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Q. Are Kashmiri people disliked by most Indians?
A. Kashmiri Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs are definitely not disliked. Kashmiri Muslims face a weird situation. Overall, most Indians are neutral about any person and don’t keep prejudices. They would hug a Kashmiri, Pakistani, Bengali, Chinese, American alike. All anger is in speeches and writings when in distance. There is no personal element to it.


But when incidents like slogans against India happen, or they insult Indian flag, or they cheer after India’s cricket loss, then it is natural that any sensible Indian must get angry. The only times when some Kashmiris have been thrashed is when they did anything such stupid. And this is right. Any time one vomits hatred against India, we must teach such person a lesson – as quickly, as strongly, as we can. This is how you teach discipline and ensure that matters do not go out of hand.

Those who say everyone has freedom must then sign a document and give to government that they do not need security and no armyman must risk his life for them. Because the terrorists who blast and kill also share same anti-India sentiments. Unless we have mechanism to differentiate, there will be terror everywhere.

How else do you know whether someone abusing India is a freedom-activist or a Jihadi? Those who bring risks to lives of innocents in name of freedom deserve nothing except thrashing.

Coming to Kashmiris, there are many Kashmiris serving India in various fields including Army. And they are loved by all. You will never find any discrimination against anyone in India. But when some Kashmiri acts stupid by insulting India, he faces anger of patriots. Even if he was non-Kashmiri, same would have happened. It is just that Kashmir vomits so much anti-India hatred today (see NIT Srinagar case for example), that it is bound to anger Indians in general.

If Kashmiris themselves start punishing these anti-Indians, and start proactively showcasing love for India in valley, it will go a long way to integrating them with rest of India even more.

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