Can you imagine Hindu girls can be so dumb that we have case of a Love Jihadi who has one Bania girl converted to be his wife. Her aunt is Jihadi’s keep. Another Brahmin girl separated from her husband to be his keep.

They all know each other. And do not care if they get married to him or not, so far they can imagine a Shahrukh or Aamir or Salman in him. It is true, this filmy imagination is primary motivation. Coupled with hate for Hindu ‘superstitions’ and ‘idol-worship’. …

His phone revealed that he has some more girls in his trap. Not sure if they also know him or not. But the Honda CRV driving dude working as a salesman getting 12000 per month has all castes covered – Brahmin, Bania, Rajput, OBC, SC, ST. All age-groups. But mostly high income group.

Love Jihad is the biggest threat today. Our earlier generations were so busy enjoying Mithun nonsense of eighties that they did not have time to teach even basics of Dharma and morality to their children. Reality is biting us today. Will be more severe tomorrow.

One more point – The way to deal with these cases is even more tough. Things have to be done in other ways for reasons better not discussed on FB.

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