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The last few months have seen a significant upsurge in interest towards Vedas in the cyberspace. The concept of universal brotherhood devoid of sectarian beliefs, rejection of blind faith in miracles as necessary to be spiritual, as well as view that religion and science are one and same – seem to be what the modern world exactly demands. Thus, Vedas seem to offer what the world needs today.

A greater awe is derived from the fact that the very first texts of the mankind which elaborate on the very lessons whose surface is barely been scratched by so-called modern subjects like human-rights, gender-rights and democracy has been so immaculately preserved and protected that not only each alphabet but even its pitch remains unchanged since its inception. Please refer http://agniveer.com/2697/why-vedas-cannot-be-changed/ for a glimpse of this.

The rise of Vedic movement has also brought to fore a series of misleading allegations being propagated by those who refuse to accept that all humans – regardless of their beliefs – can be blessed by the Supreme, or those whose blood boils at very mention of life being anything beyond a chemical reaction. This does not come as a surprise especially when we have even a ‘Flat Earth Society’ today or die-hard believers in ‘Moon being split into two by a human finger some 1400 years ago’.

One old time allegation that has emerged again after a long gap is that different versions of Rigveda have different number of mantras. Earlier, the allegation was propounded by atheists or evangelists. But this time the allegation is driven by those

– who cannot digest the fact that a book that is considered divine can actually recommend that God/ Ishwar/ Allah does not punish anyone merely because he or she does not believe in Him or even His book.

– who find it rebelling to support a book that says that men and women have equal rights and opportunities and in fact women education is even more critical for the society.

– who cannot accept that a divine book can assert that blind belief is cause of miseries and hence even that book should not be believed blindly.

– who cannot accept that a divine book recommends simply adherence to truth to best of one’s intent and enhancing knowledge through noble actions as only criteria for being spiritual EVEN IF that goes against the dictates of that book itself in short run.

– who cannot accept that a divine book can be a book of best practices rather than a book that threatens those who do not adopt it blindly.

In this article, we shall analyze this allegation of different versions of Rigveda having different number of mantras and show that it does not hold any water. However we would also like to add that even if one is able to prove that there are minor aberrations in so-called different versions of Vedas, that does not make Vedic Dharma less relevant. Because the essence of Vedic Dharma would still remain valid – to accept truth, seek truth proactively and reject falsehood/ blind belief. When Vedas don’t demand one to blindly believe in the book and stop applying one’s brains, and in fact caution against such an approach in first place, this allegation loses its steam completely. A rough analogy would be that someone claims that CBSE is not a useful Board for education right from Class 1 to Class 12 because two pages of its maths book for class 11 have printing errors!

Having said that we would like to state that our Rishis were genius enough to devise ways to protect the wisdom of Vedas in most perfect manner. And thus, in reality there is only one version of Rigveda that exists. There may be printing or proof-reading errors in some of the published versions. But there is complete unanimity on more than 10,000 mantras of Rigveda being the same ones since ages.

This is true that different scholars have enumerated different number of mantras in Rigveda. For example,

Shaunakiya Anuvakanukramani – 10580 and 1 Paada

Chhandasankya Parishishta – 10402

Riksarvanukramani Commentrator Jagannath – 10552

Charanvyuh Commentraror Mahidas – 10552

Venkatmadhav – 10402

Swami Dayanand Saraswati – 10589

Prof MacDonald – 10442


All of these calculations are largely correct (except perhaps minor errors and omissions). The difference in number appears merely because in difference in calculation approach. Let us understand how.

Note: The words Mantra or Richa are used interchangeably here and imply a verse of Vedas – Rigveda in current context. Also note that even the verses from various branches or shakhas or Vedas are called Mantras for ease of convenience. But since Shakha represents a variation from original Veda Samhita or collection of Vedic Mantras, the verses of a shakha that differ from original Vedas are not technically Mantras. So from a conventional sense, a verse in Vedas or its branches is called a Mantra or Richa.

In Rigveda there are several mantras which are considered to be comprising 2 Paadas (Dwipada or couplet) or sometimes comprising 4 Paadas (Chatushpadas or quadruplet). Paada means one portion of the verse. For a shloka, each line of shloka represents one Paada.Dwipada and Chatushpada Mantras

Now in Rigveda, there are 157 Dwipada Richas or mantras. Of these, 17 Dwipadas are Nitya Dwipada or permanent Dwipada. Other 140 Dwipadas are temporary (Naimittika). These 140 Dwipadas are actually 140/2= 70 Chatushpada Richas.

In Brahman texts, these mantras are used as Dwipadas during Yajnas by reciting Dwipadah Shansati. Yaska also mentions these mantras as Dwipadas in Nirukta 10.21 (oldest text on Vedic definitions).

The Paribhasha (Definitions) Chapter of Riksarvanukramani mentions : Dwirdwipadastvrichah Samaamananti. Shadgurushishya explains it as “Richoadhyayane”.

In simple language, during learning phase, the student should practice by making one Richa out of 2 Dwipadas or couplets. In other words, combine 2 Dwipadas to make 1 Chatushpada. By “Samaamananti” it is implied that during post-Yajna prayers, 2 Dwipadas DO NOT mean 1 Richa.

To give an example, the “Pashva na Taayum” sukta of Rigveda 1.65 is considered to have 10 Richas during post-Yajna prayers. But during education phase, one considers the sukta to have 5 Richas.

Sayanacharya writes in his commentary of Rigveda 1.65 that the 1.65-70 suktas are Dwipada but are studied as Chatushpada during education. If a sukta has odd number of Dwipadas, then the final Dwipada is studied as Dwipada itself. Even the meanings of Dwipadas are very close. However during Yajna or application, each Dwipada is considered separately during prayers.

Thus Ashwalayan Shraut 8.12 (a text on Yajna rituals) considers Rigveda 1.65 as Dwipada.

Mahidas, commentator of Charanvyuh also writes that during Havan, each Dwipada is recited separately but during study period, two Dwipadas are recited together.

Charanvyuh lists the 140 temporary Naimittika Dwipadas. The 17 permanent or Nitya Dwipada are also listed in Upalekha Sutra 6.1-2.


Riksarvanukramani enumerates 10552 Richas in Rigveda considering these 140 Dwipadas as Dwipadas themselves which is same as that enumerated by other scholars ignoring errors and omisions.

Ignoring the 80 mantras of 11 Balakhilya Sukta which are not considered by Shaishiri branch of Rigveda, we have 10472 Richas. Riksarvanukramani author Katyayana lists both these numbers in his text.

(Note: Today, only the original Rigveda is available and all the branches or shakhas have gone extinct due to centuries of misrule. We shall discuss the concept of branches in slightly more detail in a future para. However all should know that Rigveda 8.49 to 59 are called Balakhilya Suktas. They are part of the original Vedas but not considered in some of the branches aka variations in original Rigveda Samhita propagated by Rishis for better understanding. As we shall later see, when Anuvakanukramani was written, Shaishiri branch of Rigveda was very popular. It was a minor variation of original Rigveda and omitted Balakhilya Suktas. Thus based on that, Riksarvanukramani lists calculations including and excluding Balakhilya Suktas.)

The same is stated as true by Jagannath, the commentator of Riksarvanukramani as well as Mahidas, commentator of Charanvyuh.

Chhandasankhya Parishishta

This text is not available in complete form. But from whatever is available, the 11th Shloka states that:

“Evam Dashasahasrani Shatanam Tu Chatushtayam Richam Dwayadhikamakhyatamrishibhistatvadarshibhih” meaning:

The Seer Rishis have stated the number of Richas in Rigveda as 10402.

(The previous 10 shlokas of this text break these Richas in different Chhandas – Gayatri 2451, Ushnik 341, Anushtubh 855, Brihatee 181, Pankti 312, Trishtup 4253, Jagatee 1348, Atijagatee 17, Shakvaree 19, Atishakvaree 9, Ashti 6, Atyashti 84, Dhriti 2, Atidhriti 1, Ekapada 6, Dwipada 17, Baarhatapragaath 194, Kakubha Pragaath 55, Mahabarhat Pragath 1)

Note: If you add these up, it does not match with 10402. This is because Pragraath Chhandas are considered Dwricha. This is clearly mentioned in the 9th shloka of this text as well. Thus these 194+55+1=250 Pragaath = 500 Richas. This is also explained in Paribhasha Chapter or Definitions Chapter of Riksarvanukramani as well as Ashtadhyayi 4.2.55 (So Asyaadiritichhandansah Pragaatham). Making this adjustment, the numbers match.

Now, if we count 70 Chatushpadas to be actually 140 temporary Dwipadas, we will have to add 70 to this number which gives 10472. Adding 80 mantras from 11 Balakhilya Suktas that is not considered in Shaishiri Shakha (branch), we get 10552 mantras which is same as that provided by Riksarvanukramani.

Note: Each Veda has different Shakhas or branches which are variations of the original Mantra Samhita. These variations were devised by sages for a variety of reasons – to bring minor changes (addition, deletion and modification) in language and content to make them easily approachable by people with certain way of thinking, to focus on specific themes, to add with specific experiences and stories etc. Thus each of these traditions of variations including the original Samhita is called a Shakha or the branch. Of all these, the original Samhita is most widespread and preserved most meticulously. Thus, while most of the Shakhas have been lost or their manuscripts burnt by invaders in the long period of of misrule, the original Samhitas are still well-protected. Even UNESCO has acknowledged this wonder. Refer UNESCO PORTAL where it lists Rigveda as the first literary documents in the history of humankind.


Venkatmadhav has written two commentaries on Rigveda. In commentary of the abridged commentary of Ashtak 5 Adhyaya 5, he writes that: “I counted 10402 Richas in Vedas including Dwipadas. When I counted Dwipadas separately I found 10480 Richas.

Now 10402 Richas is in lines with other authorities (10402 + 70 (Dwipadas) + 80 (Balakhilya Mantras)) = 10552.

But 10480 does not match with calculations. The cause of this error by Venkatmadhav was that instead of adding 70 for 140 temporary Dwipadas, he added 78 for 157 temporary + permanent Dwipadas. Thus he got 10480 Richas excluding Balakhilya Suktas.

If we adjust for this error, we find that all scholars reach up to same number of Richas because they all were looking at the same Vedas.


Shaunak in his Anuvakanukramani mentions about number of Richas in Rigveda in two different places.

In shlokas 40,41,42 he details number of Richas in each of the 9 Varga categories. Here he reaches the number of 2006 vargas and 10417 Richas. He mentions that this is for Shaishareeya branch/ shakha of Shakal Samhita (the original Rigveda). (Taan Parane Shakale Shaishareeye Vadanti)

The additional 15 Richas is due to difference in shakha as mentioned by Shaunak himself.

He further writes that Rigveda has 10580 Richas and 1 Pada. But he uses words “Paaranam Samprakeertitam” in the shloka implying that this is the total number of Richa if we consider all different ways of recitation or in other words this is the union of total Richas in all Shakhas (branches) together and not of the original Samhita.

Almost similar shloka appears in Laugakshi Smriti that uses exactly the same words for entire shloka except ending it with “Paarayanavidhau Khalu” meaning ways of recitation. To further clarify, the next shloka clearly states that “Purvoktasankhyashchetu Sarvashakhoktasootragaah” or the number in previous shloka is for all the Shakhas together.

Yet another similar version of the shloka appears in Charanvyuha Parishishta.

Maxmuller edition of Rigveda and Dwipada Richas error

Maxmuller published the first printed version of Rigveda in 1873. This was a commendable task considering the efforts required to collate the mantras together from different Paatha Vidhis and proof-reading them. However certain serious errors, especially with regards to temporary Dwipada Richas remained in this edition. Most of the future scholars took Maxmuller version as a starting point and hence the errors continued to creep in their calculations.

In Maxmuller edition,

– the 60 temporary Dwipada Richas of 1.65-70 have been published as 30 Chatushpadas. Each Chatushpada has been counted as 1 mantra.

– In 5th Mandal, 24th Sukta, the 4 Dwipada Richas have been published as 2 Chatushpadas. However each Mantra has counted as 2. Thus after after Chatushpada, 1-2 is published as mantra numbers. After second Chatushpada, 3-4 is published as mantra numbers.

– The rest of the 76 temporary Dwipadas have been published as Dwipadas.

Maxmuller edited the original Rigveda and hence obviously included the Balakhilya Suktas. Thus the total number of Richas in his edition adds up to 10552 if we adjust for above three factors.

Today, almost all scholars refer to Maxmuller edition for their analysis. Apart from the above obvious discrepancies and a few minor typographical errors, this edition of Vedas is unanimously accepted as undisputed published form of the original Rigveda.

Swami Dayanand

Swami Dayanand never got into exact calculation of number of Rigvedic verses because he had more important priorities. His introduction to translation of Rigveda lists 10589 as number of Richas in Rigveda.

However when we add up the number of mantras in each Mandal provided in the same text, we get 10521 (1976+429+617+589+727+765+841+1726+1097+1754).

However there are several typographical errors in this calculation:

(The texts of Swami Dayanand have several errors and omissions arising because of two primary reasons – one, he had to rely on several other less competent people for writing of his works. Second, the publication technology was still primitive and Swami Dayanand had to publish his works under financially extreme situations. He was involved in a huge number of tasks in his life and hence such omissions do creep in his works. However, well aware of these possibilities, he on several occasions categorically summarized his overall stand and mentioned that even if what he has written is found to be against evidences, that should also be rejected.)

1. The number of mantras in 8.20 has been typed as 36 instead of 26. Thus the total number of mantras in this Mandala should be 1716 instead of 1726.

2. The number of Richas in 9th mandal is 11 less than the total of the suktas in that Mandal. Thus the right number of Richas in 9th Mandal is 1108 as per his own tables.

Adjusting for these two typographical errors, we get 10522 Richas. Now Swami Dayanand based his calculations on the Maxmuller edition that lists 60 Dwipada Richas as 30 Chatushpada Mantras.

So when we add 30 to this, we get 10552 Richas which exactly matches the calculations by other scholars.

The number 10589 mentioned in the text is a simple typographical error happening due to unclear handwriting in manuscript confusing 1 for 9 and 2 for 8 in Devanagari.

Thus, Swami Dayanand’s Rigveda also has 10522 Richas.

Prof Macdonald

Prof Macdonald has made some severe blunders in his analysis of Vedas. We shall not discuss those here. However with regards to number of Richas in Rigveda, he gives the number as 10442.

