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Hidden SECRET of connecting with the Source! Ancient wisdom for today’s era

The dazzling way of the Powerful Yogis. Now Revealed!

Universal Law of Gayatri Mantra

Enjoy overall meaning of Gayatri mantra and know how to apply in various life fronts.

An algo for life – Gayatri Mantra

Get to the core of your soul through Gayatri Mantra, the most celebrated mantra in Vedas and Hinduism.

The power of Now! – Vedas

Amazing motivation-pill from the first book of knowledge on earth. No self-help book can stand equal. Read and supercharge yourself...RIGHT NOW!!

Exposing God: 5 reasons why HE NEVER CREATED US

This question is burning somewhere deep in us - Did god create us? And nothing seems to make sense or look purposeful unless a satisfactory answer to this question is obtained.
sunset prayer

8 easy steps to get closer to God

There is too much stuff required to understand God. But we get you in the simplest form. Know God and its creation.

Can I refuse to believe in Hinduism and Vedas and yet be YOGI?

You are MORE Vedic than those blind herds who follow Vedas simply because they were told so. 
Agniveer great God

I refuse to believe in God and I am still a Yogi: Myths debunked

Atheism is completely natural. I know you don’t believe in superstitions and don't want to encourage that in the name of God.

Top 4 instant energy booster techniques: Beat the heat

The insta energy tips may sound simple or insignificant but proof of taste is in its eating. Test out yourself.
Go Veg

Why go Veg?

It’s a new taste and diet to help you explore the taste buds you haven’t explored yet :)

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