Love Jihad is the new version of terrorism being planned across entire India since last few years. The situation has reached alarming proportions in many parts of the countries. As per some sources, for the coming Durga Puja itself, around 4500 Jehadis have been trained for Bengal itself. The goal of Love Jehadis is very clear now: lure non-Muslim women by hook or crook and make them pregnant. Once pregnant, a variety of tactics can be deployed:

a. The girl can be converted to breed Jehadis of future

b. Her family can be forced to convert to Islam to save from ignominy

c. The girl can be relocated to Middle East and other militant Islamic countries and she can serve as a sex-slave

d. In worst case, she can be tortured or killed if she protests.

In each of the cases, Jehadis and their Ulemas sanction them full blessings of Allah and an assurance to Paradise of 72 virgins for these acts, as per their interpretations of the new Quran.

Agniveer team has been a prime witness to several cases of Love Jehad and has worked to save several of our sisters. However individual efforts stand nowhere compared to billions of terrorist dollars being poured to promote Love Jehad. And in a shamelessly ‘sickular’ country where homosexual rapists and killing-machines like Babur are adored, there is little to expect from government and the legal machinery.

An anonymous person has created a marvelous brochure on Love Jehad based on Agniveer articles and has send us the copy of the same. We sincerely request you to review the same and do the following, if indeed you want to do something for nation and our sisters:

a. Review and Edit the document as per local requirements. (Both final and editable versions are included)

b. Translate it into local languages

c. Take print-outs in thousands and distribute among all schools, colleges, universities in your area and every girl in age 15-30 that you know.

d. Arrange with newspaper vendors and have these print-outs included with morning newspapers.

e. Email and mass-circulate the brochure through both online and offline channels.

d. Enlarge and have posters developed and pasted on walls around schools and colleges.

e. Arrange groups to manage and ensure that every girl in India has read the pamphlet once.

f. In any festival or gathering, ensure that thousands of these brochures are circulated.

The pamphlet is single-sheeted A4 that can be folded into a brochure. Both color and black & white prints would work fine for distribution.

Each contribution of yours in this regard would serve to counter the greatest threat facing our nation today.

You can view and download the pamphlet from:


PDF Version:

Editable Doc Version:

b. Agniveer Site

PDF Version:

A preview is embedded below. However the image may not be clear on all browsers. Kindly download from links above and view on PDF Viewer like Adobe Reader to see it clearly.

This pamphlet is a humble offering of Agniveer to all its sisters on occasion of Raksha Bandhan. We urge you all to join hands and fulfill your duty towards sisters, motherland and humanity.

Vande Mataram!

Note: By Quran we imply the modern Quran and its translations as patronized by dominant representatives of Islam like Zakir Naik et al. There are alternate interpretations by minority scholars who are considered apostates by these dominant representatives and are victimized. These minority views do not form focus of the article. Similarly by Islam and Muslims we mean dominant version of Islam and their representatives/ rulers.

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • हिन्दू लडकियों से बच्चे पैदा करने से जन्नत नसीब होगी और अल्लाह मेहरबान रहेगा और इस तरह इस्लाम का विस्तार होगा

    read whole story on lobe jihad in uttar pradesh specially in merrut, moradabad, buland saher, khurja, hathras , bagpat, muzaffarnagar, saharanpur area.

  • The role of media, generally speaking, varies from being a passive onlooker, to being outright anti-Hindu. Let me give a fairly recent example regarding the meek surrender of the Bengali media to this extremism. When Islamic zealots ransacked the office of renowned newspaper, ‘The Statesman’ in Kolkata, in retaliation to a mere reproduction of an article originally written by Johann Hari for The Independent (UK), the silence in Bengali press, and for that matter national media, was deafening. Any reader of the article would know that there was nothing, even remotely, derogatory against Islam and the article simply denounced religious extremism. In the end, while editor Ravindra Kumar and publisher Anand Sinha were arrested for offending Muslim sentiments, no action was taken against the rioters. Where was the freedom of press then? Now, we all know what happens when Hindu organizations protest against the Press, the news channels repeat the same footage for days at a time. While violence against the press cannot be condoned, then why the double standards? As a general rule, while many Muslims resort to rioting at the slightest provocation, no one in the media wants to report these incidents to preserve the so-called “communal harmony” and for fear of being labeled “communal”.