If we add 30 to this due to Maxmuller error mentioned above, we get 10472 Richas. Adding 80 Balakhilya Suktas we get 10552 Richas which match the actual calculations.

Pandit Satyavrat Samashrami

Pandit Satyavrat Samashrami states in his text ‘Aitareyalochan’ that Rigveda has 10522 Richas including Balakhilya Suktas. If we add 30 from Maxmuller error, we get 10552 which again matches the original calculations.


Many scholars – Maxmuller, Macdonald, Satyavrat Samashrami, Venkatmadhav have erred in listing the total number of verses in Rigveda due to the differential treatment accorded to Dwipada and Chatushpada Richas. However, if we adjust for these differences in our calculations, we find that Rigveda has one and only version that contains 10552 mantras or Richas. If we consider Dwipadas as Chatushpadas, then Rigveda has 10482 mantras.

In its longest history for any text available today, there has been alteration of not even a single syllable, alphabet or even pitch of pronunciation. Thus all the apparent differences in number of Richas is merely due to typographical errors, difference in Shakha or Dwipada/Chatushpada issue.

In reality, there is no difference right from A of Agnimeeley Purohitam of Rigveda 1.1.1 upto Susahasati (last word of Rigveda) and there is one and only one version of Rigveda.

This is a matter of great pride not only for Hindus or Indians, but every human being. Because Vedas belong to entire humanity and teach a religion of universal humanism that engulfs all thinking creatures (Manushya) regardless of their birth, caste, sect, rituals, color, gender in a fragrance of compassion, justice, rationality and honesty.

We conclude with the final mantra of Rigveda that summarizes the essence of all the 10552 mantras:

May our motivation and inspiration be same – welfare of all. May our hearts be same – with affection for all. May our mind be same – full of pure thoughts of selflessness and may we all continue to increase each others’ happiness together!

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih!

Peace for everyone and everything!

Reference: Research works of Pandit Yudhishthir Meemansak

Divine Vedas

Divine Vedas

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  • Just for the record I am putting it here the total no. of mantras in Vedas accordingly.

    RgVeda – 10552
    YajurVeda – 1975
    SamVeda – 1875
    AtharvaVeda – 5977
    Total – 20379 mantras in all four Vedas

    • Shoaib Akhtar was jealous with Sachin Tendulkar’s success. He devised a plan to prove that he is superior to Sachin. That was finding error in Sachin. Everybody knew that it was Shoaib’s imagination and nothing more than that. Sachin was modest so did not responded. Shoaib took undue advantage. When his truth was exposed, even Wasim Akram called Shoaib as responsible for his own damage. Kapil Dev said – Tendulkar does not require any certificate from Shoaib, he has got so from Sir Donald Richardson Bradman, Brian Lara and Mathew Hayden – the champions whom even Shoaib admires. So, what Shoaib says about Tendulkar does not matter at all.

      Same strategy is adopted by Sultan in finding errors in Vedas. भ्रमित is right – fanatic Muslims don’t have any other method to prove their point. Vedas don’t require any certificate by Sultan (or even by you OR me) – they have already got so from greatest philosophers, best thinkers & most genius scientists known till date. The admirers of Vedas range from George Bernard Shaw to Albert Einstein to Carl Sagan to Arthur Schopenhauer to Francois Voltaire to Immanual Kant to Annie Wood Beasant to Rev. Morris Philip to Huston Smith to Erwin Schrodinger to Swami Vivekananda to even Arabic poet al livi to Muslim historian Al Jahiz to even Werner Heisenberg to Nicholas Tesla to Arnold Joesph Toynbee & many others. So, views of Sultan or anybody else does not matter at all.

      And regarding Sultan, who are we to do his justice? Isn’t Allah sufficient to do so? Vedas believe that in the end truth prevails. I guess Quran also does so… RIGHT? So, what’s the worry? Discussing with Sultan is just wastage of time. Allah will manage such Sultans. THAT’S ALL.

      • @arshad vai…achcha kuch din pahele ek chis aapne uttar pradesh me dekhe hay lagta hay ke ek ladki ko uski father in law ne rape kiya.aur uskaa fal wo ladki vugat rahi hay?ye kaisaa islaam hay aapka..aur is ke kaaran us ladki ko kisi aur ke saath shaadi karnaa paregaa

  • You are skeptic it seems. You are telling us to refute that fellow. Refuting others is just attributes of You Muslims – as you people are idiots. First, someone like Zakir Naik and Q S Khan claims Mohammed in Hindu books with total stupid logic which was exposed. Agniveer refuted Zakir Naik as that was needed to teach him a lesson. You find agniveer to be refuted and then some idiot skeptic … (put other abuses) Sultan decides to refute Agniveer.

    Well, we are not further interested in religious rivalries as that is only desired by those who support Quran. Agniveer supported Vedas and promoted universal brotherhood and morality. You find Agniveer against Islam. Read Agniveer carefully, he supports peace. Islam is religion of peace – right? Then what is wrong with Agniveer? Even if Quran is insulted, Agniveer finally promoted peace only. Your Sultan seems total dumb guy. That Sultan justifies the violence in Quran. Sultan is not even 1% true human as to what Agniveer is. Read comment section, Apollo Reach has already refuted each and every point of him. I myself tried – Alas! he deleted my comments. He does not deserve talk with a Sanaatan Dharmi.

    Let us assume that Sultan is right – Vedas are corrupt while Quran is good. Now, then how Sultan justifies violence in Quran? That idiot proves that Violence is justful. Why not? Mohammed earned money from war booty. Sultan is his follower and hence total skeptic. Mohammed had sex with 6 year old Aisha. She poisoned him and killed him. Ask any Muslim scholar. Quran was written 100 years after Mohammed’s death. Mohammed himself does not know what the hell was mentioned in Quran. This Sultan has ability to refute Agniveer. I challenge him to refute this website: http://www.answering-islam.org/Hoaxes/salamislam.html. They are not promoting Vedas but yet exposing truth of Islam because they too believe in supporting peace.


    We can never saw a unity about Veda by Veda pundit. That how many branches and how many verses contain each branch? Some of them include below


    1) 21 branches (dyananda saraswathy)
    2) 61 braches (skanthaka puran)
    3) Veda pundit hasn’t unity that how many verses and its branches?
    4) We can never found the orginal verses today from part of rig veda like mudgal shaga,shalva shaga,shliya shaga,valsia shaga,shishri shaga,boudhya shaga,agnimadara shaga,parashara shaga,jathu karnya shaga,ashwalayana shaga,shangayana shagakowshithaki shaka.

    Which is true?
    What a Hindu follow from it?
    How can we say that the existing verses divine?
    How can the verses or branches of Veda missed?

    • please read the above article properly it will unfold your questions as well as reference of puran’s are not accepted which is clearly stated in various discussion on this site.

  • Jo sanantan nahe mita ravan ke talvaar se. jo sanantan nahe mita kans ke hunkaar se woh sanantan kya mitega islam aur congress ke lalkaar se.

    • Namaste Rohit

      Ye Sanatan mit gaya Afganistan se
      Fir ye mita aaj ke paakistaan se
      Mit gaya Sanatan Kashmir Bangladesh se
      Aur mitne jaa raha ye keral Tamilnadu se

      Kavita ki duniya aur vaastavikta mein bahut antar hai bhai! Sachchaai ka saamna karo usse bhago mat. Agar koshish nahi karoge to Sanatan jald hi itihaas mein padhaya jaayega.

    • agar ham sab jagruk nahi huye to ek samay aisa bhi aa sakta hai jab apne gharo ki ijjaat [kanyaye ] gharo se khinchi jayengi ! yah mandir gurudvare adi kisi videshi kahe jane vale tatha kathit dham stahal me badal diye jayenge ! jaise aaj pakistan me ho raha hai afgan me ho raha hai, nepal usi raste par chal raha hai 1 jitna ravan ne v kans ne nuksan nahi pahunchaya , usse bhi asankhy guna nuksan videshi sabhyta ne is bhartiy sabhyta ko pahunchaya hai 1 isliye samaj me rahakar kuch jagruk bhi baniye !

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    • Namaste brother.

      I’m truly speechless.

      Thank you so much, both you and brother Vajra, for helping me on such short notice. This site is truly great. 🙂

      • Namaste Brother Vajra

        yes,was sort of busy .. now relatively relaxed

        hope to join the action now 🙂

  • Namaste.

    Can someone please debunk the aryan invasion hoax or provide a reliable article that does. A quick response will be truly great.

    Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • @Arshad Bhai
    “islam men gali dena haram hai.”
    Arshad has either not read the Quran or is doing Al Taqiyya
    Yusuf Ali: [068:013] Violent (and cruel),- with all that, base-born,-
    Transliteration: [068:013] AAutullin baAAda thalika zaneemin
    Muhammad Al-Hilali & Muhsin Khan: [068:013] Cruel, after all that base-born (of illegitimate birth),
    Zaneemin=Born of zina=base-born/illegitimate birth
    Kya eh gaali galauj nahin hain?
    How can a holy book contain such filthy language?????

  • Agniveer Wrote: A rough analogy would be that someone claims that CBSE is not a useful Board for education right from Class 1 to Class 12 because two pages of its maths book for class 11 have printing errors!


    That proves CBSE is not from GOD.

    • Then this also proves that present Quran is also not from God. Because even the oldest Quran – Tashkent Quran – is only 50% and full of errors. There are 2 versions of Quran published even today. Shias believe original Quran has 17000 verses. Hadiths say some verses were eaten by goat and 2 verses were inspired by Satan. There is no scientific method of preserving Quran that dates back to Muhammad. There were hundreds of versions of Quran till 2 decades of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)’s death. Then Caliph Usman enforced one single version and got everyone else killed. Even he was killed when he was reading his own version of Quran.

      If Quran was word of God, God should not have waited for 20 years for final Quran to be standardized by murderers. When God is so powerful, he should have done this right within life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

      The Prophet was poisoned by Abu Bakar. Proof is that his genital organ was erect when he died. And then Abu Bakar usurped power from Ali who was rightful claimant. He also snatched away all property of Fatima – Prophet’s daughter. Only Ali has real Quran. Today Sunnis justify even killing of Muhammad’s children by those who wrote fictitious Quran.

      • @Amina Sister:

        We may disagree on the role of Islam (you appear to be Shia and I am an agnostic Hindu who believes in separation of church and state) but I enjoyed this post and your knowledge of the internals of Islamic history 🙂

      • The detail regarding the Kufr of shias is that; such Shi’ahs who believe in tempering Qur’an, or have faith that Hadhrat Jibraeel (alaihis-salaam) made mistake in conveying the revelation (Wahee), or consider the imputation leveled against Hadhrat ‘Aishah (radhi Allahu ‘anhaa) as true, or are convinced in the Lordship of Hadhrat Ali (radhi Allahu ‘anhu), or deny the Companionship of Hadhrat Abu Bakr Siddique (radhi Allahu ‘anhu), then all such shi’ahs are Kafir (infidel) without any doubt. They should be dealt like other infidels.
        However those shi’ahs who have not faith/belief in these things but abuse or use abusive language against first orthodox Caliphs, or give preference to Hadhrat Ali (radhi Allahu ‘anhu) on other Caliphs, are though Muslims but are definitely Fasiq and Fajir (transgressors). It is better to refrain in doing marriage matters with them.
        Keeping in view the above detail it is difficult to term all shiahs as Kafir or to term all as Muslims.
        And it is also not correct to term them as fifth Islamic sect.
        (ref: Raddul Muhtaar; vol.4 p-237)

        On one occasion ash-Shaafi`ee said concerning the Shi`ites, “I have not seen among the heretics a people more famous for falsehood than the Raafidite Shi`ites.” [Ibn Taymeeyah, Minhaaj as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyyah, 1/39] On another occasion he said, “Narrate knowledge from everyone you meet except the Raafidite Shi`ites, because they invent Hadeeths and adopt them as part of their religion.” [Ibid, p. 38]

        – Imaam Abu Haneefah

        It was reported that often Abu Haneefah used to repeat the following statement about the Shi`ites, “Whoever doubts whether they are disbelievers has himself committed disbelief.”

        – Imaam Maalik

        Once Maalik was asked about them and he replied, “Do not speak to them nor narrate from them, for surely they are liars.” [Minhaaj as-Sunnah, 1/37] During a class of Imaam Maalik, it was mentioned that the Raafidite Shi`ites curse the Sahaabah. In reply, he quoted the Quranic verse, “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and those with him are harsh with the disbelievers and gentle among themselves. So that the disbelievers may become enraged with them.” He then said, “Whoever becomes enraged when the Sahaabah are mentioned is one about whom the verse speaks.” [Tafseeer al-Qurtubee, Soorah al-Fath; Editors note: That is, anyone who is enraged by the mention of the Sahaabah is a disbeliever, because the verse says, “the disbelievers may become enraged with them (Sahaabah).”]

        – Ibn al-Mubaarak

        Ibn al-Mubaarak was reported to have said, “Religion is gained from Ahl al-Hadeeth, scholastic theology and crafty exemptions from religious ordinances of Ahl ar-Ray and lies from the Raafidite Shi`ites.” [Adh-Dhahabee, al Muntaqaa min Minhaaj al-I`tidaal, p. 48

        – Abu Zur`ah ar-Raazee

        This great scholar was quoted as saying, “If you see someone degrade any of the companions of the Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, know that he is a disbeliever. Because the Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, was real, what he brought was the truth and all of it was conveyed to us by the way of the Sahaabah. What those disbelievers wish to do is to cast doubt on the reliability of our narrators in order to invalidate the Quraan and the Sunnah. Thus the disbelievers are the ones most deserving defamation.”

