Conversation between Maharana Pratap and Man Singh:

Man Singh : We can’t build our demolished temples straightaway.
We can’t get our women back from Akbar’s Harems suddenly.

Lets be diplomatic. Lets get majority of Rajput kings in Akbar’s court and then we can request Badshah to bring back our temples and women.
See, we need 300 Rajputs kings in his lower court and 600 in his upper court.

Samjha karo, sab hoga.
(Try to understand buddy, everything we want will happen.)

In this term, lets be puppies of Akbar and do development for him.
Lets win Afghanistan for him with our swords and then he will pass the law of temples in next term.

Maharana Pratap : Chal ab nikal le yahan se. Hurrr.
(Now since you are done, get the f*ck out of here. Hurrr.)

The end.

PS : Ye ghatna kalpna pe aadhaarit hai. Kisi vyakti ya Bhakti ke saath iski samaanta hone par ise maatr sanyog kaha jaayega.
(This story is based on fiction. Any resemblance of this to any person or devotion will be termed as purely coincidental.)

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