    In fact, I have a strong suspicion, that a section of the media receives money from the Islamic Mafia, through overflow budgets for thousands of Mosques and Madrassas that are funded by Middle Eastern countries.An Interview with Tapan Ghosh, President of Hindu Samhati in America.

  • Yes they joined hands to malign the image of islam. But all enemies of islam should be aware that islam will rule. Then they should decide the punishment for themselves. Indeed they are loosers here and in the hereafter. A serious punishment awaits them. I m telling the agni group, that ur lies wont harm islam but indeed they ll harm u and those who are against us.

    • (1)So…you will punish us or will ALLAH do the honors? If it is ALLAH, can you prove it without quoting the Quran? (You’ll have to first prove that ALLAH exists, again without quoting the Quran)

      (2)Which version of Islam will rule? Sunni or Shia or Qadiyani or Sufi? Why/why not?

      If you can provide halfway decent/intellectual answers to these questions, it would be interesting.

  • next time open the book on art of living by shri shri – light on the less known. there they talk of solar operated vimans and all sciences but cant they show us practically and mke it to show what vedas say is true and if u dont know what is theta healing and its miracle read it. all the morden sapiritual healing modalitie even which u hav not heard of i can tell u. all the muslims from pakitan r running after it ,and be proud this knowledge is given in vedas .and vedas i mention agaim is not any 400 pages piece of trash available in market

    • @Shiv,
      Dear brother. Nice to know that you are deeply influenced by the Vedas and have done some research about the knowledge enshrined in them. It will definitely help the society in general and the Hindus in particular. As far as true Sadhu Saints are concerned, they are of the purest hearts. Sometimes, it becomes hard for an average person to understand why he/she is doing such and such activity. Shri Shri is one of them and is doing the yeomen job for the welfare of the humanity. This is making him an acceptable person in even the Muslim countries such as Iraq. The Iraqis are turning to his art of living as Islam doesn’t offer peace to them. Art of living is nothing but the distilled teachings of the Vedas i.e. simplified version from the Vedas so that even a layman could understand it and could closer to the divinity. Shri Shri is doing a lot for the spread of the Vedas in his own ways.

      I know you are of younger age and have a lot of energy. But you shouldn’t let it burst and become angry as it takes away your spiritual power gained after a lot of Sadhana. I am saying it to you because you can understand it. Never use the words such as idiot in retaliation. Those saying you Muslim by mistake are also one among them who are serving and trying to protect this Vedic knowledge in their own way. Our ways could be slightly different but the goal is same.

      Lastly keep on doing the noble work. We have a lot of expectations from art of living and the followers like you.

      Your Brother

  • @vajra
    iam not a jheadi u idiot .i hav done more reserch work on hinduism .r u nuts .today reiki .,theta healing and pranic healing, ,all the chakras what it means and which one should be activated for what purpose and what our have a cosmic meaning is being given by the west. Our saints knew we are being a bunch of fools and for this purpose they introduced this knowledge to us of giving so many gods. does any hindu know why all hindu gods are blue.that the concept of goddess laksmi is to activate ur base chakra .ur boyfriend ditching you in the most modern college is because of the past life karma and shame on us that the west is providing us with the scientific and spiritual solutions .all healings have been thauht in rig veda .and my age is just 24 yrs and i am from lucknow

  • zakir naik is a fool and so are the hindu people to blame for all this .even 1%of the vedas is not available today and ur commenting on it .dear Satyagni doesnt know what vedas is.sorry but our saints like shri shri ravi shankar tells about the sciences vedas tell ,he has reaches that zenith in spirituality but cant practically demonstrate it but is busy teaching lower spiritual thing s to make money and huge fan base.
    is vedas any piece of trash availble in the market of 400 pages . how has any body read the vedas.
    the knowledge of vedas is beyond imagination and that is why swami dayanand told to explore it.
    and about these muslims which hindu girl will go to these funny loking ,mental ,fanatic creatures .zakir naik shoul be thrown a shoe at.we hindus are cowards and muslims are aware of it.

  • Dis place is for cold war & nothin else The main dog who started all dis knows nothing himself its jus creating hatred and communist rumours no one has to be a part of it

  • Namaste,
    I am a western practitioner of ”Hinduism”. I came across your website while looking for way to counter some claims that a muslim friend of mine made about Hinduism – from it supporting devil worship to admitting that islam after all was the one true religion.

