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Scene 1: A journalist asks soldiers, “Why do wars happen? Cant we live in peace with Pakistan?”
Soldier replies in anger, “To kya karen? Thaali me sajaa ke Hindustan de den? Peace ka kya Drama hai? Humne war nahi shuru ki, ye lecture unhe do jinhone ki” (so what shall we do? Give India to them? We didn’t start the war, Pakistan did).

Scene 2: A girl says – Pakistan did not kill her father, war did. We need peace.
A cricketer told her – I didn’t score triple centuries. My bat did.

Now, both the above scenes are similar in nature. Someone is talking about friendship with Pakistan. The other is confronting.

Look how Javed Akhtar reacts to both:

Scene 1 is taken from his movie Lakshya which he himself wrote. So he made the soldier to respond to the liberal in a war tone. This got him money. He incited public sentiments for war, because that sells. He didn’t care about the “culture of warmongering” such dialogues can inculcate in masses.

Second scene is from Gurmehar Kaur’s recent video. Javed Akhtar slammed Sehwag for doing the same as what he did in the movie because there was no personal cost involved.

Someone can say that movie is movie. Yes, it is but people loved it for patriotic theme. So in case it was not intended to be patriotic, Javed Akhtar (or his 10th pass children) should have mentioned it clearly – this movie is complete fiction and has nothing to do with Kargil war. You used Kargil, war and every terminology to play with public sentiments to make money and then one day you say that this was a movie, not reality.

Conclusion : Do not believe in these snakes. Do not fall for their patriotic dialogues/tunes in movies. If they cannot take a stand in real life and support Pakistan, they must be insulted publicly.

Author: Vashi Sharma

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