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Dr Satyapal Singh, Police Commissioner, Mumbai has contributed this wonderful article on greatest hero of all times – Lord Krishna. He details the true character of Lord Krishna beyond all myths and misconceptions. Agniveer thanks Dr Satyapal Singh for this special contribution.  

I am experiencing mixed feelings of ecstasy and awareness of my own limitations while writing this article on the most illustrious and enlightened man of the era – the Lord Krishna. In the long history of almost last 5000 years there has been no equivalent to such a great Householder soul like Shrikrishna in India or even elsewhere on this Earth. The myth goes that before the birth of Shrikrishna, his parents ( Devaki and Vasudeva ) were kept behind the bars at Mathura by King Kansa. But the moment Shrikrishna was born, the doors of the jail suddenly (automatically) opened and was safely shifted to Gokul. It is entirely needless to probe into this myth for its veracity. But one can easily imagine that when the jail shackles were all of a sudden got cut asundered at the time of the birth of this superhuman, how many miserables must have been rescued by him throughout the lifespan of this divine towering figure ! It is so stunning that this child born in the walls of the prison grows into a savior later in his life and relieves the entire world from the jail of engulfing unrighteousness and sins. The baby deprived even of the privileges of his mother’s milk right from the moment he was born, anchored the salvation of innumerable mothers.


Historically Shrikrishna belongs to the end of Dvapara Yuga. The position he occupies and the role he plays in the great war of Mahabharata, is extremely important and significant. The Mahabharata war itself gave birth to Gita, the divine celestial speech (Devavani). The Indologists in the light of available historical records and literary documents, astronomical references (the positions of constellations) have concluded that the war of Mahabharata broke out on 12th November 3143 B.C, which means almost 5152 years back. Now any historian or any research worker should have no doubt or prejudice of any order in this regard. Before the British Rule in India, in the pre-historic period, time was measured astronomically in terms of Kalpas and Yugas. (aeonic temporal cycles) The beginning of the new era was called Yugabda. Astronomically speaking the present Kaliyuga started 5109 years ago. Shrikrishna lived till the initial few years of Kaliyuga.


The Childhood of Shrikrishna was spent in Gokul, Vrundavan area. The foster parents Nanda -Yashoda nurtured him with great zeal, love and care. It is said that Nanda had the herds of 10000 cows in his possession. Even if we consider it to consist only of 1000 cows for a time being, why should then their beloved son go to others’ houses and that too for stealing and enjoying the butter stolen ? Nanda and Yashoda were so pure-hearted couple that they would have never hesitated and would have easily agreed to give away their baby-girl to replace and save the sibling of their friend Vasudeva, so how was it possible that they would allow any bad habits like that of stealing and telling lies to get inculcated in the exceptional child of their bosom friend? This is nothing but an utopia or wild imagination of poets like Surdasa and others, – and factually there is no substance in all such stories.

Granted that there could be some childhood anecdotes associated with Shrikrishna, natural to the age under the caption Balalila (Childhood amusements).But these poets and followers went to the extreme by converting them into Rasalila(amorous youthful sports.) – an act of spiritual distortions of Krishnalila.

Radha and Gopis

Some poets from rhetoric school and bhakticult accepted Lord Shrikrishna as a God, worshiped him, adorned him as blind devotees and followers on one hand, and on the other the Western scholars and their self esteemed, the so called Indian scholars, following their footsteps merely depicted him in various ways with low level intentions and sensual impulses. Shrikrishna to them was one who played in the group of Gopis under the sacred name Rasalila, as one stealing the garments of the women, the one engaged and indulging in youthful activities with the damsel by name Radha, making uncourteous hideous gestures with dwarfed maiden Kubja.

The rhetoric school poets wanted to hide their sensual impulses and writings from the indignation of common people in the society. The blind and self titled devotees wanted to escape themselves from the scornful attitude of common man towards them, their selfish and voluptuous behavior or actions and their luxurious and lavish life style made under the pretext of divine justification and conformation. The Western scholars and others belonging to different religions than that of Hindus, and not to speak of other pseudo scholars wanted to devaluate and bring down the supreme Indian culture and Indian religion – a sort of burning example for all. Thus they mutilated the very noble character of Lord Krishna into an ignoble and scandalous one.

In the whole of Mahabharata, there is no mention even of the name Radha. We first get glimpses of her, in Gita Govinda of Jayadeva, in the Bhagvat of Bopadeva, his real brother and also in other literary description in the works like Brahma Vaivarta Purana, etc. One comes across in Brahma Vaivarta Purana the illicit love affairs of Radha with Krishna. In the same Purana also many contrary types of relations are alluded regarding the relations between them. Somewhere she is depicted as the daughter of Shrikrishna. Some where she is related as Shrikrishna’s aunt (wife of Rayana, brother of Yashoda), sometimes as his daughter-in-law and sometimes as the sister of Shrikrishna. (If some one has any doubts, or wants to know any further details, then all references can be made available).