        – Al-Qaadee Abu Ya`laa

        It was reported that Abu Ya`laa said, “The position of jurists concerning one who curses the Sahaabah, believing that such an act is permissible, is that he has committed an act of disbelief. If he curses them but does not believe that cursing them is permissible, then he is guilty of immorality, and not disbelief.” [Ibn Taymeeyah, as-Sawaarim al-Maslool, p. 569]

        – At-Tahaawee

        In his book on the Islamic creed, al-`Aqeedah at-Tahaawiyyah, the author states, “We love the companions of Allaahs Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, without going overboard in our love of anyone of them or remaining aloof (tabarra) from any of them. We hate those who hate them or speak ill of them and we only speak well of them. Loving them is a religious act, and an _expression of faith and righteousness while hating them is an act of disbelief, hypocrisy and transgression.” [Sharh al-`Aqeedah at-Tahaawiyyah, p. 528]

        – Ibn Hazm al-Andaloosee

        One day during the period of Muslim rule in Spain, Imaam Abu Muhammad ibn Hazm was having a debate with some Spanish Catholic priests about their religious texts. He brought before them evidence of textual distortions in the Bible and the loss of original manuscripts. When they replied by pointing out to him Shi`ite claims also being distorted, Ibn Hazm informed them that “Shi`ite could not be used as evidence against the Quraan or against Muslims because they are not themselves Muslims.” [Ibn Hazm, al-Fisaal fee al-Milal wa an-Nihal, 2/78 and 4/182]

        Their claims have been rebutted by numerous other early scholars like Ibn Taymeeyah in Minhaaj as-Sunnah, adh-Dhahabee in Muntaqaa min Minhaaj al-I`tidaal, Ibn Katheer in his history book [al-Bidaayah wa an-Nihaayah], Ibn al-Jawzee in Talbees Iblees, and al-Qaadee ibn al-`Arabee in al-`Awwaasim min al-Qawaasim.

        Contemporary Scholars

        – Imaam al-Aloosee

        He declared the Raafidite Shi’ites disbelievers because of their defamation of the Sahaabah. His position was based on the rulings of Imam Malik and other scholars who were in agreement with him. In reply to their claim to be Ahl Bayt (the Prophet’s sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam family), al-Aloosee said, “No, they are really followers of the Devils and Ahl Bayt are innocent of them.”

        Taken from fearAllah.blogspot.com

        A message to Muslims who claim to be Sunnis:

        – From this we can clearly see as to the positions of the Shia’s. The ONLY exception on the present reality of the Shia’s would be the “Zaidiyyah” who fall into the “ahlul bida’ah” category. Others are more complicated like the Raafidhah (like those in Iraq and Iran) who claim in their own books that the Qur’an is distorted, that the Sahabah were Kuffar except three, who accuse the honor of the propeht (saw) and in particular Aisha (ra), they curse the Sahabah, they follow their 12 Imams as infallible as if they were prophets and many other Kufr deviations. They are Taa’ifatul Shirk, meaning that they are an entity of Shirk in general though some ignorant individuals who do not beleive as their imams do may still be Muslims from Ahl Al Qiblah, their Imams are Kuffar but their awam provided they reject the kufr of their scholars may still be Muslims. However the shi’a in Iraq are openly allied to the Americans against Muslims, this is Kufr Akbar that takes them out of the fold of Islam regardless of their ‘Aqeedah.

        A message to the Shia’s:

        – We don’t care what you have to say in response to this. You can play your tuqiyyah all you want. Our positions towards you is clear. And we will expose you, your beliefs, your imams just like we expose everything that is clear kufr.

      • @Slave of Arabs (Mohammed, Abu, Umar, Uthman but not Ali. Confirmed hater of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed)

        I thought Islam was a religion of peace…Your post is sprinkled with liberal amounts of disbeliever, heretics, Kufr, we will expose this and that, etc. etc. 🙁

        Whose eternal hell will be more painful? The Shias’ or us Kufr Hindus’ or those dirty Jews’?

  • kai sau sal pahale hi yah samay a chuka tha ki jab nakli khuda, kathit devi devta , khuda beta isaa adi ko mansukh[radd] kiya jana chahiye ! ek samany janta inke changul me fansi hui hai 1 hame isme ashchary nahi hai ki yah sab kaise chal rahe hai 1 jab janta jyada anpadh ho , tab samaj me kuritiyan jahilta andhavishvas to failenge hi ! lekin jab padhe likhe vyakti bhi ajivan uske changul me fanse rahate hai tab jarur ashchary hota hai ! ab smajhdar manushyon ka param kartvay hona chahiye ki in nakli khuda adi ka parda fash kiya jaye v janta ko bhi jagrit kiya jaye 1 tabhi sansar ka bhala ho sakega !

  • Support Organization like AGNIVEER, RSS, VHP AND BJP or a day will come when YOUR CHILDREN WILL HAVE TO PAY JAZIYA AND LIVE UNDER THE FEAR OF MUSLIM FANATICS LIKE HINDUS WHO ARE LIVING IN PAKISTAN AND BANGLADESH. These Muslim fanatics had not shown any mercy to their coreligionist Bohres, Sufis and Ahmediyas for small difference in their interpretation of Islam HOW WILL THEY LEAVE HINDUS.


    • Please go through the novel ‘LAZZA’ written by Taslima Nazrin for which she was targeted by the Islam fundamentalists of Bangla Desh. She needed shelter in India and remained for some years. But unfortunately on the pressure of some fundamentalists in India too, she could not stay here and took resort in some other country. LAZZA is the story of exactly what you are mentioning about Deganga in Bengal. India is powerful enough to confront such miniature terrorist acts like Mumbai explosions. Terrorism has no religion nor it is a part of Jehad. The terrorists who are involved in such blind explosions donot know what Jehad is. Bin Laden was of this category. When USA attacked Afganistan,Talibans declared ‘Jehad’. But no Muslim country came forward in the name of Allah to stand with.’Jehad’ has sparkling power of uniting the whole Muslim world like wild fire for the cause of Allah. But here some cowards are engaged in miniature anti-Quran works. It has no connection with the Islamic sentiment of Jehad. The terrorists in India are hypocritic offenders; India is powerful enough to subdue these rats.

  • manniy arsad ji , apko hamare nam par kyo sandeh hua ? iska kran to batlaiye ! hamne to apk nam par koi sandeh bhi nahi kiya ! kya ap btlamna chahenge ki jahan talak ke mamle bahut jyada hote ho , vahan par pita ka nam kya hoga kyoki janm dena vala pita v palne vala pita bhinn ho sakta hai ! ham chahenge ki keval khuda ki bat ki jaye hamara pashn bhi ek hi rahega vah prashn hai ki khuda ji ke “dono hath ” kaise the? [dekhiye kuran 38/75] isme bhi kuch laghu prashn bhi hai , jaise dono hath “simit ” hote hai tab khda ji sarvshaktiman kaise ho sakte hai ? jab koi chor chori karta hai, ek hatyara kisi ki hatya karta hai , tab vah bahut apne ko hoshiyar samajhta hai , apradh karke nikal jata hai ! lekin bad me kuch nishan “bhi ” chod jata hai ! jiski vajah se pakda bhi jata hai vaisa hi hal kuran ke khuda ji ka bhi hai ! ” badbole ” khuda ji ko bhi kuch logon ne unke sabut ke adhar par pakd liya gaya hai ap chahe , to usko chudaye ya hamari pakad me rahane de marji apki ! asha hai ki ap hamari bat ka uttar denge ! is manch se bhagenge nahi ! ham apse bat karna chahte hai ! denkhe ap kya uttar dena chahenge ! uttar ki asha me …..? prashn to hamare pas 1000 ke aspas hai ! apke kurani khuda ji ke liye ? denkhe ap hame kitna avsar dete hai ! dhanyvad !

    • Bhai
      raj.hyd maine sirf apka pura naam pucha tha.

      aur mujhe koi sandeh nahi hai apke naam men.

      mujhe khushi hoti agar ap mujhe apna pura naam batate.

      waise jahan tak main janta hun quran men kahin bhi nahi likha hai ki khuda ke do haath hain.

      ap plz mujhe batayenge kaun si surah and ayat men hai.

      main zarur tafsheesh karunga.


      • @ Namaste Arshad Nawaz Bhai
        Bhai Kuran me likha hai ki Allah ke bhi hath per hai aur wo sab jagah nahi hai Aur wo bhi khata, Pita hai aur Aaram karata hai Iska Udaharan Mai Deta hu jo ki Kuran se hai. Kripya Padh lena aur Kuran se check bhi kar lena aur mujhe bhi batana..
        Quran 7:54
        Inna rabbakumu Allahu allathee khalaqa alssamawati waal-arda feesittati ayyamin thumma istawa AAala alAAarshi yughshee allayla alnnahara yatlubuhu hatheethan waalshshamsa waalqamara waalnnujooma musakhkharatin bi-amrihi ala lahu alkhalqu waal-amru tabaraka Allahu rabbu alAAalameena◥
        Hilali: Indeed your Lord is Allâh, Who created the heavens and the earth in Six Days , and then He Istawâ (rose over) the Throne (really in a manner that suits His Majesty). He brings the night as a cover over the day, seeking it rapidly, and (He created) the sun, the moon, the stars subjected to His Command. Surely, His is the Creation and Commandment. Blessed be Allâh, the Lord of the ‘Alamîn (mankind, jinns and all that exists)!
        In beginning Allah was standing & sit on throne after completion of Earth & sky, moon, sun etc. That means Allah also stand, sleep, sit, eat. that means he has shape & he was not omnipresent because he was not on throne when he was making Earth, sky etc. After completion of these he sits on throne. Please scholar of Kuran, please put some light on this great verse. & what is secret behind 6 days Allah had taken in creation why not 5 days or 7 days or 1 year.

      • Dear brother truthseekar

        pahle main apka jawab deta hun phir raj bhai ka dunga.

        apne jo quran se hawal diya sahi hai par ap uska matlab galat samajh baithe hain.

        quran 7:54
        urdu tarjuma.

        “Beshak tumhara rab ALLAH hai jisne paida kiye asman aur zameen, 6 din men phir qarar pakra arsh par, odhata hai raat par din ki wah uske peeche laga aata hai daudta hua aur paida kiye suraj chand aur tare, tabadar apne huqm ke sun lo usi ka kam hai paida karna aur huqm farmana, bari barkat wala hai ALLAH jo rab hai saare jahan ka.”

        sabse pahle ALLAH ne asman aur zameen banaye 6 din men aur banaya phir suraj, chand aur tare.

        din aur raat hoti hai suraj ke nikalne aur dubne se.
        par allah ne suraj to baad men bana pahle asman aur zameen banaye 6 din men, tab ye 6 din kaisa jabki suraj paida hi nahi hua tha.
        ye 6 din yehan ka nahi alim gaib ka 6 din hai jiska 1 din yehan ka hazar years ke lagbhag hai.

        “phir qarar pakra arsh par”

        yehan qarar pakarne se matlab nahi hai ki usne use hatho se pakda yehan qarar pakarna matlab ye ki asman aur zameen banane ke baad usne arsh par mukarrar hua mean use banaya.

        for example:
        agar kaha jaye
        ki apne cycle ko 60 ki speed pakra di to iska matlab kya hua? kya ap speed ko pakare hue hain.

        theek usi tarah ALLAH ne asman aur zameen banane ke baad wo arsh par mukarrar hua mean agle step arsh ki taraf dhyan diya.
        step1- asman and zameen banaya
        step2- arsh banaya jaise sooraj, chand aur tare

        “udhata hai raat par din ki wah uske peeche laga aata hai daudta hua”

        yehan par wah ka matlab “ALLAH” se nahi “din or day” se hai.
        yani ki raat ke andhere ko din ke ujale se ya din ke ujale ko raat ke andhere se dhanpta hai is tarah ki jaise dono ek dusre ke peeche tezi se daudte hain. din khatm hua to raat hui usi tarah raat khat hui to din hua, darmiyan men 1 min ka fasla nahi.

      • kya allah “arsh “par hai” farsh” par nahi hai ! agar uska din hajar sal ka hai to usne spasht kyo nahi kiya? yah sab apke upar kyo chod diya ? agar uska din hajar sal ka hai tab ramjaan ka mahina kareeb 30 din kyo mana jaaye v bachhe ko dudh pilane ki avadhi 2 varsh v tis mah ko kitne varsh kahe jayenge ya suvidha ke anusar apna paksh rakhenge ? kanhi hajar sal v kanhi samany din ke anusar kun jyada sachha hai 1 ap ya khuda ji ? ek “antim kitab ” hone par bhi sab kuch spasht kyo nahi kiya gaya ? yah sab jahamat apko kyo karni pad rahi hai ?

      • @Arshad Nawaz
        Bhai Tumane shayad dhyan se nahi padha Yaha par Istawa (rose over) bhi aaya jiska matlab hai ki wo ye sab banaakar apni kurshi par beth gaya. Iska matlab hai ki wo bhi bethtaa hai, khadaa hota hai jiska matalab hai ki uske bhi hath per hai. Aur 6 din ka kaya chakkar hai usane 6 second ya 7 din me qyo nahi banaye dharti, chand, suraj. Mujhe lagata hai ki allah bahut hi mehanti aadmi tha jo ki din ginkar kam karata tha salary lene ke liye. Mai phir english translation de raha hu dhyan se read kar lena.
        Kuran Verse 7:54
        Indeed your Lord is Allâh, Who created the heavens and the earth in Six Days , and then He Istawâ (rose over) the Throne (really in a manner that suits His Majesty). He brings the night as a cover over the day, seeking it rapidly, and (He created) the sun, the moon, the stars subjected to His Command. Surely, His is the Creation and Commandment. Blessed be Allâh, the Lord of the ‘Alamîn (mankind, jinns and all that exists)!

      • manniy arshad ji , khuda ji jab kuran me yah kahate hai ki “kun ” ho ja ! vah ho jati hai ! tab 6 din bhi kyo lage ? fir kisse kaha ?jab kuch bhi nahi tha tab kuan khuda ji ki bat sunne vala tha ! jara yah bhi sochiye 1 jab surya bana hi nahi tab din kaise gine gaye ? hamare pas islam ke prati karib 1000 se kuch kam prashn hai ! jiska javab hamkathit muslim alimon se chahte hai lekin aj tak hamko unse pure savalon ka javab nahi mil saka hai ! yah prashn keval hamare h nahi hai kai sau varsh purv se anek log aise prashn kar chuke usi shrankhla ko ham badha rahe hai 1 kya koi muslim hamari bat ka javab dena chahega ? shayad kabhi nahi ?

