Disclaimer and Commitment (Mandatory)

Mandatory Disclaimer and Commitment for Participating in Agniveer Combat Training:

“I hereby agree and confirm the following before joining Combat Training course(s) offered by Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society under Agniveer banner :

– I have consulted my physician and he has approved me as medically fit for taking combat training.

– I take full responsibility for any present or future pain or injury that I may incur during this training. I will not hold anyone (including Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society, Agniveer, organizers, trainers, colleagues, participants, others – called People hereafter) liable or responsible for any injury, pain or loss – physical or psychological – that I may incur during the training.

– I will not take any legal action against People under any such circumstances.

– People will not be assumed for any third-party liability arising out of any legal actions or other activities I may be involved in.

– If I face any non-training related harassment of any nature from an individual, I will not hold Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society, Agniveer, organizers, other participants, other trainers responsible or liable for that. That will be an individual matter between me and the individual.

– I will not teach or share what I learn during the training without explicit permission from Jan Swabhiman Welfare Society. I understand that all content, material, skills are of highly confidential nature.

– I will always use the skills learnt for welfare of society. I will respect law and order and not indulge in any activity that is illegal.

– I will use my skills to protect the society. I will never use my training to harm any innocent under any situation.

– I will always treat women with utmost respect, and be gentle to elders and children.

– If ever I find a woman, elder, child or a vulnerable innocent person under threat, I will use my skills to save that person or persons without any hesitation or worrying about own security. My skills are only for welfare of others.

– If I have to use the skills for defense of self or others, I will use only to the extent that it neutralizes the threat.

– I will be always available for group or individual action as instructed by Agniveer even at short notice. That will be my first priority.

– I agree to share my location on request of Agniveer in a way appropriate for them, so that it is easy to utilize my skills for an emergency situation.

– I agree to be part of any social media group that Agniveer creates for effective communication among all trainees.

– I love Bharat. I am proud to say “Vande Mataram” and “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”

Registration Form for Agniveer Combat Training : http://agniveer.com/combat-training-form