Now many Islamic scientists say that the marks seen on moon are because of this splitting. If that be so, is Allah so poor an architect that he cannot join the moon properly?

2. Muhammad went on a mule to meet various Prophets who live in various skies.

3. Prophet was asked to have 50 Namaz. But he negotiated with Allah and had it reduced to 5. Moses asked to have it even further reduced. But Muhammad said that he now feels ashamed to go again and again to Allah!

To secure a place in Heaven, one is expected to dumb his mind and blindly believe in these petty miracles. And they call it Islamic science. What an insult to Islam and its founders!

Miracles in Islam

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