    In my experience a lot of this fanatacism comes about because many muslims are utterly ignorant – not only of their faith – but of the faiths and cultures around them. Its very much a ” head in the sand” mentality.
    Ive had cases where ive been begged to go to a mosque – which ive done without without any threat or comprimise to my own faih. Ive sat – in traditional muslim clothing – happy and peacefull as pie..
    when i asked my friends to my temple – they wouldnt even consider stepping foot in the place – convinced that to do so would shake their faith (which begs the question of how strong it can be in the first place) or that they would be condemmed to hellfire…

    If i visit places or people of other faiths, if i make friends with people of another faith – i take a few mins to learn about their beliefs and practises… ive read my way through the bhagavad gita, the torah (english and aramaic) the bible, the dhammapada and the quran ( english, transliterated arabic ) .. i can argue – quoting passages for and against hijab, women priests, meat eating, etc
    I can recite passages in aramaic, sanskrit, hebrew and arabic…
    But while many of my muslim friends seem very happy to tell me what is in and wrong with all of these scriptures – few – if any of them have actually read the things !!!

    There is an utter and seemingly unbreakable refusal on the part of islam or muslims to know about anything outside of their faith or culture,, and only the bare bones of thier faith… and ive heard ”because allah commands it” more times than ive had hot meals…

    Ive experienced first hand the ”all for show” respect of women in islam -compared to the genuine respect of women and all other faiths in Hinduism..

    even more than that- ive experienced first hand the devestation and fear and sadness caused by mindless ignorant savage muslim fanatics ..blowing up israeli children and women in buses and settlements ..

    Ive experienced what it feels like to walk down a street in israel knowing at any moment there are thousnds of people who would love to shoot me dead for the heinous crime of being a jew in israel… muslim trigger happy terrorists ..

    I think in the hands of a select few – islam is peacefull – but these are people that were already enlightened BEFORE islam – not because of it …

    the world needs to know what is really going on in islam – and the ignorant protestations of some muslim posters here say as much as the articles on this site..

    • @Anna : you are welcome here ! additional info about veda, if you are interested can be ordered from
      do come back here and add in some inputs on the various articles if you feel so… 🙂

  • I think not only Hindu community gals But also Muslim community gals shld aware of these things. becaz terrorist dont go by religion.

  • the mullas are geyying frustrated, no hindu or sikh girl would go to musalmans. the truth is that muslim girls are eloping with hindus and sikhs, that is why muslims have become frustrated. probably they have forgotten the group rape of their girls at godhra and want a similar lesson once again. rape muslim girls and make them pregnant. jai shri ram.

    • @super hindu

      If disrespecting and molesting women is your mindset ..this site is not for you

      stop calling yourself a hindu ..i have a better religion for you that legalizes rape

      and you know it’s name bcoz you are actually a follower of that very religion disguised as a hindu

      buzz off!

    • Super hindu
      Does not matter who you are, a hindu or a muslim, thing is that you deserve to be thrashed publicly for insulting motherhood. Fool, first understand that every mother and sister deserves respect irrespective of her religion.

    • Dont worry, I actively seek chaste burkha clad muslim women to bang without the benefit of marriage. I can give phone numbers.
      Basically, I REVERSE everything the muslims do.


  • Dear Satyagniji,

    I want this pamphlet to be translated to Malayalam so that I can distribute it in Kerala where Love Jihad had happened the most.

  • Sr.No. Districts Incidents Cases Registered Rescued
    1 Thiruvananthapuram 216 26 6
    2 Kollam 98 34 7
    3 Alappuzha 78 22 6
    4 Pathanamthitta 87 36 11
    5 Idukki 156 18 9
    6 Kottayam 116 46 13
    7 Ernakulam 228 52 26
    8 Thrissur 102 41 19
    9 Palakkad 111 19 9
    10 Malappuram 412 88 31
    11 Kozhikode 364 92 29
    12 Kannur 312 106 27
    13 Kasargode 586 123 68
    Central investigation agencies have recieved information that 4000 such girls all over Indiawho have been converted under Love Jihad are being trained for Jihadi activities by Pakistan-based terrorist organizations.

  • Kindly give some proof regarding the pamphlets, printing a pamphlet cause just few rupees. There is not a single incident and not a single person who took responsibility of printing and distributing pamphlets.
    Its just another SAZISH of destroying the image of Islam and there is no such things allowed in ISLAM which have been shown there in the section called tactics after pregnancy.

