Sri Soumyadeep of Agniveer Bengal with students during first class
Sri Soumyadeep of Agniveer Bengal with students during first class
Sri Soumyadeep of Agniveer Bengal with students during first class


  • West Bengal is one of the most poor places in world with highest unemployment rates despite reasonably high literacy rates in India. Due to high corruption, government aids do not reach the needy and the state continues to have a huge pool of unemployed educated youths.
  • This campaign aims to change the face of an entire needy population by providing hands-on training in different open-source technologies and creating teams out of them to form digitally enabled businesses, procure and service projects online and use e-commerce to globalize their local traditional products and activities.
  • We need basic seed-fund to structure this project and make it sustainable. Our initial requirement is to provide for a center, central server, computers, payment gateway and furniture so that initial team of youth can be quickly trained, create e-commerce system and seek online and local projects.
  • The project is most promising way to change lives of millions by using power of fast internet connectivity, open-source technology and low prices of old computers. The trained students will become trainers for others and hence act as seed for reaching the benefits across an entire geography.
  • Our initial requirement is only GBP 6000 to set initial infrastructure and set the ball rolling in Howrah, West Bengal. 

What We Need & What You Get

Our initial fund requirement is GBP 6000 which will be utilized for following:

  • Annual Rent for a center
  • Annual Rent for server space
  • Payment gateway for e-commerce based globalization of vernacular industries and products
  • Dedicated broadband connectivity
  • Basic manpower for management of center
  • Second-hand laptops and desktops

We would be using open-source technologies to minimize software expenses and enable license-free collaboration with similar self-help groups. After successful fund-sourcing for this phase and display of proof of concept, we would go for additional fund-sourcing to take the project to next level.

  • All who support this project get the rare opportunity to be part of history by laying foundation for transforming one of the most poor places in world with highest unemployment rates into a self-empowered example for other similar places.

In short, you will create history.

  • We shall create a dedicated site for this project and highlight names of all who supported this wonderful project.
  • If you ever plan to be in West Bengal, we shall provide you with the famous Indian hospitality and opportunity to meet with all who have benefited from your contribution.
  • We shall organize direct interaction through hangouts with the benefitting youths so that you can be proudly satisfied that your contribution has brought smiles of dignity in lives of those who need the most.

The Impact

This has potential to be the most impactful project to transform poverty centers of world into flourishing hubs by taking maximum advantage of technology and connectivity.

Currently there are huge number of computer application courses in India and other developing countries. But all of them are either outdated or too theoretical. The few relevant course are extremely expensive, or available only to few after competitive exams and hence out of reach for masses. The IT companies focus only of proprietary technologies and there is no mechanism to encourage common masses to benefit from them.

Globally there is huge demand for IT projects that do not require very high-end skill-sets. For example, simple websites, open source application development, web-designing, video editing, data analysis etc. For many families in West Bengal, even USD 100 a month is what they aspire for supporting their families. Further, technology can easily enable them to form self-help groups who sell their vernacular products and services online and hence globalize their local businesses.

They no more require government aids. They no more are at mercy of deadly monsoon rains to decide their faiths or a corrupt red-tape system to provide them help with relief programs. With these practical IT skills, a technology infrastructure that they can freely access, a broadband connection and some entrepreneurship skills, they can shape their own destiny.

Track Record

Please visit for more details. Agniveer is a respected voluntary group in Bengal comprising top-notch doctors, MBAs, CPAs and academic toppers with best qualifications in India who left their lucrative career paths for helping the needy in their state.

  • The team includes experts in IT training who specialize in imparting quick hands-on training on relevant technologies.
  • We at Agniveer have already successfully piloted training of unemployed youth in cutting-edge IT, web-development and design skills so that they become competent to procure projects digitally and earn a respectful living.

Here is profile of key volunteers associated with this project:

Sanjeev Newar, the founder of Agniveer, is a known expert in entrepreneurship development, IT solutions and conducting several successful projects directed towards social and economic transformation. He is an IIT-IIM – most coveted educational qualification in India and has dedicated his entire life to social cause. (

Naina Chitlangia is an acclaimed life skills trainer who has dedicated herself to training the underprevileged youth to think and act ambitious. She is an invited trainer on life skills in eminent institutions of India. She leads the operations of Agniveer. (

Soumyadeep Chatterjee leads the Bengal IT Training initiative. He specializes in Microbiology and has been a historic university topper. He is an expert in web-based and analytical technologies and is soul behind Bengal IT Transformation project. (

Ronakkumar Trivedi is a respected Manufacturing Engineer professional specializing in waste-free organization through Lean – supported by Six-sigma processes. He has a Master degree in Manufacturing Systems from UK’s reputed university. He is also an eminent author in Gujarati language. Agniveer social projects are his passion and he manages online activities of Agniveer. (

Vashimant Sharma is an eminent energy scientist at IIT Bombay and specializes in eco-friendly green technology. He is an acclaimed Hindi and Urdu poet and prose writer. He is deeply involved in planning and coordinating the Bengal IT Transformation project. (

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot pay using Paypal, you can make contribution through bank transfer:

A/C No: 600200301000560
Bank: Vijaya Bank
Branch: Chandni Chowk, Delhi, India
IFSC: VIJB0006002
SWIFT Code: VIJBINBBCCD (for international donors)

If you are an Indian citizen, you can directly contribute to this registered NGO and avail 80G tax benefits:

Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society
A/C No.000701254577
Bank: ICICI Bank
Branch: Connaught Place, New Delhi
IFSC Code : ICIC0000007

You can do an online/RTGS/NEFT bank transfer or drop a check in any ICICI Bank across India. 

Or directly pay online by visiting this link: 

Contact Us

Please write to us at-  rural @ agniveer . com (please remove spaces) and we would be happy to share details, updates and other activities.

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The 4 Vedas Complete (English)

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