Agniveer Sanskrit
Agniveer Sanskrit
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Sixteenth installment of the course.

Routine reiteration:

a. Do not get too bogged down by grammar and usage while you learn Sanskrit. Often Sanskrit is considered to be all about mugging up lots of declensions and conjugations and this fears off most students. Instead take is as a natural language. Feel free to make the most blatant grammatical errors so far you are able to convey your message. Develop a feel for the language instead of thinking about grammar.

How did we learn Hindi or English or our mother tongue? Did we learn grammar first or language first? And do we speak these languages in a grammatically correct fashion even today? Why burden Sanskrit with overdose of grammar in very beginning then?

Simply start talking on every other thing in Sanskrit and enjoy the funny pronunciations you make or blatant errors you make in grammar. Have a laugh on that and simply continue. Soon you will develop a natural grip over the language and grammar will be automatically taken care of.

b. Try using Sanskrit words even in your mother language. After all Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. Let the children associate with their Mom and have their foundations strengthened! And in process, your road to mastery of Sanskrit will also be traversed faster.

c. Download a copy of Introduction to Vedas (Hindi) from if you know Hindi. This is an amazing text not only to understand Vedic concepts but learn Sanskrit naturally. Because most sections of the book are presented in very simple Sanskrit as well as Hindi. In some sections there are deviations in Sanskrit and Hindi message and it would be a good idea to explore those areas and form the right opinion!

Download: Sanskrut Lesson 61 – Month 16

For supplements, download from

Source of Lessons – Sri Chitrapur Math

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Agniveer aims to establish a culture of enlightened living that aims to maximize bliss for maximum. To achieve this, Agniveer believes in certain principles: 1. Entire humanity is one single family irrespective of religion, region, caste, gender or any other artificial discriminant. 2. All our actions must be conducted with utmost responsibility towards the world. 3. Human beings are not chemical reactions that will extinguish one day. More than wealth, they need respect, dignity and justice. 4. One must constantly strive to strengthen the good and decimate the bad. 5. Principles and values far exceed any other wealth in world 6. Love all, hate none
  • Namasteh,

    Thanks for the good work.
    In this modern World everyone wants to have someone else teaching the course and dont like to learn by themselves.SO MY SINCERE REQUEST YOU TO START CREATING VIDEO TUTORIALS FROM BASIC TO ADVANCED LESSON BY LESSON AND HELP EVERYONE TO LEARN IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.



  • Guys Muhammad be dammed and Damn to Allah.

    Can I get some logical reply now.Shame on myself and you all that you forced me to write this just to prove that I am not Muslims but I am neither Hindu or Christ or any religion or an atheist.

    • @Dav, Namaskaar Brother
      I have hatred for Mohammed just because his immoral acts. Firstly, you need to understand according to SD this birth is not first & last birth. Assume one get to an accident by a scooter although one was not in any fault. For this judge will order the accused party to compensate to victim for the loss he got due to mistake of him. (This happens in social/humans laws. But how does God deal when some innocent are killed by any other entity without any fault? How does God give compensation to the victim for the sudden departure from the world? We cannot say always that causes of sudden death are bad deeds/Karmas of the victim but it may be involved faults of others. In Mahabharata war “Abhimanue” got Akal Martue/Untiming death. That does not mean always it was result of his some previous /current birth bad deeds. Death is not end of soul in SD. Sanskars/tendencies always remain with the soul even after leaving the body. Sanskars of souls will decide its next birth with compensation of sudden demise from the present world. Journey of life will start from where souls ended up last time. There is no stoppage or return to the starting point. There are newborns who born with a great intellect from the birth. Why does God endowed someone richness, health, intellect from the birth? It was result of one’s previous birth deeds.
      Please have a look at this link also.
      (These are my personal views only as my understanding).

  • Hi

    How will you justify theory of Karma when tsunami hits and kills thousand of people or Volcano erupts and thousand die.

    Please provide logical explanation,will be of great help.


    • @Dev
      _________How will you justify theory of Karma when tsunami hits and kills thousand of people or Volcano erupts and thousand die.________
      Because we are kufr & Allah taking revenge from us. But why is Allah sending earthquakes in Muslim countries too? There is nothing like Karma theory rather it is will of Allah.