    • No sazish is required to be done by non-muslims to discredit ISLAM, your own JEHADIs are doing it. Muslims are busy painting every valid questioning of their public display of hostility (JEHAD) to people of other religions, as SAZISH. The verses which many peace loving muslims call are mis-interpreted, like JEHAD are discussed and a world wide clarification issued that in today’s world calls for JEHAD would have to be carefully scrutinised before using them in local mosque. muslims should take utmost care when they speak about KAFIR, JEHAD etc. let these terms be defined carefully, if at all any body wants to use these words.

  • Guys,

    Muslim guys: Discussions are allowed in Islam and not the arguments. A muslim should not speak about or scold any gods or goddess from other religions. This is prohibited in Islam. We as muslims, have the rights to explain them what Islam says. Thats the boundary of Islam. Please dont go beyond this. There should be difference between a muslim and others.

    Others: If you are aware of Islam, please speak. Otherwise, dont spread hatred. If you still speak, please identify and ensure that we people are Muslims now and also in the day of judgement.



  • I asked a renowned anthropologist cum sociologists in academia of US, who is also my friend, about psyche of conversion in religions.

    What he told me was shocking, because he himsef was a church going christian and also made me respectful towards Eastern religions.

    According to him world can be divided between Eastern religions consisting of Hinduism, Jainsism, Taosism, Shintoism, Buddhism, Shikism and many others and Western religions consisting only of Jiudaism, Christianity and Islam.

    Judaism he feels is similar to rest of Eastern religions in that it promotes no conversion.

    He compares the two major schools of thought as follows:

    (1) All eastern religions, if not all, validate other religions as acceptable way to God or their concept of ultimate. On the other hand, Western Religions only accept their doctrine as correct and acceptable and all those creeds outside the domain of their religion as misguided souls.

    (2) Broadly speaking Eastern religions are inclusive. In China you will find Buddha statues in Tao temples and in Japan you will also find the same in Shinto temples. Golden Temple of Shikhs bars no one from entering their premises. In Hinduism, with the exception of few Temples like that of Puri, everyone is welcome. However, Christianity and Islam are vey exclusive in that you cannot enter Mecca unless you are a Muslim. While all eastern religions can accept Jesus of Nazreth as a prophet/avatar/saint, the Pope cannot reciprocate the same towards figures from Asia because in doing so Christianity’s concept of “Jesus as only son of God ” will fall apart!

    3) Western religions always were at war with each other throughout their inception in Arab Land. On the other hand, Eastern religions have always peacefully lived side by side. No kingdom was attacked based on establishing one eastern religion over another.

    (4) Islam and Christianity have always had a sense of competition among themselves. This competition is the cause of conversions. Eastern religions have no active concept of conversion because no sense of competition prevails.

    (5) This was most shoking: Conversion wil always take place in a school of thought when it has a sense of insecurity within its followers. This insecurity arises because followers subconciously know either their creed is spiritually and intellectually not deep as the other one. Hence because of the frustration of their own religion, they seek converts in order to overcome their insecurity.

    (I know people will counter this point by telling that Buddhism spread through conversion by monks who travelled East and West. I would not call this conversion in strict sense because only parts of Buddha’s teachings, and not whole, were incorporated in the land that the monks went to. In Japan, for example, buddhism added to the afterlife and death concept. In China, buddhism was amalgamated with Taoist legends. In India and Sri Lanka, Buddha’s teaching were amalgamated with Tantra and Yoga. Furthermore, buddhists of China and Tibet can eat meat, where’s original teachings of Buddha strictly prohibit this. Hence, my friend attributes the spread of Buddhism through its flexibility to mold itself and amalgamate itself to different regions and beliefs rather than ‘conversion’. )

    (6) The fact that ‘ism’ was introduced by the British during the colonial rule points how irrelevant the concept of ‘establsihed religion for numbers sake’ is in the Eastern psyche. For example, during the partition of India thousand of people did not know whether to register themselves as Hindus or Muslims. Even Buddhism and Shiksm were part of greater Hinduism.

    He belives that Western religions can learn a lot from their Eastern counterparts about peaceful existence.

    • Well, I don’t know how well the renowned anthropologist cum sociologists did his research. I completely diagree with this statement
      “In Hinduism, with the exception of few Temples like that of Puri, everyone is welcome. ”

      Hindusim was degraded by the very own brahmins who considered themselves the gods on the earth.Shudras were not allowed temple entry.Casteism was so much rooted in Hindu religion that one can feel shameful when lower caste people are barred from drinking water from same well.Untouchabllity, sati system , Devdasi pratha.. all in the name of god. Sc ,ST’s are still not given equal rights in the Hindu society.The treatment from uppercaste was very cruel.So before giving false statements and citing PURI temple example, read history and be neutral.

