We need Full and Part-Time volunteers for both online and ground level initiatives. Eligibility criteria are: Dedication, Discipline and Passion. In lines of what Netaji said, we also reiterate that we can’t promise you roses. But we promise you greatest satisfaction that a human can have in return of your efforts, struggle, sacrifice and commitment.

Our immediate requirements are:

Online Activities

1. Web developers and designers having proficiency in WordPress

2. Translators to translate site content in vernacular languages like Hindi, Urdu and all other languages of India

3. Editors who can work on editing the content and preparing pamphlet versions of the articles

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts

5. Site Managers conversant with WordPress for publishing articles and managing site features

6. Volunteers who can dedicate time on internet for marketing of site content on Social Networking Sites like Facebook, Orkut etc, Discussion Forums and other sites through comments, link exchange and other strategies

7. Wikipedia experts

8. Designers who can create banners for Agniveer for advertisement in other sites

Offline Activities

1. Volunteers to start local Agniveer chapters for propagation of site content and uniting like-minded people for ground level activities

2. Event managers to conduct propagation events

3. Volunteers for PR and Media Management for publicity in mass media of our activities

4. Volunteers for editing and syndication of articles for print media across publications in India

5. Purohits who can conduct simple Vedic rituals

6. Presenters who can represent Agniveer in various forums

7. Volunteers who can canvass for fund collection drives

If you believe working for nation and humanity is worth being considered to make life purposeful and can contribute to this grand Yajna, kindly contact us through Contact Form.

If you are facing problems, mail us at vedas @ agniveer DOT com (remove spaces and replace DOT with .)