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Namaste agniveer team.

A stranger with Hindu name sent me a friend request which I accepted. He sent me messages everyday about love, relationship, Bollywood and life. I bowled over by his looks when I saw his awesome photos. Soon, our chat turned into a real-life conversation. Phone numbers were exchanged, we started talking to each other over phone for hours. Thus started the dangerous game – love jihad.

Soon, my hauling love offered to meet me at Patna station. He asked me to stay at a hotel. I told my family members who were ignorant about the dangerous ongoing. Fortunately, my parents forced me not to meet any stranger. I pleaded, cried with no effects. Even today I thank God that my parents took a very right decision.

Next month I decided to meet him in-person without my parent’s consent. He arrived near the old school in my location, nearly 20 kms from Patna. We hanged out for hours, we ate together at restaurants.

Then the real game started. He promised to marry me. I quickly agreed. I told him we’ll do a marriage registration next week in to the Court. The guy pretended to be a Hindu for several months, suddenly started pleading me to marry under a special personal law. I was shocked. I knew something was fishy. I remembered Agniveer’s video on YouTube. One of your members rightly said Muslim boys marry Hindu girls under the Muslim personal law. They have a personal law for marriage, thanks to Chacha Nehru.

I asked him, “Batao kya tum Muslim ho?” I noticed his face color was now changed. I repeated the question, “Me tumhe puch rahi hoon kya tum Muslim ho? Batao?” He nodded his neck.

I realized the dangerous game. If he was truthful, if he sincerely loved me, us bande ko jarurat kya thi apna religion mujhse hide karneki? What compelled him to hide his religion?

I immediately escaped, quit relations with him and told this entire thing to my parents. I must admit my parents rightly stopped me from meeting a stranger. I must admit Agniveer’s role in social awareness made me aware about the dangerous ongoing.

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