Myth of Urdu’s Greatness

Concept of Urdu is a fraud to legitimize Islamic invaders and nothing else. Culture of Urdu needs to be discouraged as it has only invasions & hate to offer.

On Hindu Ekta, & Sanctity of Temple Customs & Rituals

Regarding Agniveer Hindu Ekta Yajna initiative, which involves - Vedas for all, Janeu for all; for eradicating root of birth based casteism in society.

Beyond Flesh there lies a Human Being

Dispelling myths about Hinduism being anti-women! And establishing why Hinduism is lighthouse of women empowerment mission.


राष्ट्रभक्ति और धर्मरक्षा के लिए प्रेरित करती कविताओं का संग्रह

Dalits Of Hinduism – Book for Hindu Ekta

Book on Caste System now free. Clarifies all doubts on Varna, Jaati, Purush Sukta, Manu Smriti, Arya, Vedas for Shudra etc. Every Hindu must read for survival.

GoRakshak’s Treasure – A Hindu’s Fight For Mother Cow (English &...

Download these bestsellers for free that answer every allegation on Goraksha in Hinduism. The most comprehensive reply to every anti-Hindu propaganda.

1st Novel on Love Jihad – When Aamir Met Anushka

Agniveer is making its best-selling novel on Love Jihad free for circulation

Ajmer Sharif website changes story of 1st marriage with Hindu baby...

Thanks everyone for supporting Agniveer drive that forced Ajmer Sharif to change its narrative, and hence expose the reality of Sufi tolerance. Please circulate.

Psychopathic self-hating genocidal-west loving retarded-journalistic-sepoys

The newage anti-Indian anti-women “feminist 2.0” pimp-brokers call themselves journos!

Must know facts about vedas (telugu)

మానవాళి అతి పురాతన జ్ఞానానిధి :లోతైన అధ్యయన కారులకు సైతం బలమైన రుజువులు దొరకలేదు వేదాల పుట్టుకను నిర్ధారించడానికి.  వేదాల పుట్టుకను నిర్ధారించడానికి చేసిన ప్రయత్నాలన్నీ  ఈ కింది వాటిగా పేర్కొనవచ్చు.  -బైబిల్లో చెప్పిన జెనిసిస్...