Meditation in busy times

A meditation approach in busy times that I found very powerful.

Smart advertising through resume 4

What information to keep and what to avoid in a resume? Take your resume to all new level within few minutes.

Resume Design guidelines 3

Design guidelines to create the image that lands you your coveted job.

Will your Resume get you dream job? 2

Part 2 of powerful resume techniques. Learning the corollaries.

Will your Resume get you dream job?

Learn how to create a resume that gets you whatever job you aspire for! Practical tips that can immediately be put to use to create a wonder resume within 90 min.

Unleash the career within

Agniveer initiates career section. We hope this would help our young friends maximize their professional potential and transform the world.

Common questions on Vedic religion

Addressing some common questions on Vedic religion and understanding how it can supercharge you for legendary success!

What is Vedic religion?

What makes Vedic religion so different! And the best way to achieve unimagined success and happiness. Start your journey right now!

Avoid troubles Remove guilt- Ishopanishad Mantra 3

The third mantra of Ishopanishad provides the fundamental simple formula to ensure our stay in world is worthwhile. Learn it and master the science of living. And learn how to get rid of guilt-feelings of past deeds.

Lets have some action! – Ishopanishad Mantra 2

The second mantra of Ishopanishad provides practical tips on enhancing our fun and enjoyment in life to levels never imagined! Claim the second bonus!

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