After understanding Islamic Judgment Night, let us also briefly glimpse through Islamic paradise and hell. This has been elaborated in detail in many sites and books, so we shall keep it brief here.
Islamic Paradise

1. In Paradise, no one has to put efforts and no one gets tired. One gets bliss without efforts and forever.

2. There are water-streams below the Paradise and they shall live their forever who obey the Allah and Muhammad.

3. The lucky ones shall live in Paradise till sky and earth remain. (Surate Hud 107)

But as we saw in Judgment Day, the sky and earth have already been destroyed. Thus either this is a blatant contradiction or a subtle hint that all these hoax of Paradise is hoax indeed!

Also when enjoyment is forever, what was the point of Allah doubling the rewards? Perhaps Prophet did not know maths.

4. There are gardens, dry fruits, drinks and beautiful boys with drooping eyes (Surate Saad 50-52)

5. Surate Wakiya also states that there would be boys who shall carry drinks. They would get dry fruits and meat. They will get women who are fair, big-eyed like hidden pearls, luxurious beds and these women would be of your age.

6. Surate Kahaf 30 states that there shall be streams of water, they shall wear jewels, thin green muslin and relax!

7. Surate Sukhan says that these virgins shall be married to them. Surate Dahar says that young boys shall also remain around.

Some doubts:
a. What more is great about Paradise except that which is available to wealthy Sheikhs of Arab? Wine, women, clothes, beds, boys etc?

b. What about excretory system of body. With so much food and drink, how will that be ejaculated from system? And without efforts, why should it not lead to diseases?

c. If someone says that there would be no urine and shit in Paradise, then will the wine evaporate after touching the tongue? Can one explain the mechanism

d. What about women? What will they enjoy? Will they remain virgin or will be married?

Will they marry their old husbands or new ones? What if their old husbands went to Hell?

e. What will be age of people in Paradise? What about those who died in wombs?

f. And what about animals, insects, reptiles, birds, fish etc? Will they become human or will have different Heaven?

g. What if people in Paradise start doing evil acts like fighting with each other? If one says that this will not happen because Allah will make their minds pure, then why not also make minds of Kafir pure and put them in Paradise as well?

8. What about those celibate people who are not interested in wine and women? Will they live as Brahmcharis?

9. From where will these boys and virgins come in Paradise? Are they already there? Each Momin (good Muslim) is promised 72 virgins!

10. I fail to understand why the Paradise contains no latest gadgets and means of entertainment that were discovered after Muhammad’s death? For example, cars, computers, electricity, cinema, ipods, air conditioners, internet, blue films and food items like pizza, burger, ice creams etc etc? Is it that construction of Paradise completed 1400 years ago and Allah decided to give no one the contract of up-gradation of facilities?

Is it a Paradise or an antique sex-Haven? Because a modern Sheikh can avail better enjoyments today than what Allah promises! Friends, it is obvious that Quran only promises what was known 1400 years ago to the tribes of Arab. What more is required to prove that there is not even an element of divinity about Quran! When it fails to mention what humans have created merely 1400 years after Quran and hence details such an oldie Paradise, how can one expect it to be last word of Allah forever till end of the world!

In Vedas, concept of Paradise is different. Good act is Paradise in itself because it leads to bliss. As a soul improves its deeds, its ignorance is removed. When all ignorance is removed, it is able to understand Ishwar and its relation with Ishwar properly and reaches a state of bliss. This is Moksha or salvation.

In Vedic salvation, lust of wine, women, sex etc are considered obstacles because they increase the ignorance and hence grief. The key of ultimate bliss is ultimate self-control and rise above these basal animal instincts and lusts.

May our Muslim brothers and sisters seek this true Paradise!

Islamic Hell

Let us also briefly understand the Islamic Hell.

1. Islamic Hell is basically a big fireplace. Bad people or those whom Allah has destined shall be thrown into this fire.

2. No recommendation for relief shall be accepted. (It shows that recommendations were quite popular in Muhammad’s times to avoid punishment)

3. Kafirs shall not be helped in any manner. Why? Are they not creations of Allah? Who put veil on their hearts than Allah as perQuran?

4. Kafirs will have to feed themselves with boiling water and stay thirsty like camel.

5. Hell gets angry when Kafirs shout in pain. Hell has 70,000 gardens where Kafirs are dragged by Angels.

Doubt – what about angels? Will they keep dragging Kafirs like bonded labors for eternity?

6. Kafirs shall remain in Hell forever. Then what is the point of doubling their griefs, as promised by Quran? Can eternity be double of any number?

7. Is it not gravest injustice that the result of limited acts is unlimited troubles?

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Heaven and Hell

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