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What are the basic qualities of a literate man?
The answer to this shall be that he is having a number of degrees with him. If that be a measure then Sehwag will definitely be called an illiterate and Javed Akhtar stands right.

But if we were to look whether an individual is educated or not then Sehwag is way more educated than Akhtar.

Buildings were built by human beings when they were no engineering colleges.
Kalidas was composing epics when there were no humanities colleges.
Law codes were formulated when there were hardly any law colleges.
It is only the Indian obsession with degrees that there is no dearth of Munna Bhai MBBS type doctors in the society!

Coming back, Javed Akhtar called Virender Sehwag an accomplished cricketer as hardly-literate and that stands true if it comes to accumulating degrees but if it comes to ascertaining who is more educated then Sehwag is far more educated then our Javed Akhtar the lyricist.

Javed Akhtar sahab is literate because he married a minor Honey Irani when she was hardly 16. Javed Akhtar is literate because he made a mother of Zoya Akhtar when Honey Irani was 17.

Javed Akhtar is literate because he married Honey Irani in March 1972 and made him a mother in October 1972, hardly 6 months (!!!)
After that in the late seventies, Javed Akhtar increased his literacy by deserting his legally wed wife and falling into an extramarital affair with Shabana Azmi.
He married Shabana in 1984 and divorced Honey Irani in 1985 i.e. he remained married to both for a year.

Javed Akhtar flaunts his secular credentials by calling himself an atheist but how is he an atheist when he married another woman while his first wife was very well alive and not even divorced. His second marriage has to registered under Muslim personal laws and that takes away the facade of his secularism.

He is very well a practising Muslim and practising the crooked Wahabi practise of ‘Al-Taqiya’ to win the confidence of Kafirs around him.
A deserted Honey Irani was left to take care of herself by doing embroidery and may be that is how literate men take care of their estranged life partners.

Now Sehwag is illiterate because he is running international schools while our accomplished literate poets are writing poems, nazms and ghazals to eradicate illiteracy from the society!

The slang of being ‘hardly-literate very well explains why India fares poorly in sports and why the parents dont encourage to take up sports as a profession.
It explains why there is a ‘Rubi Rai’ in the system and why there is a ‘cheating mafia’ operating so very well. There is a demand and all these mafias are acting as conduits of supply.

An accomplished sports athlete is yet to be given his due social recognition. His opinion hardly counts and he is a target of jeering and sneering by the wine glass holding cocktail circuit of the upper strata of the society to whom everyone wishes to be a part of. When there is hardly and respect for Virender Sehwag who revolutionized the style of batting even in test cricket and is a multiple record holder, imagine how would this societal strata treat an aspiring athlete.

Till the time we keep on ascribing literacy to degree holders from minority institutions like Javed Akhtar, Indians may very well keep on dreaming about matching the Chinese in the medals tally of Olympics.

As for Javed Akhtar sahab in his own words,
Zindagi Hai To Khwab Hain,
Khwab Hai To Manzilain Hain,
Manzilain Hai To Faasle Hain,
Faasle Hai To Raaste Hain,
Raaste Hai To Mushkilain Hain,
Mushkilain Hain To Hausla Hain,
Hausla Hai To Vishwas Hai,
Kyonki Fighter Hamesha Jeet-ta Hai”
Please dont exclude athletes from the definition of a “Fighter”.

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