      • manniy arshad ji mera nam raj hai , hyderabad me rahata hun isliye usko bhi jod liya hai ! hamne anek jagah khuda ji ke dono hath ka jikar kiya hai vahan kuran ki ayat ka sandarbh bhi diya hai ! fir bhi ap kyo hamse puchna chahte hai chaliye ham fir se us ayat ka a’havala ” de dete hai , hamko isme koi taklif nahi hai! [kuran 38/75 ko dekhiye ] jisme svaym kathit “sarvshaktiman ” khuda ji yah kaha rahe hai ki hamne is adam ji ko “dono hatho” se banaya! mahamahim shri iblees ji ko sambodhit karte huye kaha tha 1 aur kuran me to anek jagah yah bhi kaha gaya hai hamne 6 din me pure sansar ko banaya , fir” aath farishto ke uthaye huye sinhasan ” par viraj man hua aath farshte bhi “simit ” v uska sinhasan bhi “simit “! jab kathit kurani khuda ji anek jagah “simit ” hote hai tab vah” sarvshaktiman “kaise ho sakte hai ? is liye ham kahana chahte hai ki aise khuda jo lesh matr ” bhadr manushyon ” ko svikar nahi karna chahiye 1 yah to “jahil ‘ logon ke liye bhi manne yogy nahi hai ! yad rakhiye koi bhi apradhi kitna hi kushal kyo na ho, kuch n a kuch apne “apradh ” ka sabut chod hi jata hai jisse apradhi pakad me a jata hai vaisa hi haal kurani khuda ji ka bhi hai 1 jisko saikdon sal pahale hi kuch logon ne pakad liya tha usi parampara v tarike ko doharate huye hamne bhi us “nakli “khuda ji ko pakda hai ! paraspra virodhi baton ke adhar par ! jhuth bolne ke adhara par , kurani khuda ji ke karnamo ke adhar par ! kshama kijiyega hamara uddeshy apko dukhi karna nahi hai lekin apni bat rakhna jarur hai agar ham apni bat bhi nahi rakhenge to ” nakli khuda ji ” ki sachhai se manushy jan kaise parichit ho sakenge !

      • Bhai Raj
        apne jo hawala diya bilkul sahi hai.

        iska jawab
        surah maida 5 men hai
        jismen bataya gya hai
        badan ko zahri ke haath se aur rooh ko gaib or batin ke haath se. ALLAH gaib ki cheezen 1 tarah ki qudrat aur zahir ki cheezen dusri tarah ki kudrat se banata hai aur is insaan men dono tarah ki kudrat kharch ki.

        yehan haat se murad ye nahi hai ki ALLAH ke haath hain. aur agar haath honge to bina sar pair aur pet ke kis kam ka. uska bhi zikr kahin na kahin hota.
        yahi wajah hai ki hamare zahan men ALLAH ka koi aks nahi banta.

        aur bhai mujhe itni deep study nahi hai jahan tak mujhe ilm hai maine jawab de diya hai par bhai
        main isase behtar jawab apko zarur dunga thoda tafsheesh ke baad. Wo 1 noor hai.

      • manniy arshad ji , yah apka sachha pan hai ki apne yah svikar kiya ki hamko gaharai se ilm nahi hai 1 lekin kuran ka havala apne thik se nahi dia surat maida[5] ki kaun si ayat me yah sab likh hai / jiska jikar ap kar rahe hai 1 hame matlab yah nahi ki kis ayat me kya likha ha8i hamara to spshat matalab [ kuran38 /75 ] se hai jahan par iska jikar hai yah koi jaruri nahi hai ki vah ” dono hath ” ke sath sir, nak, kan munh adi ka bhi jikar kare tabhi vah manushy sabit hoga ek chor ya apradhi jab pakada jata hai to uske kuch nishan ki vahjah se ! ham to dave ke sath kahate hai ki kuran me bahut si virodha bhasi bate hai tabhi yah sachhe khuda ki kitab nahi balki khuda ka dava karne vale[nakali ] ka jarur ho sakta hai ! varna itna ‘gira ” [nimn star ka ] hua khuda nahi hota ? chaliye aap aur koshish kar lijiye tab pura javab de dijiyega ? hamko bahut sabr hai / hamto yahi kahate hai ki kurani khuda hargij sachha nahi ho sakta fir bhi ap koshish jarur kijiyega ! sachhai ko samajhne ka sabhi ko avsar milna chahiye !” khuda ki kitab ko dekhkar hi khuda se munkir[inkar karne vali ] hui hai duniya jis khuda ka “ilm ” aisa ho vah koi achha khuda nahi hai ! apka kotish: dhanyvad !

  • @Arshad Nawaz

    Carry on from above
    Bhai Mujhe to lagta hai ki Kuran Kisi Kafir ne Muhamad Sahab ke name se likhi hai aur Kaba Pthar ki building or Pthar ki Masjid ke samne sir jhukane ka order diya hai. Aur Jakir Naik jaise kafir Isko jhipane ke liye excuses dete rahate hai. Ab samay Aa gaya Hindustan ke sare muslman aek ho jaye aur Kaba building or sari masjido ko tod kar duniya ko ye dikha de ki wo pathro ko nahi pujate aur duniya ke saamne example rakhe. Aur wo agniveer jaise logo ko bhi bata de ki wo Allah sabhi jagah smaan rupe se hai isko maante hai aur allah kewal kisi kabe or masjid tak hi nahi hai. Bhai mere vicharo aap kaya sahamat ho?

    • Bhai

      truthseekar apko islam ke parti bahut badi galatfahmi hai.

      1- muslim kaba ki puja nahi karte ye 1 simt yani ki direction hai taki dunya ke tamam muslim 1 disha men hokar ALLAH ki ibadat karen.

      2- muslim masjid ko nahi poojte ham masjid ke andar jakar ALLAH ki ibadat karte hain jaise aplog mandir ko nahi pujte cristian church ko nahi.

      3- muslim sirf ALLAH ki ibadat karte hain muhammad s.a.w. sirf ALLAH ke paigumber the. aur unka naam lena ye sabit nahin karta ki hun unko pujte hain.

      ham madad sirf aur sirf ALLAH se mangte hain.

      aur bhai ye baaten ap isliye kah rahen hain ki apne dekha hoga un muslimo ko jo kabr par chadar chadhate hain

      par brother ye sab islam men haram hai.
      aur jo ye karta hai wo uski galti hai na ki islam ki.

      • manniya arshad ji ,” ek hi disha me” namaj kyo kari jaye isse koi labh bhi nahi hai kaba ek pattahar hai , fir usi disha me namaj kyo ? tasbih to har disha me ho jati hai , fir namaj kyo nahi ? namaj v ajaan me muhammad ka nam kyo ?agar koi bagair muhammad ya koi bhi manushy ka nam n le to etraj kyo? ishvar ki prarthna me kisi aur koi “shrik “kyo kiya jaye ? la ilaha ililaah , jarra jarra rasulillah ” kyo na kaha jye ? kya khuda ji ki makhluk v bana hua sansar uski majudgi sabit nahi kar raha fir muhammad ka nam kyo? usko “durud” kyo ? hamen muslim kya karte hai iski chinta nahi hai islam ke kkya niyam hai uski ham ninda kiya karte hai jo galat honge, baki any koi nahi ? sansaar me 200 se jyada desh hai usme 58 islami desh kahalaye jate hai isse koi bat “siddh” nahi ki ja sakti sachhai ko samajhne ke liye niymao ki janch padtal jaruri hota hai n ki kitne desh me log rahate hai isse kuch siddh nahi kiya ja sakta ! sansar me jhuth bolne vale,, andh vishvasi kuritoyon ko manne vale, anpadh, jahil ,sharab ka s3van karne vale bahutayat me isse vah sab achhe siddh honge aur n unke adarsh manne yogy bhi kahalaye ja sakenge 1 is liye is manch me pustkon me likhe niymon ki janch padtal kijiye ! tabhi sachhai ka pata chal sakega !

      • @ Arshad

        Bhai Hame Islam, Hindu sab ko thhik karna hai. Jesaaki vedo mai hai. jaise ki Vedo ka God use kisi pagmber, ki jarurat nahi padati. Aur uski prathana me kisi pagamber ka nam bhi nahi liya jata jo ki asli tohid hai na ki Kuran ka Allah. Vedo ka Khuda direct contact kar sakata hai par kuran ka khuda bina pagamber ke kisi se contact nahi kar sakata.

      • Bhai truthseekar
        ham sirf naam lete hain muhammad s.a.w. ka na ki unki ibadat karte hain.

        aur beshak agar ALLAH agar aisa karne ko na kahta to ham nahi karte.

        par 1 bat ap aur ham jan len ki hum untna hi jan sakte hain jitna ALLAH chahta hai.

        ap ye kabhi nahi janpayenge ki ALLAH kaun hai aur is dunya ko chalane aur mitane ka kya maksad hain.
        akhir hum aur ap insaan hain ALLAH nahin.

        aur bhai mere paas bhi dimag hai
        aur mujhe islam ki har baat logicaly 100% sahi lagti hain isliye main muslim hun.

        jis tarah apko quran aur islam ke mutallik hazaron sawal hain waise ved ke mutalik mere bhi utne hi sawal hain.

        apke hisab se ved men kis ALLAH ka tasawar hai

        aur ye hazaro bhagwan kaun hain? jaise ki aam hindu bhai jismen yakin rakhta hai.

        apke Ishwar ne ved ko is dunya men kub aur kaise bheja?

        agar bina kisi paigumber ke ved bheja gya to logon ko yakeen kaise hua ki ise Ishwar ne bheja hai?

        usne ye universe kaise banaya?
        aj apke hi hindu bhai jo bahusankhya hain ved se itna dur kyun hain? kyunki ved ko sahi tarike se manne wale bahut kum hain.

        ye chand aise sawal hain jo bilkul aam hain.

        kripya uska uttar ved se den.

      • manniy arshad ji , bade ashchary ki bat hai ki ap yah bhi kahate hai ki ham 100 % lajikalyisliye muslim hai nahi bhai sahab ap muslim ke ghar me paida huye hai isliye ap muslim hai ! kuran ko mante hai v dimag bhi rakhte hai tab kyo nahi hamare prashno ka javab de pate 1 pahale hamare prashno ka uttar dijiye tabhi to ap hamse prashn kar sakenge 1 jab apke pas koi javab nahi hua tabhi ap ulte hamse prashn karne ke liye majbur huye hai apko ves ke bare me prashn karne ka pura adhikar hai ! chaliye ham uska javab de dete hai ! vaise ap pahale hamari bat ka javab dete to jyada achha rahata ! khair koi bat nahi ! [1] ved me ishvar ko nirakar v asankhy guna vala kaha gaya hai ! [2] hajaro nahi balki kai lakh bhi ho sakte hai 1 bhagvan mane aishvary shali hona yah koi bhi ho sakta hai jaise abhi kuch din purv criket khiladi sachin ji darshkon dvara ko bhagvan kaha gaya tha ! vah koi sarvshaktiman jaisa nahi hota aur n ishvar jaisa hota hai vah ap bhi ho sakte hai ! [3] ved mane gyan , yah sansar bannane ke bad karib do arab sal pahale 4 achhi koti ke vidvano ko samadhi avastha ved ka sandesh milaa 1 vahsamprdayik nahi balki sansar ke prtyek manav ke liye hai ! iska hindu ya muslim adi se bhi koi sambandh nahi hai ! yah ved ka sandesh kisi farishte ke madhyam se nahi balki sidhe [dairekt ] ishvar ne diya ishvar keval hamra nahi hai hamara apka v sabhi ka hai 1 jaise sury adi sabhi ke liye hai [4]yakin [vishvas ] paigambar se nahi uske gyan se hota hai uski uchhta [qvality]se hota hai ! yah sansar kai laakh sal ke karib me bana hai yah’ kun ” ho ja ki tarah nahi bana hai dhmei -dhime bana hai ishvar ne sansar ko paida nahi kiya balki banaya hai ! [5] aj ke bahusankhyak hindu kahe jane vale ved se isliye dur hai ki ved ke manne valo ne uska jyada prachar nahi kiya yah unki behad kamiyo ke karan yah halat hui isliye ap jaise log bhi muslim bane agar ved ka prachar v acharan hota to koi[ kuch hajar ke alava ] muslim bhi nahi banta aur n isai hota aur n murtipujak hota , aj ke hisab se isme” mul ki bhul ” hai vah mul doshi arya samaj hai 1 jiske karykarta apna kartavy bhul gaye hai isliye desh ki ye halathui ! hamara desh kareeb hajar sal tak gulanm kyo bana kyoki ved ka prachar v acharan nahi tha ! aur bhi kuch prashn ho usko bhi jarur rakiyega apke prashno ka sadaiv svagat rahega ham ap jaise nahi hai ki prashno se ghabra jaye 1 ya uska uttar n de sake fir bhi us par astha rakhe ! apke prashno ki asha me …..?ab to hamare prashno ka javab de dijiyega 1

  • Bhai
    mujhe yehan apki reply deni pad rahi kyun pata nahi kyun mere comments ke elawa sabke comments ke neeche reply ka button hai he nahi

    main apko ek example deta hoon

    man lijiye ap bahut bure kaam karte hain aur logon ko aur apne ghar walo ko bhi pareshan karten hain.
    to apke pita aap par gussa honge pahle wo dpko pyar se samjhayenge aur agar ap tab bhi na manenge to wo apko warning denge aur ap phir bhi na manen to apko peetenge aur ghar se bhi nikal sakte hain aur unko haq bhi hai kyun ki wo apke pita hain. han agar ap maan jayenge to wo pichli baaton ko bhool kar apko maaf kardenge.

    theek usi tarah ALLAH S.T. ne apko paida kiya aur kaha ki meri ibaat karo aur agar ap ALLAH ki baat nahin manenge unki pooja nahi karenge aur ulte use bura bhala kahenge to ALLAH S.T. apse naraz honge to wo apko pyar se samjhayenge aur agar ap phir bhi nahi manenge to wo apko warning denge aur ap tab bhi nahin manenge to wo pko saza dega aap per azab layega kyun usko poora haq hai usne apko paida kiya hai. aur wo apko maaf bhi karega agar ap maan jaye to aur ye baat quran men bahut jagah hai.

    theek usi tarah ALLAH S.T. ne quran men unhi logo warning di hai ki “agar tum log nahi mane to dozakh men dal diye jaoge” ye warning hai na ki gali.