Noble Character

Bankimchandra Chattopadyaya, the author of “Anand math” who carried out research on Mahabharata continuously for about 36 years and also composed thereafter the biography of Shrikrishna, states that according to Mahabharata Shrikrishna had only one wife namely Rukhmini – neither two nor four and of course not at all 16000. According to Mahabharata immediately after getting married both Rukhmini and Shrikrishna went to Badrikashrama and led a pious life there for 12 years. They used to sleep on ground, ate only roots, tubers and fruits and observed strict celibacy. Thereafter Rukhmini gave birth to the first child named Pradhumna. (Reference: Mahabharata, Book 10 (Sauptika Parva), Chapter 12, Verses 29 & 30 – Editor)

It is sheerly disgusting to stigmatize this noble character shown indulging in love-affairs with and in romance with Radha and Gopis. 

Bankimchandraji has stated ” Bhagwan Shrikrishna in all respect was free from all blemishes and was of very pure conduct. Such an ideal character endowed with all virtues, free from all sins never did exist and would hardly exist at anytime, anywhere, neither in this country nor any where in the world. He was a multi-faceted, accomplished and pure soul. (Krishnacharita).” Swami Dayananda states that Shrikrishna was the best of all the characters in the epic Mahabharata. His qualities, deeds, nature and character all are similar to those of accomplished persons(apta or siddha), and were simply magnanimous. He never committed any sin or any impious act right from his birth till his death. Whatever aspersions, thrown on Shrikrishna are all just because of Bhagvata only (Satyarthprakash).

There is a clear and categorical statement in Maharabhata (Sabha-parva) that in Indraprastha at the time of Rajsuya yagna, performed by Yudhisthira amongst all the invitees like hundreds of Kings, Monarchs, Rishi – Munis and scholars Shrikrishna by all means was considered and reckoned as the wisest, strongest, most valorous and the most distinguished figure of the world and was honoured by Agrapuja ( foremost felicitation ) and was offered in Arghya(respect) . But behold his unassuming gentle nature! At the time of yajna, he modestly offered himself to welcome the Rishi – Munis and scholars by washing their holy feet – the highest token of selflessness. The real wisdom can be so simple and so modest. He was just the role – model.

Unfaltering Faith

When Krishna completed his studies in the Sandeepanee Ashrama at Ujjayani Guru Angiras Ghora gave him a final instruction: “O Krishna! when you will reach the last moment of your life, when the death will be knocking at your door, recite the following sentences” 1) Tvam akshitamasi – Hey Almighty thou art eternal, non decayable 2) Tvam achyutamasi -Thou art infallible /non-deviating 3) Tvam prana sanshitamasi – Thou art the minutest and life infusing, similar to the prana. And the author of Upanishads says that Krishna was fully contented and appeased on getting this message. There is then no need of any instruction or advice, as Krishna was knowing that one can remember at the last moment only that which one follows or observes throughout his life.

And this is exactly why Krishna used to get up early at 3 am – the Brahma-muhurta (auspicious time) and used to repeat the Gayatri mantra thousand times. The Author of Mahabharata (the Vyasa Muni) writes that when Krishna went to Hastinapura as a messenger of peace, at the sunset, he would stop his chariot, take a pause, release the horses from chariot and sit for meditation on the way. During the war, when Abhimanyu was killed, Arjuna was in deep sorrow in the evening. Krishna was also very much grieved as Abhimanyu, the only son of his sister Subhadra and his bosom friend Arjuna was killed. But behold the stable – minded (sthitaprajna i.e. unification of grasping sustaining and recollecting faculties of knowledge – dhi, dhirti & smriti ) Krishna. He instructs Arjuna to join him in evening prayers after which they could come back to this issue as well as the plan for next day’s war.


In Gita, for great happiness and serenity,(Prasannatva) Krishna again and again invites you to seek shelter and protection of that which is perfect and unchangeable Almighty, free from the shackles of birth and death, with His abode in the heart of every being, who controls everybody like the parts of a machine and bestows us the fruits and rewards of our deeds. He advises us to pray, repeat and recite Omkar for worshipping that Almighty who is praised by all Vedashastras and whom all the Rishimuni’s try to attain by penance and austerity.
And even when death (Lord Yama) in the form of an arrow of a hunter (Vyadha), approached and knocked his door, Shrikrishna was engrossed in meditation of the Almighty. Wasn’t it totally and completely following the last instructions given to him at the end of his studies by his Guru.

