ISIS has released terrifying new video making threats against America. It...

ISIS video calls for San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Extremist peacefuls dominating good ones in Religion of Peace

Good ones in Religion of Peace are dominated by extremists. With message of Gita in heart, Agniveer envisions another victory of Good over evil.

Peaceful Response to Criticism of Extremist Peacefuls

R/o Peace activists responded to Agniveer's criticism of fundamentalist terrorism. Know the solid foundation of extreme peace reflected in their responses.

Way out of the prevalent Extreme-Peace craziness

With Inspiration from role model Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Agniveer vows to destroy the fundamentalism destroying the Peace.

How Terrorists Hijacked (Religion of) Peace

Read to know how Religion of Peace started out with a message of peace but very quickly became a breeding platform for spreading extreme peace by extremist peacefuls.

Temple Turned into Mosque in Gujarat. Wake Up!

Jami Masjid of Khambhat – A Beautiful Hindu Temple “peacefully” converted into a Mosque.

‘ઓમ્’- માનવતાનું સૌથી અમૂલ્ય ધન!

‘ઓમ્’ ઈશ્વરનું નિજ નામ શા માટે છે? 'ઓમ્’ માં એવી તો શું વિશેષતાઓ છે? 'ઓમ્’ની ઉપાસના માનવમાત્ર માટે કેવી રીતે કલ્યાણકારી નીવડે છે? આ લેખ વાંચી તમારી આ કુતુહલતાને સંતોષો!  

What are Religions & why they exist? – Overcoming Religious Confusion

Understanding religious confusion in order to establish communal harmony. Read for a crash-course on world religions - issues & solutions.

Religions of ‘Visionaries’ – Overcoming Religious Confusion

Read to know the characteristics of 'Visionary' religions of the world. And why a group among this visionaries seems to require our immediate focus.

Religions of East – Overcoming Religious Confusion

Eastern religions are associated with the philosophical guidelines practiced by people worldwide, that are recommendatory in nature.