    umeed hai bhai apko meri baat samajh men ayee hogi

    • manniy shri arshad ji , apne hamari baton ka pura uttar nahi dena chaha ! khair jo ap yahan udaharan de rahe hai vah pura galat hai ! pahala khuda ji ne apko ya ahamko paida nahi kiya ! agar paida kiya hota to uske gun [tasir, sifaat ] bhi ham sbhi me hone chahiye the jo nahi hai jaise usne kaynat banai to ham ek “tara ” to banate ! lekin ham sab uske kabil bhi nahi hai ham jhuth bhi bolte hai vah nahi bolta ? ham sharab adi bhi pi lete hai vah nahi pita 1 isliye khuda ji ne hamko paida nahi kiya ! khuda “naraj” bhi nahi hota kyoki naraj hona ek kamjori hai lekin durbhagy se kurani khuda” kamjori ka bhandar “hai ‘! iabadat ki jarurat bhi usko nahi hai kya kaynat banne se pahale usko kaun ibadat karte the ? ibadat karvane ka gun [tasir ] bad me kaise aya ? jab khuda hamesha se hai to uske gun bhi hamesha se rahenge v hamesh ke liye bhi rahaenge ! yah tasir bad me kyo aai v fir samapt bhi ho jayegi kayaamat ke bad uski kaun ibadat karna chahega kya kuran me iska jikar hai ap batlaye ! ishvar ne insan ko bahut had tak ajadi di hai chahe achhe kary karo ya galat kaam karo ! achhe karoge to achha fal milega v bura karoge to to bura fal milega ! isme ishavar ki ibadat karo ya na karo ishvar uska “bhunkha ” nahi hai ! roos chin , adi any kamyunisht desh kisi bhi tarah ke khuda ki ibadat nahi karte ! fir bhi unhone apna bhala kiya unnati ki hai yah sab kaise hua yahan par khudai kahan gai ? yah gai dena ADI GUN SE KHUDA KA “CHOTA PAN ” KAHALATA HAI ! ! YAH TO SACHHE KHUDA KI KURANI KHUDA NE TAUHEEN KI HAI ! ap khuda ji ko chahe kitna bhi “burabhala kahe usse khuda jo ko jara sa bhi antar nahi padne vala ! chahe ibadat karo ya uko kuch bhi kaho ! vah asar to ham par padega hamare sanskar achhe nahi ban payenge hamari adat sahi nahi ho payegi aisliye apna sudhar karne ke liye ! ishvar ki ibadat bi karni chahiye ! jisse apna ghamand na badhe ! manniy arshad ji jara yah sochiye khuda ke gun kabse hai ! v kab tak hai yah kaisa khuda hua jiske gun bhi “simit samay ” ke liye ho ? bad me samapt ho jaye ! ya akasmat aa jaye ? ab kuran ki bat lijiye ! kaha jata hai kuran ko farishton ki sahayta se muhammad ji par utari gai 1 kya khuda ji sidhe [dairect] sandesh muhammd ji par nahi de sakte the ? farishto ki sahayta kyo li ? vahi khuda vishaltam kaynaat banata hai tab vah kisi farishte ki sahayta nahi leta lekin “jarase ” kurani sandesh ek vyakti ko pahunchane ke liye jibreel =fariste ki sahayta lene ke liye ‘majbur ” hona padta hai ? akhir kaisa hai khuda ? ab kuran par nigah daliye 1 kuran me anek jagah kuran ko kitab kaha gaya hai ? ekin vah kitab kahan thi ! vah to :”sandesh matr ” tha 23 sal me” futkar- futkar ” karke aai thi ! kitab ki shakl to muhammad ji ke marne ke karib 25 SA L BAD usman ji ke shasan me ayi thi ! uske pahale to sandesh matr the ! fir usme bhi kafi tabdili rahi! kahi makki ayte , kahi madini ayte anek jagah parivartan jaise pahali ayat pahale prashth me nahi karib 90 surton ke age usko sthan mila 1 apsabhi muslimo ne usko bhi taslim kar liya kya yah khuda ki tauheen nhi hai khuda ne jaise ayte utari vaise hi pesh karne me kya taklif thi ! islam me kaun bada hai? khuda ya kuran ko kitab ki shakl me pesh karne vale sahaba log ? lekin agar kuran me aur bhi ghat badh hoti ap vah bhi svikar kar lete ! kyo ki apko to andhi tarif karne se kaha fursat hai ! agar khuda ji kisi napak ko bosa[chumma ] lene ko bhi kah dete to vah bhi andhi tarif ke karan , kar lete ? isliye ham kahate hai jivan ke path par sambhalte huye kadam rakhiye har jagah janch padtal karte huye kisi ki bat maniye ! andh vishvas to pag- pag me hai ! ! apne hame javab dene ki koshish ki uske liye kotish: dhanyvad ! apke achhe jivan ke liye asankhybar shubhkamnaye !

      • Truthseekar bhai and Raj bhai
        sabse pahle to main apke naam janana chahunga
        agar aap batana chahen.

        aur ap dono logon ne bahut se question pooche aur mujhe ye dekh kar bahut khushi hui.

        lekin itne sawal ke jawab dene men waqt zyada lagege kyun ki ap 2 log question kar rahen hain
        isliy mujhe khed hai ki jawab dene men thoda waqt lagega
        par main INSHAH ALLAH ap logon ke saare sawal ka jawab dunga. halaki ap logon ne mere kai swal ke jawab nahi diye hain

      • Bhai truthseekar and raj bhai

        aplogon ne bhahut se question pooche.

        par iska koi hal nahi nikal raha hai.

        hamen agla question poochne se pahle 1 qes. par jabtak main aur ap dono sahmat na ho jayen tab tak 2 question na poocha jaye
        aur jab 1 ques par ham 3no sahmat ho to agle ques. par aya jaye.

        sabse pahle raj bhai ne shruwat ki hai to
        wahin se shru kiya jaye.


        sabse pahle is sentance par hum 3no aur sabki sahmati honi chahiye

        1- ap sidh kijiye ki ALLAH ne hamen paida nahin kiya?

        2- Ved ka hawala zaroor den.

        3- agar ALLAH ne hamen paida nahin kiya to kisne kiya?

        4- agar ALLAH ne hamen paida nahi kiya to hum aur ap uski ibaadat kyun karte hain?

        in sawalon ka jawab aap Ved se den bina koi agla swala pooche kyun ye mere liye zaroori hain.

        kyun ki..

        Quran men ALLAH S.T. farmate hain
        “ai logon maine tumhen 1 jode se paida kiya aur qabilon men bata isliye taki tum ek dusre ko pahchan sako na ki apas men jhagro.”

      • pandit ji men bhi aapka qustion paper solve karna chahta hun:-
        1.agar aap iswar ko allah kah rahe hain to ye manne me koi harj nahi ki hum sabko iswar ne banaya hai ,aur iswar ki batenn sirf sridha ka vishay hain laboratory men ,ya kitabon se sidh karne ki nahi.
        2.aapko ved bade pasand hai vapas vedon ki or kyon nahi aa jate.
        3.Pandit ji paida to ma-baap ne kiya hai iswar ne to sristi bnayi aur niyam kanoon banye aur jiwan ki paristhitiyan banayi, vaise aap is baat ke piche kyon pade hai kya aapko apne allah par doubt hai.
        4.Ji aap ibadat (chamcha giri) karte hain jannat ki huron ke liye aur hum karte hai taki hum achche karm kar saken.

      • @ arshad nawaz

        aapka question paper mein bhi solve karoonga..

        Hinduism Islam ke bahut pehle evolve hua hai…shayaad 1000 varsh puraana.. in do religions mein differences hai…lekin common baatein bhi hei..jaise ishwar-allah. hindu sanyaasiyone iske baarein mein bahut pehle likha hai ki ishwar ne yeh srushti banaayi. mohammed sahab ne isme koi nayi baat nahi likhi ki ishwar (galti se allah likha gaya hai) ne yeh srisht banaayi..

        hamein paida ishwar ne kiya..allah to ishwar ka ek chotta sa roop hai bas.

      • @ ARSHAD NAWAZ

        islam has its roots in trying to evolve out of Christianity. From the beginning Islam has been in favour of wars, rape, loot. No Islamic nation has prospered based on its intellect. If you see the evolving nations they are US (christianity majority), India (Hindu majority), China (Buddhist majority), European countries(christianity majority), Brazil (christianity majority).

        All Muslim nations have unrest, instability, war, backward women, brabaric men. Indian muslims r also the same.

      • @ hardcorehindu

        Great thinking you are real son of Maa Bharati carry on your noble work through electronic media & ground level.

      • Bhai

        apko pata hai world men 172 ke aaspas countries hain jinmen 95 ke aaspas christian hain 70 ke aspas muslim aur baki ke 7-10 men hindu aur buddhist hain.

        ye exact nahi hai lagbhag.

        par isase ye nahi sabit hota ki christian sahi dharm hai ya muslim ya hunduism ya buddhist

        ye depend karta hai unki kitabon aur hawalon par. aur logic par jise apka dimag sweekar kare.

    • @Arshad Nawaz

      Bhai Mai Allah ko Poojane ka method Jaanana Chaahta Hu. Qya Allah ko Pujne ke liya Kaba building ki taraf sir jhukaana Jaruri. Agar mai sir nahi jhukaata to qya me allah ko poojne wala nahi samajha jaunga. Qyoki bhai Mai hinduo aur Musmano ki tarah Pthar ke samne sir jhukane ko nahi maannta. Bhai meri thinking hai ki poojniy kewal allah hai aur me kisi bhi pagamber ka pooja me nam nahi leta. To qua mai muslman ban sakata hu. Mujhe to bhai Agniveer ka Vedo ka allah kuran ke allah se jayada powerful lagata hai. Bhai gol-gol chakkar laga kara yah dhikana ki allah ek hai to mai aesa kam nahi karunaga agar mujhe pata hai ki allah ek hai to mujhe notanki karane ki kaya jarurat hai.Agar allah gol-gol chakara lagane se khus hota to batao me apne ghar ke roj 100 gol chakar laga sakata hu. Muslman khud pathar ke samne sir jhukate hai lekin hinduo ko mana karate hai. mai to kahata pahale muslman kaba pathar ki building aur Masjido ke samne sir jhukana band kare aur hinduo ke samane example rakhe ki pathar ke samne sir jhukana pap hai.

  • No other book can come closer to Vedas but unfortunately most of Hindus are not aware of the messages of Vedas.
    Agniveer is doing tremendous work to spread the messages and knowledges of Vedas.
    Quran and Bible nowhere stand in front of Vedas . Problem with muslims are that they think within the Quran.People like Zakir Naik openly supports terrorist and spread false scuttlebutt about Hindu religious books.His claims are baseless and he gives false examples.
    Muslims claims that Islam is fastest growing religion then they are in Utopia and they must see the reality and at least search on net.
    check the following data:

  • Assalam-u-Alaikum
    brothers and sisters

    apas men ek dusre ko ya mazhab(dharm) per ulta seedha bolne se koi fayda nahi isase wo log jinko zyada knowledge nahi wo mazahib ko bura bhala kahenge.
    ALLAH ne humsabko ashraf-ul-makhlookat yani ki har species men sabse badhchadh kar banaya hai
    aalogo ko agar Islam se koi galatfahmi ho to isko door karne ke liye kisi aise person se baat karen jisko Islam ka achcha knowledge ho aur achchi tarah apki galatfahmiyon ko door kare jaise Dr. Zakir Nayik and aur bhi bahut se log hain.


    • Namaste Arshad Nawaz

      apas men ek dusre ko ya mazhab(dharm) per ulta seedha bolne se koi fayda nahi isase wo log jinko zyada knowledge nahi wo mazahib ko bura bhala kahenge.

      Mein bhi aapki is baat se ittefaq rakhta hun.Bina subooton’ aur scriptures ka hawalaa diye ool-jalool ilzaam lagane se koi fatda nahi.Ye site un logo ke liye hai jo dharmo aur mazhabon ko kaafi gehrai se tatolne ke liye bani hain ..lekin sirf logic, facts aur reason ka istemaal karte hue.

      Ye site sabse pehle sabhi se ye darkhwast karti hai ki wo is link ko padhein… http://agniveer.com/2415/agniveer-stand/ ..magar na jaane kyon kuch log is ore tawajjo nahi dete

      @Agniveer admin – kya koi pop-up banaya jaa sakta hai jisme sabse pehle yehi content dikhayi de aur baad mein site content?

      ALLAH ne humsabko ashraf-ul-makhlookat yani ki har species men sabse badhchadh kar banaya hai
      aalogo ko agar Islam se koi galatfahmi ho to isko door karne ke liye kisi aise person se baat karen jisko Islam ka achcha knowledge ho aur achchi tarah apki galatfahmiyon ko door kare jaise Dr. Zakir Nayik and aur bhi bahut se log hain.

      Dr. Zakir Naik na to alim hain na mufti aur unke khilaaf to kufr ka fatwaa bhi jaari ho chuka hai.Is site ka maqsad hi yahi hai ki Sach ko chuna jaaye aur jhooth ko nakara jaye.

      agar aap samajhte hain ki Islam ke baare mein koi article galat hai to please us par apni rai dein ..par koshish karein ki wo daleel facts,reason ke daayre mein ho.


      • Dear brother

        main apki baat se sahmat hoon.

        kahne ko to kuch bhi hota hai main nahi janta ki Dr. Zakir Nayik ke bare men log kya kahte hain lekin wo jo bhi kahte hain apni taraf se kuch bhi nahi kahte wo sirf Quran and Hadees se hawala de kar har baat kahte hain aur ye baat waze hai.

        aur jahan tak ilm ki baat hai ki koi alim ya mufti hi islam ko achchi tarah samjha sakta hai ye baat bilkul galat hai.
        kya Dr. Zakir Nayik ke paas ilm nahi hain
        aur kya pyare nabi alim the ya mufti the, unse behtar islam ko kaun samjh sakta tha. to Islam men ye dalil bekar hai ki islam ko samajhne ya samjhane ke liyd bahut bara alim ya mufti hona zaruri hai.

        And agar apko meri kisi baat par aitraz ho zaroor puchen jahan tak mere pas islam ka ilm hai main apni poori koshish karunga.

