Psychopathic self-hating genocidal-west loving retarded-journalistic-sepoys

The newage anti-Indian anti-women “feminist 2.0” pimp-brokers call themselves journos!

Must know facts about vedas (telugu)

మానవాళి అతి పురాతన జ్ఞానానిధి :లోతైన అధ్యయన కారులకు సైతం బలమైన రుజువులు దొరకలేదు వేదాల పుట్టుకను నిర్ధారించడానికి.  వేదాల పుట్టుకను నిర్ధారించడానికి చేసిన ప్రయత్నాలన్నీ  ఈ కింది వాటిగా పేర్కొనవచ్చు.  -బైబిల్లో చెప్పిన జెనిసిస్...

‘Fictional purity’ that blocks promotion of Sanskrit.

Sanskrit ... best language to provide tonic to brain and improve pronunciation. In fact, promotion of Sanskrit as a brain tool is need of hour.

The reason many dedicated people quit learning Sanskrit

I hope the course I bring will provide this compressed capsule without getting into complexities or trying to preserve fictional purity of language.

Sanskrit, Samskrit or Samskrut or Samskruta?

Consider Sanskrit as mother. You talk with mother even with totli tongue as child, and take liberty to be Grammatically wrong and emotionally honest with her. Enjoy being blessed with mother. And enjoy the liberties.

Reviving Sanskriti Through Sanskrit – Golden Opportunity for True Indians

To truly revive Sanskrit and Sanskriti today, certain steps must be taken by policy makers. Read this post by Shri Sanjeev and other posts...

Why True Indians MUST Revive Sanskrit

When India proactively admits its roots, hugs Mother, and embrace what forms its cultural and spiritual foundation, we will have achieved true freedom.

Practical Ways To Revive Sanskrit

The oldest book and its language must get focus. We must tell world that we were cradles of civilized world and we have adopted that as our conscious duty - to nurture wisdom in world.

Must Do’s To Revive Sanskrit…

I do not see a solution to regionalism apart from adopting Sanskrit. Nor a way to preserve our heritage.

संस्कृतशिक्षण – 34

Learn Sanskrit in simple manner