I Will Never Quit

Fighter Agniveer

“They fought till end, So that I don’t die
If I don’t fight, Someone else will die…”
Touching tribute to our heroes and reminder to our duty.

Law of Weighted Average

Laws of Agniveer

Everything you have done, everything you thought of, every word you spoke has constructed your current reality. And through a simple hack, you can easily shape your future. Another eternal law of Agniveer.

I am not Aam Aadmi

I refuse to accept that every Indian brother and sister is just another Aam Aadmi. We don’t entertain anyone who calls us Aam. We are Special and will make India even more Special.


Courage Agniveer

हजारों आवाजें एक साथ उठ रही थीं- अपना धर्म छोड़ दे। पर शेर अकम्प खड़ा था। माता की आँख में आंसू थे। उसने माँ के आंसू पोंछे। जल्लाद के आगे सर तान लिया, अगले ही पल वो पावन सर मातृभूमि की गोद में था। बालक मर चुका था पर धर्म जी उठा था। ये था हकीकत राय का अमर बलिदान।

In Defense of Idol Worship

In defence of idol worship Agniveer

Do you know what is the common in world’s top 100 terrorists and organizations? They hate idolatry and idolaters as biggest enemy. Agniveer proudly stands in defense of idolatry until this monster of terror is wiped off the globe.

I Worship Idols

Lethal Agniveer

Terrorism breeds on hatred for idol-worshippers. Agniveer promises to fight fire with fire. Agniveer is greatest champion of idol-worship till the mindset that says “Idols-worshippers are worst of creatures” is made extinct.

I am a Pakistani Hindu


I am Pakistani Hindu. Disowned by my own mother- India. My women are being raped and converted to Islam. My kids are being abducted. India mourned Peshawar but remained silent on ethnic cleansing of my people. What do I do?

A Muslim Writes to Terrorists

Agniveer Peace

Taliban butchered 140 innocent kids in Peshawar and ISIS beheaded 150 women in the name of Allah. If any terrorist or their sympathizers can answer this letter with truth in heart, I too promise to join their path. If not, I urge you to follow my path of humanity with reason and love. An open letter to all extremists from a Muslim.



Terrorists captured a soldier once, tortured him to death. They told him that terrorists are real brave as they don’t fear death. Soldier replied in few lines before dying. Here is what he said…

फिल्म हैदर- एक फौजी की नजर में

India Kashmir

फिल्म हैदर एक फौजी के नजरिये से! जिसने कश्मीर में आतंकवादियों से लड़ते हुए अपना हाथ खोया और कई दोस्त खोये। पर फिर भी देश के लिए प्यार और जज्बा नहीं खोया।