      “First clean the dirt of your own home before advising others”.This is my saying to the Hindus who feel so proud of themselves and bask themselves in the ignorance of caste based history.

      • @Ashamed Hindu

        all the practices u mentioned in ur painful speech are not sanctioned in Vedas. In this site, we only talk about the Vedic religion which is quite different from the hinduism you see today. If we all start preaching Vedas today, there would be peace amongst all humans. I agree, if we followed the horrible caste system i would also call myself an ashamed hindu. We must all work together eliminate all these evil sick practices.

      • u shd b an ashamed Hindu bcoz u read none of the scriptures and just went ahead and converted into christianity.Fanatics like u shd b thrown into a dungeoun and shown the spiritual verses from Old testaman where ur Yahweh promotes rape,torture,death,stoning,slavery and genocide.
        Contact me if u want the verses .Look whos talking?

      • Caste system, as practised in the last couple of century (maybe more) certainly sucks. Most Hindus, I hope, recognize this. The Indian government probably plays vote-bank politics but the net effect of their shenanigans is there is reservation/affirmative action for historically disadvantaged/socially excluded groups. Whether this scheme actually helps the victims of historical injustice or benefits the so-called “creamy layer” is another issue. But there is wide-spread recognition at every level of the ill-effects of the caste system.

        @Ashamed Hindu/Evangelist: You are barking up the wrong tree here at Satyagni. A casteless Hindu society is Satyagni’s goal as well as a majority of educated Hindus in India.

        The following is from

        Our goal is complete annihilation of birth-based caste system, gender bias and dominance over fanatic ideologies breeding hatred for non-believers and immorality. In brief, Vedic Dharma in practice.

        In any case if you are an evangelist please let me know if the following is what you believe:

        Caste system practised in India sucks. So, let us all convert to Christianity (which, by the way, believes that all non-Christians are going to hell for following the wrong God/prophet.)

        Why is Christianity and converting out of Hinduism the solution to the problems of the caste system? Do converts lose their “caste” tag after conversion? Who are “Dalit Christians” and why does that name tag even exist?

      • @Evangelist:

        “Non-believers in JC will go to hell.” – isnt that what organized Christianity teaches? If so, why cannot this be considered some sort of caste system in itself? Dividing the world into believers and heathens/infidels and condemning the latter to everlasting hell fire appears to me to be a much bigger version of discrimination. No?

      • What makes you think am an evangelist? Are only evangelist speak against caste system and ills of hinduism?why are you so afraid of them? Am ashamed to tell you that am a Hindu by birth.I belong to SC category and right now well settled in the US. It was because of caste system that I became agnostic and stopped worshipping Hindu gods.To me the real god is Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar who freed us from the clutches of the upper caste.

        Well…I didn’t knew the intentions of this site and gave my impulsive response to one comment which was not true. Apologies for same and thanks for enlightening me that AGNIVEER is against Caste system.I appreciate that. But why is caste topic always pushed at the backseat and people like you suddenly come for protecting Hindusim? Why don’t you hate caste system the same way like I do? Maybe because you never realized the impact of it on your personal life..

        If your intentions are good, am all good to praise it.. If I need to pic one thing to change in Hindusim and make it perfect–I would say do away from Caste system…This very system divided us and made us less powerful. Please put all your energy in eradicating caste system and stop getting paranoid about evangelist. 🙂

      • @Ashamed Hindu

        f I need to pic one thing to change in Hindusim and make it perfect–I would say do away from Caste system…

        Amen to that.

        Correct me if I am wrong or if I am misrepresenting your position. Are you defending evangelists?

        Can we agree that religions that believe non-believers are going to burn in eternal hell believe that GOD himself/herself/itself will discriminate on a massive scale making caste-based discrimination look like a walk in the park? All of us should be against the caste system. I cannot understand how the same people who are against the caste system seem to be ok with belief in a God that would commit discrmination by punishing non-believers on that massive scale.

      • No , I have no business with evangelists. I will criticize anything which deems inhuman and illogical to my sane mind.Infact , religious teaching doesn’t matter to me at all, be it Hindu,Islam or Christian. It’s just man made rules and regulations and some knowledge put together by some great people for the massess to follow. It’s just another LAW book or Constitution for ancient times.In today’s world, I don’t need religious books for survival or to find truth or for any knowledge or to find god.