      • manniy arshad ji ,ham apki “dawat ” ko kabul karna chahenge ! agar apko tqklif n ho to batlaye ki sarvshaktiman kahalane vale khuda ji ke “dono hath ” kyo the ?[dekhiye kuran 38/75] kuch muslim khuda ji ko nirakar hone ka dava karte hai , agar khuda ji nirakar hai to unke “dononhath” kyo ? vase kuran me anek jagah stven asman me majud hone uske sinhasan ko 8 farishte uthaye huye jo 8 sankhya hi simit hone ko darshati hai , aise kathit khuda ji ko khuda kyo mana jaye ? kya simit dayreme rahane vala “asimit shakti vala ho sakta hai ? asha hai ki ap iska javab jarur dena chahenge ?ya any koi muslim hone ka dava karne vala bhi javab de skta hai ! javab ke intjar me ……..? kuch khuda ji ke bhakt hone ka dava karne vale yah bhi kahate hai ki unke hath manushyo jaise nahi the ? fir kaise the ? kya kisi vishesh janvar jaise the ya ko any kisi taraha ke the ? yah hath ka “chamatkar “kya tha ? kuch muslim yah bhi kahate hai ki kuran khuda ji ki antim kitab hai! jab khuda ji ki yah antim kitab hai to kuran ki is ayat ko aur jyada spasht karke kyo nahi batlaya gaya ? ab ham sab kaise is sandeh ko dur kare ? muhammad ji ne kuran ki ki ayto kii vykhya kyo nahi ki ? fir bi apne deen kio “mukkamal” kahana kahan ka insaf hai ? anek tafsir karne vale apne -apne dhang se tafsir karte hai unki vykhya bhi kabhi8 kabhi parasparvirodhi ho jati hai ! agar kuch musli un praspar virodhi vyakhya puchenge to ham sabut sahit ap sabhi ko batla sakte hai ! hame lesh matr bhi koi taklif nahi hogi ! vah bahut purqne alimo dvara likhi hui! asha hai ki khuda ji ke bande hone ka dava karne vale hamko nirash nahi karenge ?

    • @ Arshad Nawaz

      Namaskar, maine note kiya hai aap kabhi is mahmood ke baarein mein kyun nahin likhte…shaayad aap bhi ussi ki tarah ek non-muslim ho. ek terrorist ho…

      Shankar bhagwaan aapko sochne ki shakti de…..om namah shivaaya


  • Sahmeless fellows you are using bad words well I am not going to use.Nellie massacre this is only one case but check 1000Yrs we have raped your women and daughters and sisters and culled your people and converted you .

    Still you feel proud of your false identity.Follow ISLAM or persih you shameless fellows.

    • pakistan me kitne rep hote hai ! jara yah bhi pata kar lijiye ! muhammad ji ne kitne rep kiye isko bhi pata kar lijiye !akhir rep kisko kahana chahenge ? aysha ji 6 sal ki umr me usko apni patni banne ki ichha rakhna ise ap kya kahenge ? jisko sex ka ilm bhi nho ! usko apni patni banane ki ichha rakhna yah sab kya hai ? aisi mansikta muhammad ji ne kyo banai ?kya bagair dushit vichar ke aisi mansikta ban sakti hai? apni dattak putrvadhu jainab ko bagair nikah ke usko ham bistar kar liya yah kya hai kya koi allah kisi k nikah karvata hai jaisa dava kiya jata hai !fir agar allah ne nikh karvaya tha to jainab ne nikh karne ki bat kyo ki usne nikah ka “kabul “kiya ? kya vah jhuth boli thi ? mariya kabti [dasi] ko bhi nahi choda kya usse bhi nikah kiya tha ? kya bagair nikah ke sex karna muhammad ji ke liye jayaj tha ? kya mahmood ji in BATON KA JAVAB DENA CHAHENGE ? UTTAR KI ASHA ME ! islam to koi dharm hi nahi hai kuran ka ilm kaise utra ? jara is par bhi vichar kar lijiye 1 kya khuda ji bagair farishto ki sahayta ke apni bat muhammad ji ko pahunchane me asmarth the ? jo kathit khuda sare sansar ki rachna kar sakta hai usme farishto ki sahayta nahi leta, vahi khuda jara se kuran ka ilm dene ke liye farishto ki sahayta lete hai yah paraspar virodhi karya kyo ? kahan rahi khuda ki sarvshaktimanta ! farishto ki sahayta lene me kaise mjbur huye jo majbur hai usko khuda kyo kaha jaye ? aise khuda se to bahut dur rhana chahiye 1 turant padhelikhe muslimo ko usko khuda nahi manna chahiye ? kya kamal ki bat hai ki jo muhammad ji apna nam bhi na likh pate ho , usko padhe likhe muslim unko apna adarsh mane ? yah to apni padhai ka hi apman hai ! jangli vyakti anpadh vyakti ko apna adarsh kyo mana jaye ? turant usko apna adarsh manna chod dijiye ! keval ” dusre ke sath vahi vyavhar kijiye jo apne liye bhi pasand aye “‘ ek matr is sutr ko dharan karke apna jivan safal banaiye !

    • Mahmood Jehadi,

      //Sahmeless fellows you are using bad words well I am not going to use.Nellie massacre this is only one case//

      CHECK what your demonic islam teaches:
      Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu’minin: The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) used to setup a pulpit in the mosque for Hassan who would stand on it and satirise those who spoke against the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him). The Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him) would say: The spirit of holiness (i.e. Gabriel) is with Hassan so long as he speaks in defence of the Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him).
      Abu Dawud 41:4997

      Abu Dawud Volume 2 Footnote 1046: Muhammad sacrificed a camel to enrage the infidels.

    • So you have proved that islam allows raping of kafirs.

      here is a hadith for you
      Curse the Kafir
      And the Jews say: The hand of Allah is tied up! Their hands shall be shackled and they shall be cursed for what they say. Nay, both His hands are spread out, He expends as He pleases; and what has been revealed to you from your Lord will certainly make many of them increase in inordinacy and unbelief; and We have put enmity and hatred among them till the day of resurrection; whenever they kindle a fire for war Allah puts it out, and they strive to make mischief in the land; and Allah does not love the mischief-makers.
      Qur’an 5:64
      The Jews call ‘Uzair a son of Allah, and the Christians call Christ the son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouth; (in this) they but imitate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah’s curse be on them: how they are deluded away from the Truth!
      Qur’an 9:30

    • @mahmood
      exactly because of this allah brought me into this world to return favour on muslims ; exactly what you have been doing for 1000 years, we do for next 5000 years. Now it is your mothers, sisters, daughters, and culling is a two way process, and you better convert to hinduism or else…………………..

  • SDC i agree. Neille and Gujarat events are necessary to show these muslim idiots that Hindus are not sleeping. Gujarat riot was started by muslim bastards in Godhra. And you will be happy to know Hindus and Buddhists of Chittagong Hill Tract kicked Bangladeshi Army for 25 years. Bangladesh wanted to Islamize the last land of Chittagong through Its Islamic military. On December 1997 Bangladeshi govt have to sign peace agreement to the Kafirs. Mahmood the new Rasul of allah, this time its TIT FOR TAT.

  • @ Tree Squirrel: Please give us an example where a Vedic verse that can be twisted anywhichway one wants. Please pick up a Mandala/Sukta/Hymn and substantiate your claim.

    Folks: Mahmood is a troll that suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. But Tree Squirrel is an interesting package.

  • Shame on you all and what Satya said is right at least one Hindu has brain and rest have shit.

    Brothers I have given you my video my address and still you have doubt,please do visit us on this sunday in same Church.

    Very funny you people are actually it is not your fault Hindus have false religion and so they consider everything as false.

    Great one someone said Vedas can be twisted in any way..You are right brother we also say that vedas are true but not for this age.The only way it can happen is first quran and then to vedas as Vedas require sanskirt which is of very high standard.

    Currently if we start learning Sanskrit it will take 200 yrs and if we follow Quran we all can be united and fight against western countries.See try to understand our poiint

    • @Mahmood

      idiots like you should know that 99% of the muslims in the world do not know arabic and even the english translations of the Quran they have right now, no maulana agrees them to be 100% close to the true interpretation. Forget all these, take Naik for example, he explains Quran in a different manner, many maulanas disagree with Naik’s interpretations otherwise why else would they issue fatwas against him?

      We all know the reality and as soon as you come to this bitter reality, the better it is for you. The bitter reality is that Quran is false and has been changed and abrogated.

    • Asshole Mahmood, you forget one thing and that is when hindus unite, the muslims shit in their pants. For you kind information, go and check up the Nellie massacre in the google. We in the RSS will at least go down fighting and killing a few assholes like you no matter what the outcome is.

      • SDC we need more of Nellie incidents to clean our land from Bangladeshi Muslim scum otherwise our ASSAM AND BENGAL WILL BECAME PART OF BANGLADESH and Assamese and Bengali Woman will at the mercy of these Bangladeshi Muslims.

      • @ Mahmood

        Remember Godhra u son of a b****

        Hindus will now never go down in future….they will cut and kill muslims….shivaji maharaj ki jai….

    • @Mahmood

      Why pakistan & Afganistan people not united they are follower of Kuran & Shariya law. & pakistan helped the USA to attake in Afgnistan, Why there are daily Bomb explosion in Pakistan & killing their fellow brother. Why muslim countries did not assist Irak to fight against USA. All these are follower of Kuran but not united. Kuran completely fail to serve its purpose.

      • brother Truth seekar

        sabse pahle main apse ek baat poochna chahta hoon

        kya koi bhi dharm galat baat batata hai
        kya koi dharm kahta hai ki gali do, zulm karo, jhoot bolo, chori karo

        i think your answer will be no?

        to agar koi country muslim hai aur wahan ke log agar achchi tarah se Quran ko follow karte hai to ye condition aayegi hi nahi.

        mere kahne ka matlab ye nahi hai ki iran men koi achchi tarah se Islam ko manane wala nahi hai.
        wahan par achche log bhi hain and bure log bhi hai.

        jaisa ki har desh men hota hai jaise india, pakistan, usa etc.

        aap koi bhi aisa desh batao jahan danggen aur fasad na hote hon.

        kum se kum islam ko manne wala bila wajah ki larai, jhooth bolna etc. to bilkul bhi nahi kar sakta hai
        aur agar karta hai to wo muslim nahi hai.

      • Arshad Bhai

        Aap dil ke achchhe maaloom hote hain par na jaane kyon koi baat hai jis wajah se aap is dehshatgard Mahmood ko kuchh bhi nahi keh paa rahe. Is ne kai jagah likha hai ki Musalmaan fir se hinduon ko katl karenge aur unki auraton ko uthaayenge. Kam se kam is baat ki majammat to kar dijiye. Iska naam lekar kahiye ki ye Musalmaan nahi hai. Jab tak aap yah nahi kehte, kuchh savaal rakhta hoon.

        ————kya koi bhi dharm galat baat batata hai
        kya koi dharm kahta hai ki gali do, zulm karo, jhoot bolo, chori karo———

        1. To iska matlab koi bhi hindu, sikh, christian, Jew ho, agar achchhe kaam karta hai to Jannat mein jaayega, thik?

        2. Ladaai mein kisi doosre kabile ke auraton aur bachchon ko apna gulaam banana aur auraton par jabardasti karna (rape) aapke hisaab se kitna thik hai?

        3. Kafiron ke saath jhooth ko jaayaj karaar dena kitna thik hai?

        ————–i think your answer will be no?————–

        Unfortunately its not 🙁 Answer is yes. Read above to know why

        ————mere kahne ka matlab ye nahi hai ki iran men koi achchi tarah se Islam ko manane wala nahi hai.
        wahan par achche log bhi hain and bure log bhi hai. jaisa ki har desh men hota hai jaise india, pakistan, usa etc.————

        To fir achchhai ya buraai Islamic ya gair Islamic hone se talluk nahi rakhti, thik?

        ————–aap koi bhi aisa desh batao jahan danggen aur fasad na hote hon.—————-

        Ek doosre firkon ki masjidon aur janaajon par goliyan maarna, bomb fodna keval Muslim mulkon mein hi dekha jaata hai.

        ————kum se kum islam ko manne wala bila wajah ki larai, jhooth bolna etc. to bilkul bhi nahi kar sakta hai aur agar karta hai to wo muslim nahi hai.————

        To aapke hisaab se Musalmaanon ki asal aabaadi bahut kam hai jo sachche islam ke raste par hai. Par Zakir Naik to kehte hain ki Islam ke maanne waale 1.5 billion se jyada hain aur Islam- fastest growing religion hai. Is par aap kya kahenge?

      • Vajra

        bhai vajra
        apne bahut se questions pooche hain
        per main apne apko itna qabil nahi samajhta ki main apki baton ka theek se jawab de sakoon
        main ek normal Islam ko manne wala hun aur choti moti galatfahmiya dur kar sakta hun
        Mashah ALLAH Ap kaafee zaheen lagte hain ALLAH ne apko alaa darje ka dimag diya hai aap khud soch sakte hain aur samajh sakte ap khud andaaza laga sakte hain ki Islam jo baten kahta hai sahi hain ya galat baki jo apko na samajh men aaye ap kisi Islam ke achche scholar se bahas kar sakten.

        Halaki apne jitne bhi sawal puchen inka jawab net per available hain and don’t mind agar waqai men agar apko Islam men intrest hota to ap isper tanqeed na karte bajaye iski wajah maloom karne ki Islam aisa kyun hai? aisa kaise hai? etc.

        Agar meri koi baat buri lagi ho to maafi chahunga.

      • Bhai
        waise mujhe jitni knowledge hai main us hisab se answer dunga
        ho sakta hai mera koi jawab galat bhi ho sakta hai phir bhi main koshish karta hun.

        1- ALLAH ne apko paida kiya ashraf-ul-makhlukat bana kar aur ala darje ke dimag ke sath bheja.
        ap sirf achche kam karke hi jannat men nahi jasakte chahe wo hindu ho cristian ho ya muslim ho, use uski(ALLAH) pooja karni hogi jisne use paida kiya.
        aur zindagi bitane ka jo tariqa bataya aur wo tamam baten jo achi aur imandari ki zindagi batati hai wo hai ALLAH ki kitab Quran jo sabke liye hai.

        2- kisi aurat par zabardasti uska rape karna zulm karna Islam men haram hai ek acche aur sacche musalman ko ye sab karna haram hai ye sab bate Quran men batai gayi hain.

        3- Islam men jhooth bolna haram hai haan kuch mauko par bola jaa sakta hai jab kisi ki jaan khatre men ho aur bhi tab jab baat uske haq men ho, kabhi jhootha mazak nahi karna hai.

        Aur last men apne jo 3 sawal kiye ye apne mauke ke hisab se kiye hain.

        Que:—To fir achchhai ya buraai Islamic ya gair Islamic hone se talluk nahi rakhti, thik?—–

        Ans: achchai ka talluk bilkul islam se hai islam ko achchi tarah manne wala kabhi bura nahi ho sakta, islam har bure kaam karne se mana karta hai aur achche kaam karne ko kahta aur saath ye tariqa batata hai ki ye kiya jaye.

        Que: Ek doosre firkon ki masjidon aur janaajon par goliyan maarna, bomb fodna keval Muslim mulkon mein hi dekha jaata hai?

