India is in grip of communists and capitalists. It is odd. Across the globe and across history, communism and capitalism have been sworn enemies. Communism emerged as a rebellion against capitalism. But India is land of mutual co-existence of contradictions. We have a great jargon for this: “Unity in Diversity”.

Capitalism is all about maximizing profits. Communism is all about ensuring no one makes any profit. In India, the two opposites meet because there are two more entities in this equation.
There is a Gabbar Singh called Minority sentiments. Anyone who has to live in Ramgarh called India has to offer salaam and take dua from the Gabbar Singh. Gabbar Singh’s family has killed and abducted innumerable since generations. Only one person can save you from wrath of Gabbar Singh – Gabbar himself.
If capitalist has to make profits, they must pay Gabbar Singh the taxes, and take care that no business activity of theirs intrudes into legal and illegal domains of the Gabbar Singh.

If communist has to distribute profits, first profits should go to Gabbar Singh. If they have to rebel, they dare not rebel against any enterprise of Gabbar Singh. On contrary, they must do whatever to be in good books of Gabbar Singh.

Thus, capitalist and communist can prey on the second poor entity – the vulnerable villager (Gaanv-valas) called Majority who have resigned to their destiny and consider being looted and raped a custom. These Gaanv-valas are whom Gabbar loots. If communist and capitalist can instead extract money from Gaanv-valas and give to Gabbar Singh, everyone is happy.
Gabbar is happy because he does not have to conduct raids. He enjoys his ransom sitting at home. Communist and Capitalist are happy because they have an easy prey already scared of Gabbar and used to any kind of attacks or frauds. And Gaanv-valas are happy because communists and capitalists are gentler than brutal Gabbar Singh during thrashing.

For years they have worked together like a harmonious eco-system. Communist controlled the Paathshaala of village and brainwashed children of Gaanv-valas to hate their parents and forefathers, worship Gabbar Singh, and do whatever they can to destroy their village. Capitalist gets easy access to these brainwashed Gaanv-valas and sells in bulk. He rewards communist for his marketing efforts. And everyone has one aim – to keep Gabbar Singh happy. Nahin to Gabbar Singh Aa Jayega.

Even some Gaanv-valas who can sense there is something wrong are also taught in same Paathshalas. Their understanding is hence muddled. Capitalists and Communists create another Paathshala for such deviants and teach them ways to fight their destiny by singing songs and making Khichdi. They also induct Gabbar Singh’s men by creating a Ramgarh Gabbar Singh Manch. These half-rebels half-halwais believe that if they win village Panchayat elections, Gabbar Singh will start loving them. Or rather, they can win Gabbar’s heart through Vikaas instead of ransom.
Now some up-start like Agniveer comes in village. Starts thrashing communists, capitalists and Gabbar Singhs alike. And all four are angry. Gabbar SIngh is threatened that the 1000 year old rule of terror will end. Capitalist is threatened that their business that thrives of ridiculing, polluting, targeting the essence of Gaanv-valas – their values and customs – will end. The dose of liberalism on which it sells them alcohol of denigration of their Gods and beliefs will end. He will have to change his business, or be taken over by more sensible capitalists.

Communist is angry because pathshala is under threat. And Gaanv-valas are angry for multiple reasons. Some are angry because now Gabbar Singh will be more angry. Some are angry because eco-system is disturbed. Some are angry because now it will be difficult to please Gabbar Singh and make him an ordinary Gaanv-vala.
So all decide to oppose, ignore, hate Agniveer till he is alive. Many such Agniveers came in last 1000 years. Everyone made their lives hell while they were alive. And once they died, Gaanv-valas would erect his statue, create Bhajans and include in second Paathshala. So that next time instead of Agniveer, one would prefer to sing Bhajans of last Agniveer.

We hope this time Agniveer is able to liberate India from the entire Gabbar nexus before it dies.

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