      • @Ashamed Hindu:

        I feel sorry that you had to face discrimination.

        It was because of caste system that I became agnostic and stopped worshipping Hindu gods.

        But “Hindu gods” (within quotes because Vedantic theology talks about a singular “Brahman”…all “gods” you may be referring to – Shiva/Vishnu/Krishna/Rama/Hanuman/Murugan/Ganapati/Durga are different “manifestations” of Brahman found outside of the Vedas) do not promote casteism. There is no sanction of it in the Vedas. Everyone (regardless of caste/race/religion) has an equal shot at Moksha/Nirvana on uniting with Brahman. So goes the belief. I, like you, am also an agnostic. But, probably unlike you, among all the theist philosophies find a spiritual home in Sanatana Dharma purely on account of the fact that “Brahman” does not busy himself/herself/itself with condemning non-believers to ever-lasting hell. No one is a born loser in theological Sanatana Dharma.

      • @Ashamed Hindu

        brother, the caste system was never part of hinduism to begin with. Remember the source of Hinduism are the Vedas, and there is not even a single verse in Vedas that sanctions the caste system, I challenge you to show me a single verse?

        This entire caste system was man made crap, and was made up by evil people to gain power over poor people, please do not blame the Vedas for this since there is no verse to support such nonsense.

        Even other religions have this so called caste system, like islam (72 sects), christianity (roman cathlic, orthodox), Buddhism (33 sects), and in hinduism we only hear of 4.

        But I strongly condemn this stupid caste system, because it is against the Vedas, brother we all rejected this nonsense, so I would appreciate if you reject thiss too, and follow Vedic Dharma, the real hinduism.

      • @Vik and @KalBhairav

        I understand you point of view. You are not trying to prove the real Hindusim was the VEDAS and Manusmriti was a nonsense. Well.. around 5000 years Manusmriti laws were followed and forced upon the Hindus and even today. Vedas and upanishad’s were long forgotten under the carpet.However, if the intention here is to project Hindusim in the garb of Vedas , I think it’s a very smart move.It might help improve the image of Hinduism.
        Here, Br Ambedkar has given some startling verses from the VEDAS(RIG and YAJUR VEDA) itself which gives insight about creation of 4 varnas.Please do read it and read it with open mind :). So don’t claim that Vedas has nothing to do with Varnas etc..

        As far as Islam goes, it has been ripped apart by Ali Sina at this site.check out if interested.
        There is nothing like a perfect religion as it is man made(prone to error).. believe it or not!!!

      • @Ashamed Hindu

        brother, we do not consider Ambedkar to be an authentic scholar, ok why dont u decide urself and see, all the nonsense Ambedkar said, has been debunked by Satyagni Ji, please read the article below and I promise you that you will have no complaints.

        read this:

        Nothing in this world is better than Vedas, as per Vedas, everybody are humans, there is no such thing as believers and nonbelievers, Ishwar will grant happines to both based on their deeds and karma. Ishwar in Vedas will never hate you if you are an athiest, polytheist, pantheist, or even a monotheist. For Ishwar we are all one, because Ishwar will judge us by our deeds not by our beliefs, nor Ishwar forces you to believe in Him, Ishwar will still give you happiness if you do good deeds even though you do not believe in Him. This is the Vedic Ideology.

        Now, as per Islam, its obvious if you do not believe in Allah, and Mohammad, regardless even if your a good human being who always does good deeds, you will still burn in hell. In islam you have to blindly belive in Allah, Mohammad, Quran, Hell and Judgement Day, OR ELSE U BURN IN HELL, what can be more illogical than islam brohter??

        Now you decide with your own logical mind, that which scripture projects the reality of God, Quran or Vedas?????

        We know that site, faithfreedom, we fully admire it

      • Ashamed Hindu, You may do a great service to yourself by reading Arun Shourie’s – “Worshiping False Gods”. It is loaded with so much “REAL evidence” against the ill-doings and frauds of your God Ambedkar that you will stop acknowledging him with those revered words that you are using now.
        After reading this great compilation even the hard-core SC leaders confided in private to the author about the mis-conceptions they were holding about this (false)GOD.
        The caste system of Vedic period was a “practical” Karma-based (acc. to your deeds) unlike the caste-system of medieval times (based on birth). But now we are past that phase, so don’t continue to live in those medieval times.
        Dear Brother, The bottom-line is that, we, Hindus have to get over this Caste hangover and stand united.

