Love should see no boundaries.
But it should see the traps.

Girls need to know that there are some vultures roaming around to destroy their lives in name of God.
This Raksha Bandhan, promise to yourself, your Brothers, family and God that you will not date/marry any Jihadi.

You can easily identify one by asking few questions:

1. Can I remain Hindu/Christian/Sikh… even after marriage?

2. Can I worship my gods/idols/Jesus/WaheGuru… even after marriage?

3. I visit Sufi shrines and offer prayers there. Can you pray at my religious place?

4. Can a Non Muslim too go to heaven?

5. Should polygamy be banned?

6. Should exclusive rights of husband to divorce wife be banned?

7. Should Sharia law governing Islamic marriage laws be banned?

8. Should Uniform Civil Code be brought?

9. If I can convert to Islam for you, can you become Hindu for me?

10. Will our children be Hindus?

If his answer is yes, he becomes Hindu, marries off his sister to a Hindu, and follows above all, he is fine. In that case, you can marry him. Never change your religion.

If he says no in any of the above, or says yes but his conducts suggest otherwise,
know that the man is a Jihadi who will destroy your life for sure. Stay away from him and ask your friends to do same.

Stay safe, stay united, stay free.

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