      • Bro

        As per this Article Karma is not of past birth only, it is like ratio and proportion.So natural calamity is not our Karma.It happens by nature because of some disturbance.

        Need some more insight if you can explain my points and have some block headed people here also understand.


      • Thi9s one is extremely good Article,Thanks still it does not answer my question

        * How can poor people,who were sleeping in Bhopla died from Union Carbide and Anderson enjoyed in US .
        * How can Tusnami kill so many people who do not know anything and just are busy in getting one time food.

        * How these natural calmities destroy 90% population as happened in ice age.
        Is theory of Karma crap.

        Article on agniveer abt theory of Karma is not an intellectual article.

  • अग्नीवीर जी, १७ वां पाठ कब अपलोड कीजियेगा ?

  • @pandit ji. how could anybody have knowledge of veda if poor person doesnt know the number of veda. if every shloak of veda is itself an veda then everybody has knowledge of veda in this sense. can tell me how many vedas actually present in this world? cn u tell me the number. buhuhu

    • @shudra-is-not-pandit
      __________how could anybody have knowledge of veda if poor person doesnt know the number of veda___________
      Veda are not a book. Veda are revelations which we are getting all time the from God /Allah like God is one who created this universe. There must be exist creator of universe. No painting can come in existence without painter. These are Veda. All true knowledge is Veda. Poor also know we should speak truth, we should work in service of humanity, we should not the kill innocent animals/persons, we should have good character, we should get up early in the morning, we should not frustrate easily etc. That is all Veda. Whatever true in scriptures like Quran, Puran, Bibal, Ramayan etc are Veda.

  • @krishna, to abuse anyone’s mother or father is not freedom. can u abuse gurunanak in-front of manmohan singh in the name of freedom???

    • That means you are abusing agniveer by calling them terrorist. And according to your own rule, you should be banned.

      • @krisna, agniveer is not a person it is website???? hope u understand… and i am requesting to ban this website and satyagni etc. this website is providing platform to abuse prophets and other religious characters, so if u ban this website i will be unable to comment here. instead of banning me ban this website.

    • Agniveer is made up of many individuals who run the show. So you are insulting all of them. And based on your rule we should ban you. I think you are in-sighting hate and you are a hate monger.

  • @Krishnarao/pandit-is-not-shudra
    If Pandit does not know Veda (Braham Knolwedge) he is Sudra. Friends be aware from fanatics who are traitor living in India but doing slavery of ARabs.

  • Is Hadis some Hindu Literature? The Arabian people treat all the Muslims from India as the Hindis. Why their is a difference in Hadis and Quran. Is Hadis is not based on Quranic verses or it is based on some latest 20th century literature published in English. I have heard a Quaranic scholar on TV corroborating my claim that Hind word was already present in that Book. Hazrat Mohd Saheb had said that I feel breeze of scented air from the land of Hinnd. The name I could remember but he was sharing the stage with some Hindu Muslim Unity and claiming that the Europeans had coined a theory that the people whoe resided along the River Sindh are Hindus and since they could not pronounce the Letter”S” they replaced it with “H” This theory he refuted and instead claimed that Hindustan was known much before as Hind in the Arab world that is why the Word Hind is found in Quran. I tried to read version of Kuran in Hindi because of the Tamasic Vichardhara therein and going against any religion is against a Hindu’s policy I stopped reading it. Although we have liberty to speak against our own Dharma but one has to put praman like the Muslim gentleman is asking me to prove from his religious book. It is his own duty to read the book minutely and see if the word Hind is there or not. The ball is in his court if he is a Muslim he can find it earlier becasue he may be born in India but his mind is rented to Arab.Ravinder Nath Watts California

    • Namaskaar Sir,

      I don’t think a Muslim will read his books with that condition. First of all, NOT all Muslims are scholars of Arabic language. They refer to Quran, whatever they find it somewhere translated by someone OR contact their Mullahs. Their Mullahs are proven extremists. So, they rarely will tell such things. They will only promote Ghazwatulhind which says – Kill IND; and hence the world will realize that indeed all Muslims are always terrorists.

      I had a doubt:
      You spoke about some scholar who quoted on Hindu – Muslim unity. That is really great. If the concept of Hindu – Muslim unity can be practically applied, we must support it. What is the name of that scholar? What was he exactly saying ? Can you just elaborate?

