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It is a big myth that caste system, gender discrimination, superstitions led to Islamic holocaust of medieval era in India.

Yes, casteism and gender bias is bad. But they have not been that big a problem as they became in last 200 years. And Hindus have been defeating Islamic invaders consistently.

There was one big reason why we could not control them. Why we could not unite against them. And that reason stands true for most people in world even today.

We failed to read their texts and understand the motivation behind these attacks and rapes. We mistook them as yet another ruler aspiring to expand territory, just a bit more brutal. We had no translations then to explain that they believe in ghazwa e hind and al-taqiya. That they kill and rape to get jannat. They hate idol worshippers more than rapists. That thousands and lakhs of them could be such big psychos.

Even Shivaji could not decipher their motives. We kept giving them lifelines even after defeating them.

Today, when translations are available for all to read, Jihadi johns read and kill. But we still fail to understand. Imagine the situation then when there was no internet, no book publisher, no translator.

Time to imbibe valor of our forefathers, knowledge from internet, wisdom from Gita and beat the sh! t out of jihadis.

Jai Shri Ram

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