Opposing injustice

Throughout his life, Bhagvan Shrikrishna kept on awakening and evoking everybody against injustice. His birth itself is known for breaking off the shackles of jail. Shrikrishna who was born in the filth of injustice kept on fighting for it throughout his life. Even his childhood was not so easy and comfortable like other children. On the contrary he grew up bearing all atrocities of Kansa. Right in the adolescent stage Shrikrishna took some strategic steps like organizing people from Gokul, Vrindavana and Mathura and gave them training in arms. He did all this not only to liberate his parents from jail but also for opposing and fighting the injustice and to end up the pitiable conditions and cries of people. Even after killing Kansa, as he was fighting with the other cruel kings like Jarasandha and that was the strategic action and mission of his life. Doing all this, though he had to flee from the land of Mathura and Vrindavana, had to go very far and had to establish and settle down in Dvaraka, but he never and no where compromised with injustice.
The entire great war of Mahabharata, the whole sermon of the Gita, is nothing but the veritable invitation to get armed to fight against injustice. If we win while fighting the injustice then only we can enjoy the riches of this planet Earth and if we meet death on the battle field then we will win the Heaven this is what Shrikrishna says.

“hato va prapyasi svargam jitva va bhoksyase mahim”

When and while he was being prevented by the situation from participating in the war with his arms and weapons he even accepted to become the charioteer of brave archer (Dhanurdhari) Arjuna only for ending the injustice. He never wanted to get away from the war against injustice. To fight against the injustice and profanity and finish it from this world was the mission and goal of his life. All advices and sermons he laid down in Gita, every word that he uttered, whether he was talking of Yoga or of stable genius (sthitaprajna), wisdom, always gave inspiration to fight and propelled them against the injustice. The perishability of the body, immortality of the soul, concentration of the mind, and undisturbed equanimity, calm and peaceful disposition of mind – all was to be described and explained in detail by Krishna so that Arjun, caught in the bewitching trap and completely at his wit’s end should pick up his arms and pounce upon injustice, otherwise all these utterances were unnecessary right at the beginning of the war of Mahabharata, certainly not so important as to attract the attention of an magnanimous personality like Krishna.

Shrikrishna did not become Lord Krishna just because he was the son of Vasudeva, Devaki or not even because he was brought up in the riches of Yashoda mata and father Nanda. He was laid to the position of the Lord because directly or indirectly his Sudarshana-chakra,(Divine beautiful disc or wheel) his special weapon, kept on defeating injustice. Years ago a statue of Shrikrishna in stone was found during the excavation at Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh). The English version of Sanskrit write up found on it was as below.

When there are clouds of hypocrisy and when the sins turn into the storm, then – my melodious flute takes a form of small spear.

The whole life of Shrikrishna was like a roaring sound of a conch. The vow he took for wiping out the profanity and injustice from this Earth and the establishment of religion and justice instead.

There is always something very special about every eminent personality of the society and this world. Some of them were the founders of new religion or religion reformists, some were profound scholars or scientists laying bare the secrets of nature, some dispellers of ignorance, some were worshippers of gallantry, or visionary of independence, freedom or even liberty, some unattached Yogi or some discriminative statesmen, some destroyer of social injustice and some ardent proponent of justice. But in the history of the whole world, Shrikrishna is the only greatest personality whose character encompasses together all these diverse ideals. Dear readers, devotees of Krishna, let us take a pledge today, let us make a resolution that we will not allow even advertently any blemish to defame the noble life of that spotless, innocent, virtuous and realized soul. Let us follow the footsteps of the ideals of great people. Following are the words of Krishna

yad yad acarati shresthasthat devetaro janah
sa yat pramam kurute lokas tadanuvartate

This is thus the preaching of life and the simple solution of finding happiness, peace and prosperity in life.

Dr. Satyapal Singh
The Police Commissioner, Mumbai

Dr Satyapal Singh - Agniveer


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  1. Slave of Prophet says

    @Agniveer you are have started copy paste work. This article was published by your sister concert site agniveerfans.

    • says

      Dear Slave, This article has also been published on anothe sister site satyavidya. It is a great article on a very relevant topic written by a person known for his uprightness and capabilities and is a patron.

      BTW, Agnieerfans is not a sister concert site. It is a completely independent site.

      • Slave of prophet says

        I have no problem as far as you portray Krishna as great human being. But what about your fellow Hindus who say Krishna was almighty/God. Even your great Hindu preacher Like Morari bapu and other preaching and Misguiding the people when they say Rama and Krishna was almighty and incarnation of God. According to Islam it is wrong.