        Ans: bhai ye aap ne kahan dekha hai. agar aise log masjido ko bomb marenge to aj apke hisab se 1 bhi masjid nahi ho bhai ye sirf kahne wali baat hai. ap pahle pata karo phir kaho.

        aur bhai apka akhri sawal ka jawab

        apko kaise pata chala ki kitne musalman sachche hain aur kitne bure agar Islam sahi nahi hai to aj pure world men ye sabse tez kyun phail raha
        bhai ye pata kar sakte hain main aise hi nahi kah raha hun

      • Namaste Arshad Bhai

        Apki koshishon ke liye bahut shukriya. Lekin abhi aapke kisi jawab par main tab tak gaur nahi karunga jab tak aap is dahshatgard Mahmood ko gair Islami kah kar fatkaar nahi lagaate. Badi ajeeb baat hai ki aapne mere sabse pehle nukte par kuchh kahe bina aage ki baat shuru kar di. Ummid hai ki aap Mahmood ko pahle tokenge uske baad mujhe Islam samjhaayenge.


      • Bhai Vajra
        mujhe kisi ko tokne ya na tokne se kya farq parta hai?
        and yehan per hindu ya muslim naam likh kar comment likhne se ko hindu ya muslim nahi ban jata baat ye aham hai ki aap kya sochte hain ya likhte hain
        and bro. kisi ko aise hi dahshatgard kahne se kya fayda ho sakta hai ulte apko koi kahega.
        MASHAH ALLAH ap bahut zaheen hain and mujhe puri ummen hai ki ap meri baat ko achchi tarah samajh rahen hain.
        aur jahan tak mahmood ki baat hai agar apko lagta hai ki wo galat kahta hai to aap use samjhayen naki is tarah ke comment den ki tera ALLAH kya karega aur ulti sidhi gali na den khastaur se ALLAH YA ISHWAR ko ye kahan ki samajhdari hai
        maine bahut se comment parhen aur mujhe yakeen nahi hota ki ye dharm ke manne wale hain chahe ye log koi bhi ho
        koi apko gali de to usase behtar hai ap chup rahen use samjhayen naki khud gali den.

        Aur main ap sablogon se darkhwast karta hun ki aap log bahas karen lekin ek dusre ko ya mazhab ko gali na den kyun ki mazhab men yakin rakhne wala ye to nahin karta aur isase ye bhi hoga ki kam ilm wala apke mazhab ko gali dega.

        and main un muslim bhayion se bhi darkhwast karunga jo thoda jazbati hain plz aplog sabr se kaam len aur non-muslim bhai bhi.

        QURAN men ALLAH S.T. ne farmaya hai
        “Innallah massabreen”
        beshak ALLAH unke saath hai jo sabr karne wala hai.

      • Bhai Arshad

        ————mujhe kisi ko tokne ya na tokne se kya farq parta hai?————

        To bhai aap humen kyon tok rahe hain? Agar Mahmood ko aap kuchh nahi kah sakte to hamaare saath kaun si dushmani hai aapki jo saari seekh hamaare vaaste hi hai?

        ————aur jahan tak mahmood ki baat hai agar apko lagta hai ki wo galat kahta hai to aap use samjhayen————

        To kya main ye maanu ki aap use galat nahi samajhte aur isi vajah se aapne use kuchh bhi nahi samjhaaya?

        ————–and main un muslim bhayion se bhi darkhwast karunga jo thoda jazbati hain —————

        doosron ki auraton ka rape karne aur katl ki dhamki dene waala bas aapki najron mein thoda jajbaati hai, bas! Aapka kaam ho gaya ek jaanwar sareekhe insaan ko jajbaati kah kar.

        Humen to yakeen pehle hi se tha ki jis bel ko tejaab se seencha jaata hai wo jehreeli hi hoti hai. Aap oopar se kitna hi naatak dikhaayen, andar aap bhi vahi sochte hain jo Janwar Mahmood sochta hai. Bas aap mauke ki najaakat samajhte hain aur kya cheej kahan bolni hai ya chhipaani hai yah bakhoobi jaante hain.

        Aapse guzarish hai ki agar is post ka jawaab dene ka man ho to pehle Mahmood ko gair Islami kahen, uske baad baat karenge.


      • Bhai
        halaki aap mujhe uksa rahen hain lekin apko aur jitne bhi non muslim bhai main unhe kuch bhi ulta seedha nahin kahunga

        ap chahe jo bhi samjhe
        islam men gali dena haram hai.

        and bro aap proov karo mahmood muslim hai phir main uske baare men kuch kahunga aur phir ap mujhse zabardasti kahlwane ka kya matlab jis tarah usne ap sab logon ko ulta seedha kaha badle men ap logon ne bhi to wahi kaam kia to phir ap log alag kahan hain

        And main yehan un jazbati bhayio ki baat kar raha hoon jo comment likh rahen hain aur ap jinki baat kar rahen hain wo Islam ke hisab se muslim nahi ho sakte ya to we log kafir honge ya mushrik chahe unke naam musalman ke hi kyun na ho.
        aur bhai ap to aise kah rahe ho jaise aurto ka rep zulm dahshatgard ye sirf musalmano ka kaam hai agar aisa hota to mere bhai aj India 90% rape ho jaye.

        ye baaten mahaz 1 syasi jumla hai.
        maaf kijiyega bhai aap is baat ko kabhi proov nahi kar payenge aur tab to bilkul bhi nahi jab tak shankrachary jaise logon ko Islam par poora bharosa ho.

      • Arshad Bhai

        ————islam men gali dena haram hai.————

        1. Quran Mushrikon ko jindon mein sabse gandi paidaish batata hai. Yah main dikha chuka hoon. To gaali galauch to bhai Quran khud hi karta hai.

        2. Kisi ke ghar ghuskar use maarna aur ghar mein ghuse hue ko laat maar kar bahar nikaalna alag baaten hain bhaizan. Aap yah bataaiye ki agar Mahmood ko aap bina kuchh kahe hi chhod sakte hain to humne kya khata ki hai jo humse sawal jawab kiye jaa rahe hain?

        3. Doosron ki auraton ko uthaa kar apni laundi/rakhail banana Quran ne jaayaj thehraya hai. To jab Quran ki baat hogi to in darindagi bhari aayaton ki bhi baat hogi. Aur unki bhi jinhone inka sahara lekar duniya mein katlogaarat ki aur doosre mulkon par hukoomat ki.

      • “islam me gali dena haram hai
        ” ? aisa muslim hokar dava kar te hai ! ya jisne kuran padha? akhir yah bhi to batlaiye ki gali kisi kahate hai gali ka asar kya padta hai ?gali ki paribhasha kya hai ? kisi gali kaha jaye ?pahale is isko tay kiya jana chahiye! ! jahan tak ham samajhte hai ki jisse kisiko apmanit karne ke uddeshy kuch kaha jaye usko gali kaha jana achahiye ! kya kuran me aise vichar nahi hai kya gair muslimo ko apmanit karne ki bate nahi hai ? “tum jahannum ke idhan banogo” ? “tumhe jahannum ki ag me kjhonka jayega ” ? “tum fitkare huye suvar v bandar ho jao ” adi aise vakyo ki kuran me bharmar hai ab pata kijiye khuda ji kya kahana chahte hai ? kya yah gali nahi hai ? kabhi jahannum ka idhan kahana kabhi jahannum ki ag me jhonkna akhir khuda ji kya karenge dono karenge ya ek karenge agar donokarenge to uska anupat kya hoga yah ispasht nahi kiya gaya hai akhir “antim kitab ” me bhi spasht n ho to kaun khuda se badh kar hai o in baton ko spasht karega ? tum fitkare huye bandar v suvar ho jaoge / agar koi puche ki iska kya tarika hoga tab uski vyakhya khuda ji ne nahi ki ! agar kisi ko bandar banayenge to tab kya “punarjanm ka siddhant “nahi ban gaya ? suar aise banye jayenge ? jara musli m bandhu isko batlaye ? ya to isko gali mane ya isko punarjanm ka siddhan mane ! ya islam ki vichar dhara ko hi chod de ? tab jyada achha rahega ! ab muslim bandhu batlaye kis me vah raji hai ? ya any koi vichar unke pas ho vah batlaye ?

      • @ arshad nawaaz

        aisa ek desh tha,,,,,bharat – hindustan jahaan koi dange nahin hote the….aur fir aaye yeh musalman barbarians….violent, rapists, looters…bastards….. sab najaayaz aulaad…uske baad saari duniya mein tabaahi machi hai..,…

      • hum hindu ko shayad pata nahi, par mussalaman bahut acchi tarah se jaante hai.

        ek samrat tha, temujin, jisko chengiz khan ke naam se jaana jata hai.

        Usne madhya asia (central asia ) me 12 sadi me itni tabahi machayi thi, jise yaad karke mussalman aaj bhi rote ahai. Madhya asia, ek bahut bada islami samrajya tha, jiska naam tha al khawarizm. aaj kal kazakhstan, tajikistan, uzbekistn ityadi, Samarkand, aur bukhara me itna bade paimane me katle aam kiya tha,…..aaj ek aur chengiz khan ki zaroorat hai duniya ko.

        babar aur moghul wahi se harkar bharat aaye the. Darpok saale. Chengiz khan se lad nahi sake, bharat me aa gaye dadagiri karne.

      • brother Truth seekar

        sabse pahle main apse ek baat poochna chahta hoon

        kya koi bhi dharm galat baat batata hai
        kya koi dharm kahta hai ki gali do, zulm karo, jhoot bolo, chori karo

        i think your answer will be no?

        to agar koi country muslim hai aur wahan ke log agar achchi tarah se Quran ko follow karte hai to ye condition aayegi hi nahi.

        mere kahne ka matlab ye nahi hai ki iran men koi achchi tarah se Islam ko manane wala nahi hai.
        wahan par achche log bhi hain and bure log bhi hai.

        jaisa ki har desh men hota hai jaise india, pakistan, usa etc.

        aap koi bhi aisa desh batao jahan danggen aur fasad na hote hon.

        kum se kum islam ko manne wala bila wajah ki larai, jhooth bolna etc. to bilkul bhi nahi kar sakta hai
        aur agar karta hai to wo muslim nahi hai.

      • pandit arsad nawaj ji ek dharm hai jo jhoot bolna sikhata hai,dange fasaad karna sikhata hai ,jihaad sikhata hai aur nirdosh kafiron ki jaan lafange muslimon se sati samjhta hai, aur wo hai religion of piece ‘islam’. aur wo log jo fasaad kar rahe hain wohi wastav me islam ko manne wale hain. ye sab to unhone apne pyare nabi se sikha hai.dusre loog bhi fasad kar sakte hai lekin ismen unke dharm ka koi hath nahi hota.

    • Bangladeshi Hindu Brother is right MAHMOOD AND T. SHAIKH represents common muslim psyche of Indian Muslims they want to ELIMINATE HINDUS IN INDIA AND IMPOSE SHARIA IN INDIA. The Muslims of WEST BENGAL, ASSAM, UP AND KERALA SUFFER FROM THIS PSYCHE.




      • Namaste Satya

        The problem in my opinion is not muslims or secularism .The problem lies in the hateful teachings of the Quran and it’s literal interpretation and practice by muslims as the final unchangeable word of God.

        The biggest problem of Islam is it’s refusal to reform itself.It can’t bend ..so it’ll break ..from within.The day is not far away.

      • You are so lucky that Vedas can be twisted in anyway and made compatible with anything. What is the guarantee that this person Mahmood is a Muslim and not one of you people commenting witha Muslim name?

      • Namaste Tree Squirrel

        You are so lucky that Vedas can be twisted in anyway and made compatible with anything

        I am not a vedic scholar and as my nick clearly indicates , i am an agnostic.I more a fan of Truth, Humanity and spirituality than of any book.

        Having said that, if you look at the vedas , they talk to the whole humanity and it’s emancipation and secular well being. Quran, on the other hand is an ideology that pitches one part of humanity against other.

        If you don’t believe in vedas , the vedics wont hate or hurt you.if you leave their path, they wont kill you or stone you to death.In short , It;s islam which needs reform ..but refuses to do so 🙁

        What is the guarantee that this person Mahmood is a Muslim and not one of you people commenting witha Muslim name?

        i suspect he is neither a hindu nor a muslim.He is here with some political agenda .He talks less about comparative religion and more about political parties and personnas.

        so count one more who has his fingers crossed.


      • Namaste Tree Squirrel

        Please visit http://agniveer.com/2623/islam-will-not-be-a-threat-if/ and give your opinion on the 10 points raised there. As soon as you comment there, all of us will know whether you believe Islam to be peaceful religion really or you too have any hidden Mahmood inside your heart 🙂 and also that does it matter at all if Mahmood is fake or real because the Islam which he preached here is TRUE

      • @Tree Squirrel:

        What is the guarantee that this person Mahmood is a Muslim and not one of you people commenting witha Muslim name?

        Yes, we dont know. That is why Poe’s law was instituted.

        If you cannot differentiate a parody of a fundamentalist and an actual fundamentalist, the joke is on the religion itself – in this case Islam.

      • the leftist regime has completely uprooted the law & administration of west bengal . prior to 1977 the congress govt used to maintain the law & order of west bengal , now a days it’s lies in the point of no return . so we need to revive bac…k the law & order by grabbing the democracy or by arm struggle . both of this options are not easy tasks 4 us coz we need lot of strategies , skilled manpower & proper execution of planning. so as early as possible expel the RED-GREEN ally from the last BENGALI HINDU HOMELAND of the earth unless or until we follow this step , none can change the worsening situation of west bengal .

  • All

    So atonishing that you all got afraid and one to the extent where he mentioned report to police.We are not doing anything wrong.We are doing openly

    Police,Soniya Ji and all are with us.

    Please do not distribute this encrypted book called Vedas.Whom this agniveer also doesn’t know.

    Moreover It is so funny that we are giving u Quran which explains everything and still ua ll want to be with Vedas which no one understand.

    See please follow ISLAm as u have no option.Nor or later u have to follow i.Already w ehave crossed 20Cr in india and with blessings of Manmohan Ji and Soniya Ji we have increaed by 5 Cr in Lst three Yrs.Now till dat we are more then 25 Cr and daily we are having around 40K joining us.

    All poors and low caste want to join us in last upper class Hindus who are around 15 Cr will be left and then imagine what will happen.
    I can’t stop laughing here either u perish or ……..

    You all are enuch as except website you cannot do anything.See I have given u my video,my adress and still u have no balls.Please visit the church and enquire about me in calculatta.

    Allah hoo Akbar

    • @ Mahmood, try trolling something else. Your brain is so stunted that you are unable to go beyond MMS and Madamme…Happy trolling….