  • Now since this is a known strategy deployed by fanatics, why should not non-Muslim men also start flirting and seducing Muslim women? I love Muslim girls. In fact I have dozens of them meeting me. All I would suggest is please start friendships with Muslim women and liberate them from this Tyranny.

    • @Prashanth Bro,

      please don’t mind , but i have a question to ask you?

      is love different from charity ? ..and if your answer is yes then you’ll have to rethink your suggestion.

      it’s not only muslim women but also muslim men ..and not only them but hindu men and women ..christian men and women who need to be liberated from the clutches of ANY organized religion that places religion OVER humanity.

      having said that, the immediate concern as highlighted in this thread, is the DISGUSTING use of religion(in this case Islam) to not only attain a despicable objective ..but the modus operandi itself is a slap to human values, compassion and the sacred word ‘love’ itself.

      The vague law of our country itself is a great impediment in combatting love jihad…I am forwarding this pamphlet to atleast a 100 people before i sleep.

    • Dear Prashanth,

      Normally I avoid commenting, but your post was an exception.

      If one genuinely respects and then marries a girl – Muslim or non-Muslim, it is most welcome. But if someone flirts with women, indulges in adultery, cheats one single wife in illusion of serving cause of Dharma, then their is nothing more disgusting than that.

      Satyagni is completely against treating women as objects – flirting/ seducing are the most disgusting tactics to even think of against women – who also comes to us as mother.

      While we oppose Love Jehad, and we shall continue doing so till it ceases, let us also make it clear that if someone attempts to see even a Muslim woman as a commodity – flirting/seducing, we shall be equally harsh on those people. Especially for those who attempt to do so in name of saving Hinduism, we would be even more harsher. Because the essence of Vedic Dharma is Brahmacharya and respect for women.

      Let it be clear that Satyagni is not here to play a number game of Hindu vs Muslim. Satyagni stands for truth and truth alone. While we severely question contemporary Islam and present Quran/ hadiths, that does not mean we hate Muslims. We stand for humanism and have specially high respect for women – be it Hindu or Muslim or whatever.

      Satyagni sees a mother in all women in general, and would never tolerate their insult in name of Dharma. Character is the unchangeable essence of the Dharma that Satyagni believes in. And it cannot be possessed by those who dream of seducing/flirting women instead of respecting them!

      If you really want to counter love Jehad, demonstrate yourself as an example of character, and be ready to offer your toil, energies, thoughts and resources for imbibing, exemplifying and working for establishment of true Vedic dharma that is same for all humans.


  • good job, but do u think it’s enough? make a little magazine from Arya Samaj for circulate all this work, which can beware to every civil Human, from these kind of satanic conspiracy.

    • @ veer & and all other like minded
      What is your contribution to the society. Why we all expect things to be done by others and overload our suggestions on them . What u as an aryasamaji contributing apart from ideas or mere thoughts?
      We need to unite and distribute the tasks after all we all want to achieve moksha and for that we personally need to contribute.
      I am a student of ved.

      • @agnijyoti :Typical mentallity of an escapist 🙂 we want to achieve moksha?. what about the people who are suffering because they dont know how or they dont want to know or who are hell bend of destroying our lineage and culture. You talk like this coz you have the freedom of practising what you need for your “Moksha” ; so sit in some Hole till someone does not find you and kill you calling you a kuffar.

  • this is reality , I am a muslim girl and I support this cause. I have personally seen this and can’t disclose much. But truth remains that islam history and its culture has no respect for mother, sister, wife.
    Satyagni your contribution to the world is a blessing.

    • Dear Shaziya,


      I express my sincere thanks and deep sense of gratitude for yours comments. Yours unbiased opinion will be highly admired and appreciated. May God bless you in your future endeavors

      With kind regards,
      Murali Mohan, Bangalore.

  • great article… sad the sickular govt is governing us and those who were elected before(bjp) didnot do anything for hindus (eg. KASHMIRI PANDITS)… SHAME SHAME SHAME TO ALL POLITICIANS OF THIS COUNTRY

    • Thank you Satyagniji…I will spread this article to all my friends & will ask them to spread this article to their friends…You are doing a wonderful job by spreading the truths behind the evil cult ….!

      जय श्री राम…

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