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If you want to donate for a charitable cause, please visit the website of

Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society.

They are an 80G Registered Society where you can get tax benefits on your donation.

Jan Swabhiman has the right to use Agniveer brand for its charitable activities. However it is a completely separate entity from Agniveer and works exclusively on welfare activities.

Agniveer does not accept any Donations. It only offers products, subscriptions and services which can be availed from below:


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Note: Subscribing for Agniveer means subscribing for noble missions of Agniveer like propagation of Vedas and working for cause of Dharma. This be viewed as a subscription fees or payment in return of the benefits obtained from using content on note that all payments through Paypal have no tax-exemptions. The Paypal account is owned by founder of Agniveer concept and brand. Taxes are paid to government from any inflow through Paypal. From a legal standpoint, payment through Paypal or in name of Agniveer are NOT of non-profit nature. They may be considered as a fees paid to authors of content on and its social network for the benefits they have already brought in your life.
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If you are facing problems or want to pay through alternative means, mail us at agniveer @ gmail DOT com (remove spaces and replace DOT with .)



The site content is most unique in entire web-space and no other site can claim to provide such valuable information in such a format. Thus the value of Vedic wisdom and cause that the site is serving is priceless. Those who believe that Agniveer content has added value to their lives through promotion of dignity, pride, confidence, patriotism, self-transformation, self-belief or any other way are requested to sponsor the site through subscription or purchasing from Agnikart to help us take the mission further.

With a background of team that hails from most reputed backgrounds like IIT and IIM, you can be assured of unbeatable value and efficiency that Agniveer site content is already providing.

Subscribe to the most noble cause of the world that would fulfill the dreams we have seen for ages. There is no better way to ultimate bliss or Mukti.

All payments to Agniveer are non-refundable in all situations. No requests for refunds or cancelation will be entertained for any transaction made through cash, check, bank transfer, kind or any other means. All our accounts are audited by certified professionals and we maintain highest standards of work ethics and transparency. Owing to nature of our work, we do not disclose our projects publicly. We share our accounts and financial details only with government authorized officials and none else. We normally do not undertake project-specific payments. All subscriptions are pooled together and invested in currently feasible projects and expense-heads as per priority. By paying to Agniveer you acknowledge that Agniveer has the authority to apply payment designated for any particular project to another, related purpose. All decisions of authorized persons are final and binding in this regard. All financial transactions in name of Agniveer are under purview of the owners of Agniveer brand and are not non-profit from legal point of view. They may be viewed as payment for the benefits already offered by authors at Agniveer in form of life-changing content on site and associated social network.