On Aryan Migration Theory | Agni speaks

Since Arya is not a race, calling any theory as Aryan Migration Theory is a joke.

Troubled times for Development lovers | Ram Bhakt -vs- Andh-Bhakt

Sad state of affairs with neo-vikaas-waadi andh-bhakts! Lets tackle Jihad!

Top 3 stupid theories created by morons that broke India

Every nuisance we face including recent attacks in Kashmir can be traced to these stupidities.

WAKE-UP! Hindus being crushed through selective secularism [3 proofs]

Its high time that a concentrated pressure is launched by the Hindu pressure groups to free the Hindu temples from the executive control, or either get the worship places of all the temples under the control of the state.

Agniveer’s Call for Action | Uprooting enemies of Nation & Dharma

No more killings of Jawans! No more of Jihadis creating mini-Pakistans! No more political correctness of leaders ignoring attacks on Mothers and Motherland! Join Agniveer.

Definitely Pakistan is a terrorist state! Now get over with the...

Don't ask UN to declare Pakistan terrorist state. First do immediate homework that you forgot in last 2 years of world tours. Time to admit, rectify, and move ahead.

10 Steps to avenge terror attack – Indian style

Follow these foolproof steps to secure your nation from terrorists. Lessons from Indian Netas.

7 reasons why only development can’t save India

This is why turning a blind eye on poll-time promises to Hindus, might lead to ultimate downfall of the Development-brigade.

बिछुड़े भाइयों – हिन्दुस्तानी मुसलमानों से

This poem melted the hearts of numerous Muslim Brothers and Sisters The poem which made them recite Gayatri Mantra with the author, on email chats and phone ,at the end of conversations!

Hidden SECRET of connecting with the Source! Ancient wisdom for today’s...

The dazzling way of the Powerful Yogis. Now Revealed!