      In Islam there are 73 sects, one of which is Ahmediyya & Qadiyani. They are the only sects which claim of Hindu – Muslim unity. No other muslim makes such a claim. (They are in minority. As said by scholars – good people are always in minorities. Muslims however, never consider them Muslims because it is Islamic tendency to declare peaceful people as NON Muslims.) Therefore, I am getting curious.

  • Islam does not mean peace!
    HAHAHA. Solid proof!!

    If you have any objection, you can clarify there directly.
    Those idiots who say that Islam means peace, I ask them – you know Islam better than your own Imaams? They disagree that Islam means peace and want wars for apparently no reason.

    Islam makes it incumbent on all adult males, provided they are not disabled or incapacitated, to prepare themselves for the conquest of countries so that the writ of Islam is obeyed in every country in the world. Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those who say this are witless. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! Islam says: Kill the non-Muslims, put them to the sword and scatter their armies. Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and in the shadow of the sword! People cannot be made obedient except with the sword! The sword is the key to Paradise, which can be opened only for the Holy Warriors! There are hundreds of Qur’anic psalms and Hadiths urging Muslims to value war and to fight. Does all this mean that Islam is a religion that prevents men from waging war? I spit upon those foolish souls who make such a claim.
    – Ayatollah Rohullah Khomein
    Muslims! You know Islam better than Khomein himself? Islam does not mean peace! – it cannot.

      • Namaskaar Pandit Ji,

        I had a talk with the author. This is his link ( Copy paste and ask to join.

        He is making one more website which would be named as

        Let us spread this word and tell as many as we can. More the people know the better.

      • @GOD IS GREAT
        Good, I think it will be batter to give some Islamic color to the website to attract the people especially Muslims. As Muslims will come in contact such websites they will start to ask questions to ownself. Such websites will be useful for ignorant Hindus masses also who will realise their follies which caused them their downfall.
        दरगाह अजमेर शरीफ और हिन्दूयों कि अज्ञानता

      • @GOD IS GREAT
        You have very good command on Hindi as I have read your many informative comments in Hindi and learned a lot of. Will you do one favour to me. Please translate this article in Hindi
        I need this article to open the eyes of ignorant Hindu Poranic Dharma preachers who are making fool to the innocent public by preaching stories of God incarnation or prophets. My email ID is [email protected]

      • @GOD IS GREAT
        You have very good command on Hindi as I have read your many informative comments in Hindi and learned a lot of. Will you do one favour to me. Please translate this article in Hindi
        I need this article to open the eyes of ignorant Hindu Poranic Dharma preachers who are making fool to the innocent public by preaching stories of God incarnation or prophets.

  • @mr. krishna, it was written by MR. RAVINDRA & i have written that mr. ravindra is writting this. i was telling you that Mr. ravindra has written it, understand???????? if u cant understand then i am NOT sorry. you must read all the statements written by your fellow aryasamajis. my many answers, which were to the point and clear cut, have been removed by admin. when they close any topic they edit it and make it so that it can prove their point. i can answer all your questions about islam & i have already answered many questions but they were deleted by admin so i have decided not to take load in answering any question. you can read last comment in shahjahanpur section made by ravinder. He has changed from quran to hadis to find word HIND. he does not know what is in quran or not and making childish claims about quran and advising us to read quran minutely, when i asked that please give reference from quran then he has swiftly changed to hadis.

    • Mr. Noor what a be,

      Take a minute and focus on the topic at hand. You jumped all over the place. FOCUS…… If you can’t, maybe take some yoga classes, it will help you focus. Clearly you are unable to do that. That’s why you jumped all over the place.

      Now the topic at hand. Which is not about raviander, or this website, or anything else. It only about the accusation you made about me. You stated, and I quote, “@Mr. krisna, mr. ravinder has written that if muslim will read quran minutely they will find word HIND in quran.” As you can see, you accused me that I said that the word HIND was in the quran. I will ask you again, quote me the line, the thread, and date when I posted this. I want to see proof. And if you can’t prove it, be a MAN and apologize. And this time try not be a child or an angry man and change the topic. Try and be a MAN for once in your life.


