We need to stop saying that ‘terror has nothing to do with religion’, when clearly 99.99% of all top terror groups swear by the available translations of Quran. I am not saying Quran or Islam teaches to kill non-believers, hate them, wish hell for them or anything.

All I know is that all major translations Of Quran and Hadiths available spew this venom for non-believers which is the foundation of the terrorist activities. What we, especially the humanity loving Muslims among us can do is, that instead of denying this fact, we can come out and say that we reject all those fake translations of Quran and Hadiths which say that ‘non-believers are worst of creatures, and will go to hell regardless how so much noble actions they may perform.’

This is what is used by Islamic rulers as a base for brainwashing youths into blowing themselves up with as many non-believers as they can manage.

As Hassan Nisar – the most renowned columnist of Pakistan and expert of Islam and its history puts, Islam and Islamic history are two totally different things. Those who follow spirit of Islam would not be violent. After all Islam means Peace. Bulk of Muslims belong to this category. They do not bang their heads over taking each and every verse of Quran or Hadiths blindly and literally. Thus the ordinary Muslim tries to be as peaceful as rest of us. That is why world is still such a beautiful place to live!But these majority are NOT the ruling class of Islam. The ruling elite of Islam actually follow history of Islam instead of ‘Islam’. Thus they deliberately try to keep ordinary Muslim ignorant and uneducated. They needlessly glorify and dramatize Islamic history and their own versions of Islam texts so as to create a useful guinea-pig battalion of blind followers to be used as military tools. The ordinary Muslim is thus forced to adjust to threats of this barbaric ruling class and manage a fine balance between his own conscience, compassion for non-Muslims and fatwas of these butcher rulers. He thus has to face extra challenges. He has to face the brunt of misdeeds of these ‘ruling elites’ and yet strive ahead.

Just look in India or any other part of the world, those areas where Muslims become majority, the clerics take power into their hands, bully the Muslim population into following them by hook or crook and the next thing you know, you have lost your liberty to openly differ with their opinion.

And if you do, your properties are burned, you receive death threats, your women family members are no longer safe. This is not fault of a common Muslim. He is as peace loving as a human can be. But the Islamic system of Power, does not allow him to act with free will. He is bound. If he dare oppose, he must be prepared to face the music.

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We need to come to realize and decide that this is the major threat we face, and unless we act upon this, we endanger the peace of our coming generations.

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( In pic: ‘Some'(~100000) members of Muslim community demanding for beheading for insult to Prophet.

The banners and slogans read- “Gustakh-e-nabi ki ek hi saza, sir tan se juda !

Meaning- One and only punishment for insult to Prophet,- behead ! )


This post is submitted by guest author Geet.

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