A. I am utterly convinced that destruction of caste-discrimination must be Number ONE priority for Hindus and nation. Else, every other effort reduces to a silly joke. Casteism must die. Or we shamelessly die.

B. This cannot come merely through opening schools in Dalit regions or giving them jobs. The necessary and sufficient solution is to kill the source of discrimination – the myth that birth determines social status in Hinduism.

C. One must shun all diplomacy and be a bold honest Agniveer. Distribute janeu among Dalits. Recite Vedas with them. Make them Brahmins. Share food, water, brotherhood, God, temple, rituals with them.

D. Slap the fake Dalit activists who allege that casteism is Hindu. And want Dalits to hate Hinduism.

E. Slap even harder the fake Hindutva activists who act like mum Jihadis instead of saying that even a Dalit can be a Vedic Rishi and wear Janeu.

F. Replace the above “duplicate Hinduism” with “real Hinduism” where character speaks, and not birth.

G. Start Agniveer Shakha. Join our mission to distribute Janeu to all – men, women, Dalit, Pandit – and make them Agniveers who promise to live and die for Dharma – of Rashtra, Samaaj, and Maanavta.

H. Support us in all ways – so that we can surge ahead in this most important but neglected mission. Help us eradicate caste-nonsense in next 10 years and re-establish real Hinduism.

I. There is no escape to this need of hour if we want to escape terrorism, erosion of Dharma, poverty, corruption, whatever. If you don’t do, scumbags will pose as Dalit activists and propagate hatred against Ram and Krishna. And you will end up doing what you escaped so far despite the brutal Jihadi invasions of last 1300 years. You will end up cleaning toilets of Jihadis or managing their harems.

Join, support, become Agniveer. Casteism must die. Or we die.

Agniveer Shakha – How to start an Agniveer Chapter in your Locality?

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