        • Ranjit says

          Why should the world have to always abide by the rules set down by Islam? Islam is just a baby while as this religion has seen it all has collected wisdom across ages. Try to respect wisdom. Not all things can be sorted by looking from only one angle. Please grow up.

        • sant baba says

          islam was whole concepts derived from abrahim judism and christian tradition,islam was refined and made single unquestionable and unforgivable religionto any logic man,mohamd being brought up in tribal warfare always tried his best to solve thorough hatred,force and by stringest punishment,stoning,lashing ,taking eye of his opponent,killing were his prime qualities,declaring other infidel,,converting his great achievement,hatred thorough his commendment was his big psychological winning stretegy over peaceful people,islam never have peaceful coexistance with others,while they are majority,they fight with each other

  2. Madhukar says

    Very truly said. Lord Krishna is Almighty God who came in human body to guide humanity. All the stories which blemish his images are either made by scholars who want to withdraw attention or by scholars who wanted to deify his image. Well we should not pay attentions to fake stories and believe in Lord Krishna with our mind and soul fixed on him.
    Jai Shree Krishna

    • Slave of prophet says

      Your God requires human body to guide the people. How was he guiding the people born before Krishna? Why does not your God guides you Hindu always by maintaining his human body.

      • Freedom says

        Slave of prophet@ Krishna has clearly said in Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta to Arjun (4.5) that u dnt remember anything before or beyond this life….But i have taken many births on this earth, and i remember all that. (4.1, 4.2)I gave teaching to Vivasvan before the begning of mankind on earth. But since the knowledge is vanished, i have come again to restore it. (4.6, 4.7)He clearly said that Although I am birth less, i appear before u by my maya. Whenever there loss of truth, and evil prevails, he comes ages after ages to save good people and establish truth! So before Krishna, he already came many times on earth to guide people. At the start of human life, he gifted human with the knowledge of Ved and after that he came time after time to guide ppl by showing his example in human form. In Shreemadbhagwad Geeta (3.22) Lord Krishna has clearly said- Neither There is anything in the whole universe that i can not do…nor there is anything for me to do, but still, i come before you to show u an example that how to do the actions . If i do not show them the example of path of actions, all people will follow me and stop doing their duties! You know, writing a book in the name of god is easy, but if u teach people by showing an example by yourself, people understands it. Anyone who has read Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta, he will understand the God and how to achieve god. By the way, Krishna did not came to guide hindus, he came to guide whole humanity. No where he said that his teaching is for a particular religion! Shreemad Bhagwad Geeta (18.66) Lord Krishna said that leave behind and rise above all the religions and surrender into me. I shall free you from all the sins!
        So bro, If u believe that ur a muslim and Lord Krishna teaching is not for you, than it is your own mistake…because God teach and love each person equally. God made humans, and some humans fooled other humans by making diffirent religions!

      • Arun says

        Kind of an odd thing to say considering your religion Islam revolves around a man, Mohammed, as the last prophet in the Middle Eastern Jewish mythologies. Though he may not be the incarnation of god, so much of your religion revolves around him and what he said god wants. Even your conversion requires people not only believe in “Allah” but also that Mohammed is his prophet. Christianity revolves around the Middle Eastern Jew Jesus who was both God and the son of God.

      • pavi says

        Dear slave,

        Why does the almighty require prophet to pass on the message…god is almighty he has not form and is present in every human being still mohammed say’s I am the last prophet and allah has asked me to convey my message for the sake of mankind….is this not hypocarcy…. Mohammed was about to kill his son to prove his love for allah is allah who is called the almight not even aware what a norma human being like mohammed thinks…then he says no dont kill your son and you kill a goat and give me offering…is this not nonsense why would god require blood of any living being…just to give the animal salvation…..Mohammed has created a realition by reading books of jews,cristianity,buddhism and the mother of all religious book santadharma…still he failed to created a perfect book will thousands of mistake..people who follow the religion feel their religion is the best because every frog feel the pond where he stays is the true world

      • daily Bread says

        LORD Kirshna doesn’t require a human body as He has even given the Vedas before He was born..
        Your god Allah can’t operate can’t communicate with his people without prophets. and nice jobs all those prophets have done isn’t it? Adam ate the Apple and doomed mankind, Moses assisted in the slaughter of the first borns of Egypt, Jesus made confusing statements about his divinity and caused the divisions between Jews Christians and Islm. And Muhammed ‘s many wives caused the Sunni Shia rivalry.

  3. MrVishnupb says

    After reading the article, against my wish I rather welcomed with a trolling of a follower of kansa.

