The “Brahmin” girl chose a Kashmiri Jihadi co-working in BPO. Smitten by fair color, and Khan surname. Khan openly hates India, and ridicules Hindus for idol worship.

We tried to counsel on request of a relative. Heard a few abuses for Hinduism from girl. Informed her parents. Parents were shocked. Not because daughter chose a JIhadi. But because she did not tell them so far that she has grown up to choose a hunk to sleep with. How could she hid…e such a happy experience for months! Finally brother told us, “Do not contact us again. We have no problems with daughter marrying anyone she loves.” We showed posts of her boyfriend abusing India and Hindus. Mother replied, “Yes, India is a shit country. We are here because we do not have a choice. Had not for Mughals, India would have been land of snakecharmers and monkey worshippers.”

We apologized to ourselves for meddling in affairs of two Jihadi families. And swallowed blood knowing very well that two more Burhans will continue Jihad in Kashmir twenty years from now.

India – land of patriots, land of traitors.

Love Jihad Successfully Thwarted – Case Study

When Aamir met Anushka

The man was master of seduction. A trained lover. He did that 18 times. With different women. Hotties called him man of dreams. But he was a man on mission. Will love defeat mission? Read this romantic thriller to find out!

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Complete Works of Agniveer – Vol 1 (eBooks – 54 Books)

Complete works by Sanjeev Newar and Vashi Sharma! Agniveer’s complete book collection.

Life-changing works of Agniveer on Hinduism, Yoga, motivation, spirituality, Moksha and burning issues concerning society, nation and Dharma.

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