Part 1 – Vedic Self-Help

Sanatan literally means eternal. Dharma means something worth being accepted. And Ved means knowledge.

Will your Resume get you dream job? 2

Part 2 of powerful resume techniques. Learning the corollaries.

Smart advertising through resume 4

What information to keep and what to avoid in a resume? Take your resume to all new level within few minutes.

SHOCKING! Yoga expert says You Must be ‘AGGRESSIVE’ to be a Yogi [against Villains]

Know the difference between desirable anger against villains and self-destructive one. Follow Gita, Be Arjuna and make Dharma win!

Expert Tips | Balancing Professional & National Duties | Agniveer

How to find balance in life between work for self (bread earning), relaxation, work towards Nation? Read Expert Guidance.

Appeal to Agniveers to Strive for Noble Conduct through Daily Upasana

Idea is to connect with source away from noise and distractions of world.

Third Law of Super Success

If there is no purpose, nothing in life makes any sense. Pursuing growth and being systematic have no meaning if the purpose is not worthwhile. This is an irrefutable law.
Never quit

I Will Never Quit

"They fought till end, So that I don’t die If I don’t fight, Someone else will die..." Touching tribute to our heroes and reminder to our duty.

Hidden SECRET of connecting with the Source! Ancient wisdom for today’s era

The dazzling way of the Powerful Yogis. Now Revealed!

Tested remedy for cataract

Tested remedy for cataract from Indian medicine.

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