    @Agniveer Is it true that contrary to popular belief, orginal Mahabharat had only 10000 slokas? Then how can we differentiate between orginal verses with false ascriptions?

    • says

      Dear Brother, It is true that Mahabharat as known today is replete with lots of adulterations. A critical evaluation of the verses can eliminate many of them. Many are very obvious. We cannot however comment on exact number of verses in original Mahabharat. All we know is that shlokas have been added in Mahabharat over different periods of time.

      • Slave of Prophet says

        Krishna was not God but might be prophet. But last prophet was Mohammed. We should follow last prophet. Prophet Mohammad set right example before us we should follow his footsteps. We learn many thing his from every activity and his deeds of prophet

        • says

          Dear Slave, We have highest respect for Muhammad Sahib. He was a great human being. But we do not believe in prophethood. We all should learn from Muhammad Sahib how to be a gentle, polite human being.

          • salman says

            be a true human being,dont involve in any type of shirk with good deeds.i think it is sufficient for any human to get success with GOD.if you cant understand something,it is not wrong.but if you get anything which is true,and you dont accept this because your ancestors was not on this way,that would be your sin.

          • Krishnarao says

            Hi Salman,

            The real shirk is bowing to mecca five or three times a day. And whispering into angels ears on your left and right when you pray. You should just pray to God and that is it. And Yoga best describes it. Through meditation, singing songs, helping people and environment, and saying prayers without using any required objects (ie black stones or mecca), and praying to required objects.

            Yoga is best brother.


          • salman says

            dear admin,you dont belive in prophethood!do you beleive in rishihood?can any human be a true rishi/maharishi according to your faith?plz reply me.

          • Krishnarao says

            You need to know what is a Rishi. A Rishi is someone who reached enlightenment, a greater state of understanding, reached a higher state of consciousness. Anyone can become a Rishi either in this life or another. By practicing Yoga and meditation. It is a reproducible and not fixed to only one individual of a specific time and place in history. It is scientific and equal

        • Freedom says

          Dear slave@ we can follow any prophet…but only if he taught right things and lived a life like an ideal person. I am sorry to say that Mr mohammad taught and showed how u should continuously fight and loot innoscent people,how to declare non muslims as enemy of god, how u should hate non muslims, how to fool people in the name of god, how to capture slaves and treat them as ur reward by God (especially slave woman), how to make woman lower than man, how to disrespect woman by marrying multiple woman, how to sleep with 9 year old girl, how to cheat and break peace treaties, how to disrespect other people religion, how to have blind faith in disbelief, how the earth is flat and mecca is its center, how to scare ppl in the name of god to beleive him without any doubt etc etc……If this is the action of a prophet, then how does an shaitaan act??

          • salman says

            plz refer to any authentic ‘seerat’ book and read it carefully,your many doubts will br vanish.

          • Slave of Prophet says

            Dear, Prophet was for whole humanity. Prophet was not only for Arbas. Same Arbi is not language of only Arbas but for whole humanity. And Arbi is language of Angels, Allah, Jinns and Prophet.

        • gurudev says

          If prophet was for whole humanity then why did he destroy a temple with idols? He could have won over the worshippers persuasively .He had hatred and destructive tendencies in his heart

  4. dogra says

    Great article.

    Lord Krishna, speaks of Karma Yoga-service without attachement to results, ie selfless service, Lord Krishna speaks of God residing in hearts of all-accept all beings.

    Jai Shri Krishna

  5. Malhar says

    @Agniveer Agni, you said: ” We should all learn from Muhammad Sahib how to be a gentle, polite human being”. Now, have you been drinking?

    • Jay Arya says

      yes there is gita by Swami Samarpananand i think that would be good the bhagvad gita has many things which go accordance with vedas

        • Het says

          ha ha, prabhupada… are you kidding ? That book does what other cults do. The book has no Geeta essence, rather it only forces you to accept what they says about lord krishna and you have to follow the hare krishna movement tells you to do. there are so many negative reviews on amazon. Kindly read it. ISKON has also maligned the image of lord krishna.

  6. asmi says

    Thanks for a great article! I have only this to say for people reacting to those making adverse comments: our incensed reactions are only going to egg such people on to prod some more, for they are doing it not out a genuine want of knowledge, but only to distract us. Our motto is live and let live – if you don’t like what we are doing here, carry on! I don’t think it’s worth wasting time on issuing clarifications on such matters. My first and last comment on the subject. Those who appreciate the ideas portrayed above, will not indulge in wasting their time on such people.

  7. Six sigma says

    Hi Agniveer,

    Thanks for excellent article. Can you please tell whose sriting should i follow to know Bhagwad Gita as it is. According to you.

