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The normal laws for criminals cannot apply to Jihadis.
We lost a security guard because we hoped jail can reform a fanatic.

The punishment for a criminal associated with any Islamic fanatic organization must be death instead of feeding them in jails.
It does not matter what his actual crime is.
What matters is the crime he intends to execute.

The ISIS culture is spreading like swine flu.
This is the only way to control it.
This is the only way to segregate good patriotic Muslims from pigs.

What I say may be ignored today.
But will become necessity for survival tomorrow.
Sooner we accept the reality, the better.

Q: Unka encounter ho chuka hai bro, abhi abhi news aayi hai (Their encounter is done bro, the news just came in)

I am talking of shooting them instead of recruiting them in jails.
They eat our valuable resources, kill our personnels and then waste our resources again in killing them later.
Jail serves no purpose for those who cannot be reformed.

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