This starts with Akbar’s plans to get Jodha Bai married to his son Jahangir, in order to have her as another sex-slave, among thousands others in his palace.

History says Jodha was wife and cousin of Jahangir

Akbar was paternal uncle (fufaji) of Man Singh and his cousin Manbhawati Bai. Akbar then insisted that Manbhawati Bai – a baby then – marries his 16 year old son Jahangir in 1585. Legends say that Manbhawati Bai was a beautiful baby. She was called Jodha Bai because she was daughter of the king of Jodhpur. Some historians believe that Akbar was maternal uncle (mausaji) of Jodha.

And then started the heart-wrenching exploitation of the child in the royal Mughal palace. After twenty years of being a sex-toy for Akbar – father-in-law (sasur) and uncle (fufaji/mausaji) – and Jahangir (cousin and husband) – she committed suicide in 1605.


Why Akbar’s plan to rape Jodha failed?

Akbar failed on several counts in his pedophile incest-plan.

One, Weakness for women and narcotics failed Akbar. His lust would not stop and only increase despite 40 plus wives and 5000 plus sex-slaves. His sexual perversion became public. His sycophants thus concocted the Jodha-Akbar love story in lines of Muhammad-Zainab love story.

(Zainab was the daughter-in-law of Prophet Muhammad who divorced his son to marry her, as per orders of ‘Allah’. Then ‘Allah’ had them married in sky without needing any human to witness their marriage.)

When this news reached Jahangir, who was no more a 16 year old boy, he rebelled.

Two, Akbar had thought that if push comes to shove, he would convince Jahangir by citing examples from Prophet Muhammad’s life on relationship with daughter-in-law and child-sex. But Jahangir was not a Muslim himself. He least cared about anything except his own sexual urges and ego. He was another pervert like his father and made this an prestige-issue. He was himself on a spree to have maximum number of wive sand sex-slaves. So he rebelled against Akbar and murdered his close associates. He could not stand that his eldest son could be his half-brother from his own sex-slave/ wife. This also led to his continuous hate relationship with Khusrau throughout his life. Finally, just after 2 years of his wife and father’s death, Jahangir blinded Khusrau with his own hands and put him in prison. After 15 years, he and Shah Jahan (his third son) killed Khusrau brutally.

Such was the hatred for his half-brother/ son Khusrau, that Jahangir made a grand show of murder of Khusrau’s supporters and then his blinding. Khusrau was paraded on an elephant at Chandni Chowk. And platforms were made on both side. All his supporters were tied in each platform. As elephant passed, each supporter was slowly killed in Halal fashion – making them slowly bleed to death. When around 400 such supporters were killed, Jahangir himself gouged out eyes of Khusrau with his own hand. Can you imagine the level of brutality! Why wonder when some fan of Akbar then burns puppies or beheads children in name of religion!

Jodha had sensed this and hence had poisoned herself to death 2 years ago.

Akbar sensed his own political weakness and growing power of Jahangir and made a deal by apologizing. The deal was pushed by the women of Royal family who knew the dark secrets of son and father inside-out. As per deal, Jahangir would be royal heir and he must spare life of Khusrau – whom Akbar considered his own son. But he cheated Akbar after his death and blinded Khusrau as mentioned above. These Mughals and their lovers were not loyal to their fathers and daughters. How can you expect them to be loyal to Hindus and Hindustan.

Three, to showcase himself as a saintly person, Akbar put great emphasis on lust and sensuality as prohibited in Din-i-Ilahi. He sang virtues of abstinence. He thought he would have himself excused by citing himself as Prophet. But Jahangir, who was duped to adopt Din-i-Ilahi as a 13 year old kid, would not be fooled anymore. When he came to know that in name of self-control, his father Akbar had been raping Jodha, apart from having 5000 plus sex-slaves, he felt utterly cheated.

Rest is history – Jahangir’s rebellion, his half-brother/son’s brutal blinding, and blood bath that happened in Mughal palace that did not stop until the present-era crown-princes of Mughals are forced to sell amrood on Barabanki railway platform number 2.

But in this whole tale of utter shame and disgust, a poor child was exploited in her entire life before she chose to end her life. That is the real story of Jodha-Akbar.

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