  8. Vimal Rathinasamy says

    In spite of that already has been inspired by the Lord Krishna, I first of all bow my head to
    Sri Bankimchandra Chattopadyaya for the mind boggling effort in the research on Mahabharat & then unleashing the real facts about the Mahabharat & the Lord Krishna.

    Secondly, I cordially thank the author of this article- Honored Dr. Satyapal Singh for his amazing commitment in writing the biography of the Lord Krishna in such a great manner.

    Last but not least, hats off to Agniveer for propagating and publishing such Soul-elevating articles on the great personalities throughout the history of Sanatan Dharma.

  9. Sanatan Dharma says

    Which is greatest and easiest way sending the massage. here are options
    (1) Through postman/prophet
    (2) Through Telephone
    (3) Through Internet
    (4) Through SMS
    (5) Intuitions (Inner voice) where no materialistic component used.

    Understand through example. Someone come at your house and try to rape with your sister. How do you feel? Do you get angry and want to punish the culprit? From where you got this thought. Does your relative/preceptor phoned you to punish the culprit. Does someone send you SMS to punish the culprit? Does someone come at your house to make you understand punish culprit. Or without any phone/messenger/postman/SMS you will run to save your sister. What is this? This is intuitions (Inner voice)/Godly inspiration. So, God no need to send any messenger/ phone call etc. to make you understand. He inspires you through inner voice what to do.

  10. Rajesh says

    hi, my name is Rajesh, i am telling you a true story, i was born in india in hindu family, my whole family used to eat fish, meat and eggs and me too. i was living terrible life but because of young age was unable to understand, when i was 19 years old in 1996, big problems started and began to understand what is going on, i was good in studies good with every good person,my mother advised me to go to temple ,prey god and my problems will end. i started going to temple . second day ,when i came back from temple i thought i should stop eating animals its against our religion, and slowly slowly i stopped eating meat fish and egggs and i stopped drinking alcohal. i started doing prey at home , at temple everyday. always kept in my mind that krishna is supreme lord.i kept doing that up to end 2007, i kept trying to have a good job and make family, after 2007 my karmas were mix of good and bad ,now i am 35+ , still i do prey at home,to make life better i tried everything, still i neither have good job nor wife. feels like now even if i have both , i have almost no feelings to enjoy that, yes what i have, even after been good qualified ,i kept doing manual labour job shit job in australia in hope of everything will be alright.so i have money in bank account thats what i got from hindu gods and angles. thank you hindu god and angels you are really kind and forgiveable

    • Jay Arya says

      interesting story the problem hindus today are following their own beliefs but they say they are hindus when in reality they following their own

    • Arun says

      Rajesh I do hope things get better for you. That being said, to have stopped eating meat and drinking in the expectation of material gain is problematic. You should stop eating meat and drinking alcohol because you think it is the just and right thing to do. Live a good life because it is the right thing to do, not because you expect material gain in return. That is not sincere. That isn’t to say you should not strive for a good job and family life. You should but that should be a separate pursuit form you choosing to be a vegetarian and abstaining from alcohol.

    • Ranjit says

      The reason you wont get any fruits for all your prayers is you are praying with some expectations in heart. Pray with none and with a pure heart and the see what the lord fills it with. If your heart is already full of so many expectations where is place for the lord to put anything in it? After reading your post and checking the English and the Grammar i wonder how highly educated are you? You say your are in Australia you have money in bank account so all those things that a person needs to survive you have so what are you complaining about? Lord has given you life, all your facilities still work, you have a job you have money now what you want to make of it is your responsibility. Keep no expectations and pray he will give you more than you can carry. Keep demanding while praying you are going to offend him and are also going to end up being disappointed. I am speaking from personal experience.

    • says

      hindu gods do not give you anythin or for that matter no god can give u anything.the supreme power has given you everything to reach your goal do not lost hope be determined you keep on trying you wll succeed.

  11. Anand Joshi says

    There are some disripancies in the article. In Mahabharata eight wives of Krushna were mentioned. In Vanparva Krushna with Satyabhama came to meet Pandavas in forest(Vana) as clearly mentioned. Mitravinda was another wife of Krushna,she was princess of Awanti and her brother Vind & Anuvind were fighting on be half of Pandavas. Saamba the son of Jambavanti & Krushna was mentioned in Mahabharata.Yes Radha is fiction and not mentioned in Mahabharat, Harivansha,Shrimad Bhagvat. We should remember only Krushna in Mahabharata and do not remember Radha-Krushna or Gopi-Krushna.

    • Jay Arya says

      also remember the circumstances krishna got many of these wives he got them because they requested and to protect and honour them he married them as they couldnt go back to their family as the family wouldnt accept them

    • says

      you please carry on your belief on bagavata and other books but do not try make others believe that all mentioned in those books is absolute truth.