  • Mr. So called “Real Noor”

    Made a state about me on When The Lost Brothers Met – Shuddhi Report from Shahjahanpur. He wrote “@Mr. krisna, mr. ravinder has written that if muslim will read quran minutely they will find word HIND in quran.”

    Since the thread for “When The Lost Brothers Met – Shuddhi Report from Shahjahanpur” has be closed I decided to post my response here. Noor tell me where did I say that. I never made that claim. Yes, ravinder might have, but don’t put me in the same pool. Because you chose not to read through the thread carefully and you started to mix up everyone’s messages, you have now made claims about me that is not true. And if you disagree, please quote the line and thread from where I said, ” if muslim will read quran minutely they will find word HIND in quran.” Give me proof that I said that. I want to see proof of it.


  • A god that can not protect 124,000 or some massive number of messages before hand, but claims to be able to protect the current one can’t be trusted………

  • @Agniveer Mahoday
    The ultimate guiding principle of True Hinduism (a.k.a Ved Dharm) is Karma (the incorruptible cycle of cause- and – effect which is the very basis of entire Creation and the mother of all principles and knowledge and impacting the cause-and-effect as per one’sdeeds, thoughts and words alone).

    It is said by many that NOTHING in this world is immune to cause and effect. But, I say that TIME is one such phenomenon, since it has no cause and nothing can and will ever impact it’s steady march ahead. Can you elaborate a bit more on the properties of time or lead me to a relevant article that does so? Where does time figure in this cause and effect cycle?

    Also, are there other phenomena in this entire Creation that are immune to this cycle of cause and effect and how?

  • hi agniveer or anyone else i tried accessing the forum to post this question but wasnt able to do so so instead id like to ask here please, according to vedas, how long does it take for the soul to transfer to the next body after leaving the previous one? thanks

    • Hi Dave,

      I’ve had problems accessing the forms as well. I hope agniveer staff is looking into it.


  • “Online सस्वर यजुरवेद पाठ”
    प्यारे मित्रो ! आप घर बैठे वेद पाठ और कुछ मंत्रो का भाष्य सिख सकते है |
    आप का विद्यार्थी जीवन हो चाहे व्यापारिक जीवन हो और आप दुनिया में कही भी रहते हो |
    आप का परम धर्म है वेदों को पढ़ना और पढ़ना तो विलम्ब किस लिए |
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    • Namaste indra ji,

      hame aisa lagta hai ki ved ka arth hai gyan. kisi bhi aise vishay ka gyan jo ki manushya ke liye upyogi ho aur hanikarak na ho. isliye hame aisa bhi lagta hai ki wo sabhi manushya jo ki kisi bhi aise vishay ka adhyayan kar rahe hain, apne is param dharma ke anusar hi chal rahe hain. kya mujhe sahi lagta hai?

      dhanyavad 🙂

    • नमस्ते आप बड़ी से बड़ी सेवा कर रहे हैं. खूब खूब र्हदय पूर्वक आपका साधुवाद करता हु. में संगीत का टीचर हु. मेरी तीव्र इच्छा थी वेद सस्वर शिखने की. मेरा स्केपे ठिकसे कम नहीं कर रहा. में यहाँ विदेश में कम कर रहा हु. जो की समुद्री टापू कंट्री हैं. आशा हैं की आपसे प्रभु से प्रार्थना हे की आपसे सस्वर शिखने की लिए व्यवस्था हो.
      आपका आचार्य हरिकृष्ण मालदीव्स.

  • Can you give some information about you and who is translating this course to English? You say Sanskrit. But it is Sanskrut.

    I would like to learn but before that I would like you to give me full details of the course and who did the English translation. Thank you.

    • The course is available in public domain for you to review. The source of lessons is Chitrapur Math as clearly mentioned in the post. You can contact them for further details.

      • प्रिय अग्निविर्जी सदर नमस्ते, आपसे एक विनंती है की अगर हो शके तो मलेच्छ(उन्होंने बहोत सरे अपने मत के मुख्या पुस्तक के MP3 नेट पे रखे हैं) लोगो की तरह हम भी वेदस के सस्वर MP3 बना शके और उसका टेक्स्ट भी हो तो वेदस के साधको को खूब सुविधा होगी. धन्यवाद

        आपका आचार्य हरिकृष्ण