Q. Why doesn’t India do something about Kashmiri separatist?

A.  We need will and guts. The Indian democracy is such that there is an incentive to postpone critical decisions until next elections.

The political system is such that by the time one rises up, all bravery is chipped away and replaced with dialogue-driven diplomacy. This can work fine when dealing with issues of development, economics, and growth. But when dealing with brutal fanatics, this fails totally.

You think you can solve terrorism by talking as if it is about negotiating price of tomato in mandi.

We need to know Kashmir’s history and mindset of separatists.

Kashmir became a Muslim majority state through kill, rape and forced conversion of Kashmiri Hindus. Kashmir has faced one of the largest genocide in history of world.

And separatists are pissed off with India, not because they love Pakistan, or there are economic issues. Instead, they believe Allah has promised them the hottest virgins in heaven if they destroy India. They call it Ghazwa-e-Hind. No amount of negotiations can make them give up the hottest deal. Further, they believe that Hindus are worst creatures in world. Their women are their divine properties.

So no amount of talks, negotiations will work. Instead, this just gives them time to prepare and get stronger. And we keep killing our brave soldiers.

If India has to solve the problem, do it RIGHT NOW. Else a Dhaka attack will happen in every corner.

Quora Answer by Agniveer Sanjeev Newar

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