A Rajput born in Kashmir

Was best in archery and sword-fight

Killed a deer with his arrow once. Saw her kids crying next to mother’s body.

Took Sanyas. Became Vairagi.

Went to jungle.

Heard that Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s 5 and 8 years old children have been bricked alive by Mughals.

Took up the sword again. Went to Guru.

Told Guru, Sahibzade’s sacrifice will be avenged.

Built an army.

Butchered Wazir Khan- governor of Sirhind who ordered death punishment of Guru’s kids. Took revenge.

Fought fire with fire.

Pratap fought for honor. Shivaji fought for Ram Rajya. He fought for revenge.

Terrorized the biggest terrorists of human history- Mughals.

Mughals would run away on mere news of him arriving the battlefield.

Captured Punjab. Made martial race Mughals his slaves.

Won every battle against Mughals.

Captured in the end.

Skin was peeled off. flesh was cut out from arms, legs and thighs.

Son was butchered in front of eyes. Was force-fed son’s flesh.

Eyes were gouged out.

Was chained, brought back to Delhi.

And the pigs killed lion.

Man who took revenge of Sahibzade’s killing.

Man who made Mughals taste the mighty Indian sword after Pratap, Shivaji and brave Assam warriors.

Man who was Hindu by birth, Sikh by devotion and warrior by profession.

Banda Vairagi / Banda Singh Bahadur is the name. Agniveer’s Pranams on Martyr’s martyrdom day. People like you are the reason why Agniveer fights Jihadis. You will be in our hearts forever.

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rp mishra
At the age of 48 I came to know about this great Warrier of our country. No where in History it was thought to us. The real credit goes to Sardar Prakash singh Badal and Mr Modi who oragnised a great programme in Banda’s memory at New Delhi. That great… Read more »

Thank you.