    • says

      The same Mahabharat also states that Krishna took a 12 year brahmacharya vrat and tapasya along with Rukmani. If he was married to 8, this statement has no validity. Either the verse should mention that he took vrat along with 8 wives, or 8 wives do not exist. There are huge interpolations in Mahabharat. And Bhagvatam has issues as well – either it is too difficult for unenlightened to understand, or it has spurious portions. But fact remains that several portions of Bhagwatam are against Vedas, logic, insult Lord Krishna and hence not be taken at face value.

  12. says

    I like to explain a preaching by Sri Krishna regarding worship of many gods, which is being mis-explained by some to attack vedic lifestyle.
    Everything in this creation is a part of (by) the “parabramha(almighty)”,
    Including the demigods like vishnu, shiva and chaturmukha-bramha.
    Everything/everyone is created for a purpose.So, it is good to approach the right one for right purpose.

    Like, we can not approach prime minister for every thing and we have to contact the right person in the administration; we have many gods in their roles, whom we can approach. But, everything is eventually by and belonging to “parabramha” whether you notice it or not.

    In Bhagawadgita, Krishna only told that people approach gods as per their desires/needs. wise people expect moksha, where as normal people expect worldly joys. He does not mean that worshiping small gods is wrong.

    Worshiping means just loving or requesting help. So, worshiping of cows or a good man is not wrong.

    If things other than the supreme God should not be worshiped; then parents, friends, neighbors, relatives, leaders, teachers ,etc, all of whom are given by the supreme God but not as great as supreme god can not be approached for help or comfort.


    • Madhu says

      This is my take,though I may be wrong.
      In India from eons we have a habit of making good kings and queens and as well as some swamys and acharyas as Gods and Godesses like Rama,Sita,Shankaracharya,etc.
      Coming to Shiva I think thousands of years ago may be more than 7000 years ago he was leader or a king who was a Yogi taught some important aspects of life.

      • sasha says

        @madhu i agree the thought came in my mind after reading shiva trilogy by amish tripathi
        how a man became god because of his karma and his knowledge but again who is rudra ?

        • Madhu says

          I haven’t read shiva trilogy by amish tripathi so don’t know what he has written.Shiva was given many names I think 1000 names and one of them is Rudra.If Rudra was another person that I don’t know.

          • Krishnarao says

            Hi Madhu,

            I agree with you. Krishna was just a man just like Shiva was just a man. I don’t believe in incarnations of God, or prophets, or godman, or superman, or spiderman, or x-men, or son of god, or son of man, or he-man, or some other supernatural human being or other nonsense. There are just people and that is just it. ANd any one of those people can achieve what Krishna or Rama has experience, which is ENLIGHTENMENT. We all just need to meditate on the one no form God, OMKAR, and we can all reach enlightenment through Yoga/meditation. Krishna talks about Yoga/meditation many times. We should learn from that. The Vedas talk about Yoga/meditation many times, we should learn from that. We should all be do Yoga/meditation, learn Sanskrit, and become true DHARMIC PEOPLE. And spread this message around the world.

  13. Arya says

    Agniveer ji Agniveer team should also take part on international levels and debate with them with your team (or at least in mainstream media and highly respectable and popular colleges of india because now only youth can change our india) so those who are spreading hate against Hinduism with all this 3000million god and other blind believes rumors will shut their mouth mostly they are zakir naiks fans and irf agents who are converting the world to isalm this is very important message for all because 95% of indian population don’t know the truth and slowly they are converting to islam/Christianity or becoming atheist(mostly our youth ) ……….dhanyawad

  14. says

    Nice work . I m happy to learn logically through websites like this ..
    can some one answer my question logically .
    1 ) What one should follow VEDAS or PURANS or BOTH ??
    Bhagvad Gita is Puran …In few Purans i didn’t see any logic .. like Lord Shiva became very angry and cut off the head of this new boy and threw it away using his trident…and in few Purans they have a different stories about GANESHA i wonder why they made such kind of stories …
    One may answer me that u are answering ur own question( u should follow VEDA ) but then what about BHAGVAD GITA..as it is also Puran…so which Puran to believe ???

    • Arjun Vaidik says

      namaste Sriram,
      Sanatan Dharm has never been about hardliners and book-worshippers. It is about self-realization and self-improvement. Yes, Vedas are highest authority but it dsnot means that you can shutdown ur mind and start following it line-by-line blindly.
      Mahabharat is our history and not myth of miracles.There is nothing wrong in safely assuming that some of its verses are unnecessary additions, and thus can be rejected. Geeta as far as it goes in line with Vedas is acceptable and even more in sync with your own conscience.

