Kashmir belongs to India

Zero tolerance for separatists and fanatics

Beat the shit out of every separatist or anyone who hates India.

Kashmir dispute is a ploy to extend religious dominance that led to creation of Pakistan. No amount of talks can solve the issue because the separatists are waging war against India as a religious duty.

They think fighting against India will give them heaven. (Ghazwa-e-Hind). Let army send them to Heaven.

The pro-India youth must be encouraged to integrate with rest of India. Throw away Article 370. More you delay dealing the problem with sternness, more terror attacks and deaths of innocents you guarantee for tomorrow.

Join Agniveer to force government to adopt strong stance on Kashmir. Support Agniveer in de-radicalizing fanatics. Enable Agniveer to strengthen Kashmiri Hindus and minorities to own back the valley without fear.

Invest Now in your future. 

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