Another Khan seduced a Hindu girl in college. Got intimate, made videos, started threatening and abusing her. Started seducing victim’s sister. Girl was on verge of Nikah. Had lost confidence, unable to think properly, no one to share her problems with.

Was lucky to connect with Agniveer through a college friend. Was counseled. Took 3 months to bring back her confidence. Was mentally prepared to not give a damn even if her videos were posted on porn sites. Instead, trained on how to use that to take revenge on the culprit by trapping him in harassment cases and create situations where he is l*nched to de*th by mob, if something like this happens.

Our strategy was to Hope for Best and Prepare for Worst.

In next step, we met the Jihadi with lots of love, peace, and compassion. He tried to attack us but love is great. With our immense love, he had a Hruday Parivartan (Change of heeart). All his family and connection details were obtained. He admitted being inspired by internet circles and sermons. Some more love shared to clean him of mess. All videos and photos along with mobile destroyed. All mails and gmail accounts cleaned and deleted. Laptop formatted and hard disk destroyed. We did not find pen drives. But did let him know that love will multiply if anything is found online or on whatsapp. And how much we love his family, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers whose details we have. We promised to be in touch.

Girl is happy, future is brighter. The statue of Gandhiji on MG Road is inspiring.

Case closed.


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