      • krishnarao says

        Hi Arjun,

        Very nice reply. “Sanatan Dharm has never been about hardliners and book-worshippers.” – Brilliant. The Vedas are tools, but our goal is to personally experience the divine, not worship a book by someone or group of people who have written a book and worship that book.

    • harish says

      bhagavad gita is not from puran.Its from epic mahabharat ..And yes we should only follow Vedas as its knowledge given by God himself..

      • Ankur says

        The Bhasya of Bhagvat Geeta, available on Agnikart.com is perfectly in line with the Authority of the vedas, its the puranic people how have brought up wrong interpretations of bhagvat geeta.

        In chapter 18 of Bhagvat geet , yogeshwar krishna says to Arjun.

        ईश्वरः सर्वाभूतानाम ह्रिदिदेशे अर्जुनः तिष्ठती

        Ishwara resides in the Heart of all living beings, why would Krishan say “Ishwara” he should have said “I reside..” the is a proof from geeta itself krishan did not consider himself as Ishwar/GOD.

        • daily Bread says

          There is a verse ” if you worship the Devas you go to devas. and if you worship Me you become mine ” The Lord has used the words ” mam” and “aham” and as far I.know that means mine and me.

    • krishnarao says

      男性 浴衣 (translated: men bathrobe),

      So the Chinese have come. I guess the Chinese have officially come to the understanding of the power of the ideological movement. They are realizing that you cannot keep a stable nation with only the so called unity by just the Han race. You need something deeper. And Ideology is that. I guess you are looking over to your closest ideological brothers, the Indians and get a better understanding.


      天佑大哥 (God Bless Brother)

        • krishnarao says

          Hi Anon,

          Sorry, 日本人は私たちのダルマ兄弟です。私たちは強力な接続を作成し、より強力な関係を構築しましょう​​。ダルマ誇り。あなたに最高のを願っています。


  15. says

    Problem with you guys is that for your way to be correct thousands and thousands of literature written by sants and rishis have to be thrown out the door. Krishn Ram Shivji Sita Laxmi Durga Ganesh etc…. are not myths. Here is why and try to use your own brain and not what Mohammed or Dayanand has put in your head. Creation happens over and over. This is a fact. So each time creation may happen according to Shiv Puran when Lord Shiv is the top most god. Next time creation may happened when Lord take form of Vishnu like according to Vishnu Puran where Vishnu is the top most God. This is important because each puran has conflicting stories. Now that eliminates the contradictions about why one is different from the other. So in reality praying to Durga Shiv Vishnu etc… is just fine. One is not higher then that other. Now let us understand a bit more clearly. Take Ramayan for example, Who is God is Ramayan, is it Ram, Laxman, sita, hanuman, Shivji etc…. or all of them? Yes the correct answer is ALL of them. The concept of the most important word in Hinduism is LEELA. Lord performed these leelas which we called Ramayan to guide us. He provided examples by showing us how we should do worship like the way Lord Hanuman. He showed us how to be an ideal women like mata Sita. He showed us how to be an ideal brother like Bharat Laxman Shatrugan. He showed is how to be a husband like Ram and how to be a good leader and king. So God takes many forms in Ramayan. Same goes for his other incarnations. Once a person understands this more clearly then the prophets theory is put to sleep. It is sad that Agniveer is trying to brainwash people into accepting the bogus views. Trying to simplify things by taking few quotes from here and there and saying everything else is myth. Just think about it. Why cant GOD be powerful enough to perform the miricles he performed as Ram Krishna Shivji Durga etc…. Its insulting to show that God is so weak that he only send prophets. Pranam

  16. daily Bread says

    Dear Agniveer,
    I salute and respect for the explanation.Of the Vedas and the effort to bring Muslims back.to the true path of Dharma..
    But I humbly request that you don’t enter the. Realm of the Puranas. For you might not to justice to the Lord and His mercy.
    This article tries to project the Lord as a human, but some time as a “super human” who can open doors of jails!!
    You stoped short from writing about the split of Yamuna, the vision of the Vishwarupa that was seen by both Yashoda and Devki, signifying His immense glory and mercy, the lifting of Govardhan and many of His Lilas.

    You didn’t also mention that the Lord clearly said in the Gita ” I am the seed giving Father ” or “fools deride Me when I descend in the Human form for they do not know My Transcendental nature ”

    No amount of praising the Lord as a good human being will do justice to even an ounce of His opulence. HE is our Lord the God, the One and only God that’s exists as Bhagvan Parmatman and Brhaman.

    Jai Shree Krishna

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