What makes Sanskrit difficult than other languages?

1. Most Sanskrit books focus too much on grammar and present as if a mistake of a syllable is crime. Even the curriculum is designed to test grammar – Shabd Roop, Dhatu Roop etc – than language in general.

Reality – Whatever grammar rules of Sanskrit are prevalent today are those that have evolved over time. They are not as sacrosanct as they are made to be. Vedas flout these rules liberally because Sanskrit came from Vedas…, and not vice versa.

Solution – Encourage so-called mistakes in grammar. Let there be twenty types of Sanskrit like there are twenty types of Hindi and English. Let grammar be for more educated ones. Do not expect every common man to be a Sanskrit Vyakaranacharya.

2. No one speaks Sanskrit.

Reality – A self-learner learns, then forgets, then learns, and soon gets into a half-baked mess where he knows everything a bit but not properly. Now excitement of learning is lost, and eventually he gives up. He knows Sanskrit is important, he aspires to master it, knows he can. But environment kills him.

Solution – There must be an easy ecosystem where one can speak and write Sanskrit freely without anyone correcting him unless specifically asked. Some circles where they can freely talk and joke and have fun in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit is the easiest language in universe because it is so intuitive. It is awesome because it opens gates to most wonderful literature in universe. For India, Sanskrit is the only viable option for national unity.

I pray I be nimitta to do something worthwhile for Mother Sanskrit, irrespective of my total incompetency today.

Reviving Sanskrit

– Shri Sanjeev Newar

Learn Sanskrit in simple┬ámanner –
1. Video Tutorial – Youtube Playlist
2. Lessons in Hindi, English

Spend few minutes daily on one of these and you will be able to learn basics of conversational Sanskrit in simple manner.

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  • A good white Dutch friend of me knows Sanskrit very well, he studied it in India. However he has to work now at postage office, and he is all alone, he cannot earn anything with his Sanskrit knowlegde here in Holland and the majority of the Hindus here from Surinam don’t care anymore about their language and Hindu religion, they are assimilated and adapted totally, purebred brown skinned Dutchman are they now, suffering everday from discrimination and pesting by white racists.

    I feel powerless, depressed, my mother language is Dutch, but ok I am a non white hindu writer and outcasted now in Holland and Surinam. I don’t want to be a Dutch writer, no it is my honour and proudness now, to die with dignity as a NON WHITE HINDU WRITER. All white Hindu gods and goddesses will bless me for this.