Date : 18 Jun, 1576

Place : Haldighati, Udaipur (Rajasthan)

Battle : Mughals vs Rajputs.

Situation :

Akbar’s massive army attacks Maharana Pratap.

Rajput army heavily outnumbered by Mughals led by Man Singh.

Maharana’s eyes searching for the traitor who ditched motherland to join the invaders.

What happened next: 

Maharana spots the traitor a distance away. On an elephant. Protected by hundreds of Mughal warriors.

Innumerable Jihadis carrying green Islamic flags shouting Allahu Akbar stand between lion and his prey.

Allahu Akbar becomes louder. Maharana must clear the path to reach Man Singh.

Maharana takes out the other sword.

Armor is on chest.

Shield is put on the back.

Both hands now have swords.

Akbar’s Jihadis watch, for the first time, the might of Hindu sword.

And then :

Jihadi heads start rolling.

One versus hundreds. Hindu warrior versus Jihadi invaders.

In two minutes, hundreds of Jihadi flags, heads, hands and legs scatter around and get trampled under legs of Chetak.

Maharana cuts every head that comes between him and Man Singh.

Then comes Behlol Khan, the mighty commander of Mughals, along with his partner on a horse.

This man had killed Maharana’s men earlier. Today, he is fleeing the battlefield seeing wrath of Maharana’s sword.

Pratap challenges both together.

They lift swords to save themselves from Maharana’s rage.

But alas! They are late. 3 heads are rolling on the ground in next split-second.

The mighty Behlol Khan, his swordsman partner and horse’s head are separated from their bodies with a single swing of Maharana’s sword.

Everyone is stunned. Suddenly, a pin-drop silence!

How can someone hit with such power?

Har Har Mahadev – Maharana roars.

It started with Allahu Akbar. It ends with Har Har Mahadev.

Mughals are terrified.

The path to traitor becomes clear all of a sudden.

Man Singh, the next target, is right ahead…

Aftermath :

For next twenty years, Mughal soldiers debated that Maharana was not a human but a ghost with Satanic powers.

Akbar’s commanders refused to accept duty in Chittor region.

One commander chose to become a fakir.

Akbar and hundreds would wake up from nightmares for rest of their lives.

The PTSD would not go and Akbar wetted his bed every single night henceforth despite increased usage of narcotics.

The mighty sword dug such a permanent hole in Akbar’s empire that few generations later, Mughal sultans were surviving on Maratha pension.

Today, many Mughal crown-princes are seen begging on Etawah railway junction.

Read this story to your kids. They will never become slaves of anyone. And will know how to destroy terrorism.

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Vashi Sharma is a globally renowned energy scientist. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. Vashi is an expert on Islamic terrorism and deradicalization.

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  • यदि महानता शून्य में नही पनपती तो शून्य की उपासना करने वालों को आप महात्मा क्यों कहते हो ?
    I challenge whole Agniveer team to have debate with me on Buddha and Buddhism issue

    • वसंत .. शून्य की उपासना कौन करता है ????
      परमात्मा शून्य नहीं है …

  • :-)) hahahahah 😀 Nicely written. I know the story but, nicely written, i like the bit about PTSD and nightmares. May the day come that Hafiz Saeed gets it.

    And this next/previous article – 10 huge problems with Quran I could not digest
    😀 LOL Why would you try to digest anything in it. The more you would find indigestible in it, the healthier you are.

  • Shaistekhan was a commander of Aurangzeb.He ransacked Maratha territory. Marathas were outnumbered. Shivaji attacked Khan in his own den.He made select band of his best soldiers and entered the Mughal Camp disguised as a wedding ceremonial band.They went straight to Lal Mahal and attacked.Many servants, soldiers and Khan’s wives were killed. Finally Khan started fleeing & jumped off a window. Shivaji struck his blow cutting Khan’s fingers.Khan never returned to Maharashtra after this.

    • वसंत .. शून्य की उपासना कौन करता है ????
      परमात्मा शून्य नहीं है …

      • i wonder if shivaji aur shivaji’s soldiers ever killed any woman…. unless that lady is adament to fight only… but i dont know any such chapter..