    • @ Mahmood – Try visiting a psychiatrist. Looks like u r the rebirth of the rapist,looter,stinker,sex-maniac prophet. stop day dreaming, recomversions will prevail and islam will leave india before even u know…wtf r u doing in a church by the way? getting ur …. rammed by someone daily?

  • Agniveer is right about the finality of the count of 10,552 mantras. While some written down versions may have mantras that are more or less as indicated in the post, I wish to give a Manadala / Sukta wise break up.

    Mandala Sukta Number of Mantras
    M1 191 2006
    M2 43 429
    M3 62 617
    M4 58 589
    M5 87 727
    M6 75 765
    M7 104 841
    M8 103 1716
    M9 114 1108
    M10 191 1754

    Total 1028 10,552

    The authenticity of this stems from the fact that this was a break up that I secured from a Veda Patasala attached to a Sanskrit college in the city I live. The Vedic scholar that informed me about this break up was someone that secured an award award from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for scholarly work in Sanskrit when Dr.APJ was the President.

      • And Agniveer, I’d also like to add the scholar’s “personal” opinion. When I probed about the multiple versions (of total mantras) in various works, he simply shot back saying that printing the Vedas or writing down the Vedas was preciesly why many consfusions occur with the final number of mantras. He said VAK is just VAK & that one should LISTEN and RECITE rather than writing it down or printing it. Perhaps, we can all him as someone belonging to the old world but apparently he seems to have a valid point.

      • Perhaps, we can all him as someone belonging to the old world but apparently he seems to have a valid point

        The Shruti indeed corroborates what the learned scholar said regarding वाक

        चत्वारि वाक परिमिता पदानि तानि विदुर्ब्राह्मणा ये मनीषिणः |
        गुहा तरीणि निहिता नेङगयन्ति तुरीयं वाचो मनुष्या वदन्ति ||

      • [email protected] A, that was an interesting verse you have quoted. The unicode NON COMPLIANT issues in my system are not showing the verse in full, but to me, it looks like Rig Veda 1.164.45. That one verse has a double principle. At one level it may look like it is alluding to the 4 Vedas BUT it is the key link between Vak and the Supreme Purusha. The meaning of that verse is that of the 4 quarters of the WORD, men know only 1/4th and the remaning 3/4th shows no motion. This directly ties us back to the Purusha Sukta where 3/4th of the Supreme Brahman sacrifice 1/4th of Self (called as Purusha) from whom this universe gets created. While we all know the “personal” Purusha based on the attributes of the Purusha Sukta the 3/4th “impersonal” Brahman is still unknown to us. And this is how VAK gets tied to the Vedic Godhead.

        Great is the language of the Vedas, greater are the seers of the Vedas….

      • Brother can u please elaborate on this .I am able to understand but still i am not clear.What is this VAK ?

      • Namaste @Apolloreach

        It’s indeed RV 1.164.45 ( and your explanation is illuminating!)

        Vak- the more i try to study it’s nature the more it reveals and as much it hides…Hats off indeed to the Rishis who could transcend this barrier

  • Namaste

    I read the article and it is very good. I have few questions. When you refer to the text of Swami Dayanand Ji having 26 mantras in Rigveda 8.24. I was just checking it. But i found that it has 30 mantras, not 26. So the calculation will change. Also, when I added the number of mantras of the ten Mandalas that you have given, the total comes to 10491 and not 10521. This will not make the calculation as 10552. Please check them again and inform me about it.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for pointing that out. It was some typo error in almost same lines that affected calculation of Swami Dayanand. They have now been corrected. First, Its 8.20 that has 26 mantras and not 8.24. Second, 6th Mandal has 765 mantras instead of 735 that was mistyped.


  • Friends,

    The one that need to be in mental asylums will keep telling you that the Islamic marauders had free lunch when they invaded India. But the truth is far from that. Our school textbooks too have been corrupted by the combination of Mullah/Commie/Victorian lies. To cut through the lies and know (from Islamic sources) about how frustrated the Arabs and Turks became and how valiently these thugs were beaten back, please read Heroic Hindu Resistance to Muslim Invaders (636 AD to 1206 AD) by Sita Ram Goel. Please look it up on the internet.

    To understand the complete nature of Jihad and its position in Islam, please read JIHÃD

    And India became a poor country because of Muslim kings that killed agriculture and squeezed jizyah out of farmers.The Legacy of Muslim Rule in India by K.S Lal.

    Unless we understand history objectively our own past, history will repeat itself.

  • @ Kal Bhairav: Islam need not be banned. It will run its course into oblivion. We only need to hasten this self destructing process, earnestly. Iranians are at the forefront of abandonig Islam,especially the young generation. Indians are wanting to gloss over Islamic atrocities and shy away from such discussions (the albatross of securalirsm?). But Iranians have now paisntakingly documented the atrocities of the Islamic marauders and are willing to leave the blood stained faith. They are now retracing the Zorastrian and Bahai lineages. Compare this with our folks not even knowing why Hindu Kush is called so. Right now Cyrus figurehead around whose exploits they thump their chests and call for abandoning the Arab slavery. And the Mullahs in Iran have lost it already and are now paranoid. They are now seriously talking about Iran’s cultural rebirth.

    One of Tteir rallying cries, among the various dogmas of Islamic scriptures, stems from the following verse, in a hadith: Narrated by Ibn Abbas – Messenger of Allah said: Love the Arabs for three reasons, Because I am an Arab, the Quran is in Arabic and the language of the people of paradise is Arabic.” There is a lesson from the above verse for Indian Muslims too. But are they listening?

    I have some seriously classified videos from Iran that will make Mahmood’s eyes burn with rage and he may board the next flight to Teheran to defend his faith. But I do not want to post them here,as it may jeopardize Agniveer’s mission.

    • @Rushmore:

      Islam need not be banned. It will run its course into oblivion.

      Indeed. Free thinking human beings endowed with a discerning and discriminating brain will sooner or later see the stupidity of Islam and junk it en-masse. No need of any state/government-forced ban.

  • Folks,

    Mahmood (above) is just one of the millions that have thrown away the keys of intelligence in the zam zam waters. In truth islam was invented to overcome the stigma of Arabs having a lineage to a poncubine of Abraham. Here is how…According to the Judeo/Christian teachings Arabs are the descendents of Ismail, the son of Abraham through the maid servant Hagar. Jews are the descendents of Isaac, the son of Abraham through legitimate wife Sarah. Arabs are considered the descendants of the illegitimate son Ismail. This created a social stigma, humiliation and inferiority complex among Arabs.

    Now all that Mahmood (above) and his ilk are doing is to a) Leave their native / proud lineages and accept a lineage that takes them to a keep/poncubine of Abraham. b) Think that this lineage is some divine lineage,when in truth, as we saw above, the lineage leads to an illegal son born out of an illegal or sub par relationship.

    Let us contrast this with an example from the Upanishads – Satyakarma Jabala in Brihadaranyaka Upanishad. Satyakarma is an illegal son of a prostitute. he asks his Mother that he wants to learn vedic scriptures. But given Father’s name is necessary to be part of a Gurukul, Satyakarma is lost about how he can get into a Gurukul. His Mother Jabala asks her son to be true about his non-existent lineage and asks him to seek out a Guru and call himslef as Satyakarma Jabala (the last name being his Mother’s). He goes to a Guru and says the truth about his non-existent lineage but also expresses his passion to learn the Vedic scriptures. The Guru appreciates the truthful nature of Satyakarma and admits him into the Gurukul. And later this biy becomes one of the premier Gurus himself.

    There lies the difference between the Vedic freewill and non-dogmatic approach versus what the likes of Mahmodd are taught. Right from inception, Muhammadans always had to lie, do damage control, feel ashamed of their lineages etc. But it is not so with us. We are part of divinity, we were created by Purusha and NOT from some illicit sex by Abraham, like the Arabs.

    • @Rushmore:


      Actually, sometimes I pity present-day Muslims. It is not like centuries ago their ancestors had the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Siva Puranam, Vishnu Puranam, Yogasutras, Brahmasutras, and millions of other beautiful Hindu thoughts on one side and Quran/Hadith (that too, only certain versions of these that the invading maurauders forced them to have) on the other and did a thorough study of both these sides and decided to convert.

      It was more like:

      Invading marauders to Hindus – convert or die you dirty brown Hindus. If you dont convert we will chop off the fingers from your hands and your sons hands one by one and rape your sister/mother. (Look at the comment of Mahmood above as to what is in store for Hindu mothers/sisters 🙁 Barkha Dutt/Arundathi Roy/Sonia Maino…here is the monster you are breeding…do you have a clue at all ?).

      Now these Muslims are stuck between a rock and a hard place. They know the idiocy and brutality of their Islamic heritage. But thoroughly junking them will cause so much cognitive dissonance that they instead feel satisfied to overcompensate for their insecurities by having non-Muslims embrace Islam.

      Pathetic and sad that Islam hasnt been banned yet in countries around the world.

  • @ Mahmood: While you guys broke Somnath temple, we had the tenacity to rebuild it everytime. The temple stands even today and it is a testimony to our conviction. And unlike Turkey or Persia or Central Asia Islamization was never complete and it will never be achieved. I am reconverting one family at one time in Assam and the same is happening in South India (by my peers) from the fake faith of Islam to the real one. Even being an atheist is better than the false fear of hell fire.

    And your Allah’s abode was attacked in 1979 by a bunch of terrorists. And the wahabis needed the support of French commandos to eject the terrorists. Blood was spilled right inside the Grand Mosque and guns pointed to the kaba. In the holies of your shrines, your own brethern indulged in terrorist activities. That speaks volumes of the character of you and your brethern. Even a satan called Inlis gives to hoots about Allah and all Allah could do was to eject the satan out of his firdous….

  • Define irony, a Muslim eating out of the hands of a represtative of the Vatican and calling Hindus enuchs. You need the support of a Xtian lady to forward your desert agenda. The Xtian forefathers of your MADAME kicked your rear in the crusades but you seem to take pride in sucking up to her. Now who is a enuch? You cannot achieve what your enslaved forefathers could not achieve in the last 800 years.

    Just because you show your ugly face on a video does not mean you are man enough. Those that accept enslavement of forefathers and contirnue to live in chains lack moral conviction. You guys are always talking numbers. First of all know what’s happening in your backyard. I have been to Iraq as part of a mission to propagate the Vedic way of life. In Sadr city most of the youth today give two hoots about allah. They are begining to find peace in the compassion of Vedic dharma. The same happened in Kirkuk. The youth are now taking to the Bhagavad Gita. Smart people maintain a low profile until the mission is accomplished, unlike you. As we speak, I am emailing one of your EX-BROTHERS in Kirkuk meanings of Chapter 10 of the Bhagavad Gita.

    And Iranian youth are so pissed off with being chained against the tolerance that Cyrus espoused aeons ago. They are now reading Avesta and Gathas to understand their roots and many of them have stopped going to places of worship of yours filled with cubic volume of air.Iranisna have started an open movement to abandon islam.

    And guess what my peers have been to Parichanar in Pakistan. As you would know, this is the Pashtun heartland. We have established secret schools (even ISI cannot figure it out) to give the kids TRUE education instead of mugging up untrue books. We support the war ravaged families financially.

    And Kerala Muslims being brainwashed in the UAE is a reversible process. Guess what the Mukhtoums and other royals in UAE want their own kids to be in Indian schools. We are in touch with some reperestatives of Houthis of your great KSA. They are slowly abndoning ignorance and are opting for the illuminated truth.

    When the ground is slipping underneath your feet, you seem to building castles in the air. You are like that spokesman of Saddam Hussein,who, when the Americans were already in Baghada, claimed that Americans are nowehere in Baghdad. Igorance begets ignorance.

    You are all swagger and zero impact….But we are zero swagger and we mean business…

    • Rushmore Brother Great Info, Islam is collasping this was also shown in NO.1 Muslim Channel AL-JAZEERA more than 6 million muslims are converting to islam every year and another 1 million in France alone if calculate the whole of Europe it will be very big number.

      Muslim invaders were able to come to India when Hindus were influenced by stupid Buddhist doctrines like AHIMSA and neglected their army and shunned weapons to protect themselves. Afghanistan and Pakistan which were at that time influenced by stupid Ahimsa doctrine were no match much for the Barbaric Islamic invaders and were converted to Islam. So due to the STUPID POLICY OF AHIMSA HINDUS HAVE TO VERY DEARLY PAY FOR IT. Those Hindus who did not believed in the stupid policy of AHIMSA like SHIVAJI MAHARAJA give crumbling blow to the islamic empire in India and Aurangzeb and his Islamic empire was wiped out HINDUS.

      @Mahmood LOL your own islamic scriptures say that Qarmatians used Kaba as toilet and Eunuch Allah and his Eunuch 70,000 angels were not able to do anything instead of just clapping hands. Now every friday you bow before this toilet LOL

    • Namaste brother.

      Your work in spreading Sanatana Dharma is truly great. You’re really helping these people in Iraq and Iran who have been oppressed so much from the barbaric, illogical cult that is islam, to realise Truth.

      Dhanyavaad for your work brother. You are a great role model to us all!

    • The generations to come and History will revere you for the efforts you are putting to the obvious cause.
      I salute too.

      Ohm Shantih.

    • Very inspiring but remember the Chanakya words, ” Never disclose your schemes before you have accomplished your goal”. The Jehadis exactly want to know what you are doing to checkmate us.

      Ohm Shantih.

  • Moreover you all are enuchs and cannot show your real face and name.This shows your cowardice.You can meet me in calculatta same church.Finally all enuchs run this website.

    • @Terrorist Mahmood:

      Last I know it was India that split Pakistan asunder in 1971. You can keep dreaming of a world-wide Caliphate. After all, unlike you guys, we Hindus dont feel the need to control everyone else’s thoughts and dreams.

      But in any case, continue to keep writing…I am sure an undecided person visiting this website is going to be swayed by your arguments to jump into the suicidal, er, Islamic side.

    • @ Mahmood

      Seems like u have been screwed by eunuchs a couple of times….and that u r obsessed by the eunuchs. are you one urself? remember Godhra? that is what hindus now are….they will screw u upright..

  • All

    Well forget abt khan the truth is we conquered you all and India too,Please do visit us on youtube.


    We are openly doing this with help of congress and no one knows that once we are 30% we will overtake congress and will bring aurangzeb era to india.We will cull you all.

    See 30% we will be in next 10 yrs and then we have 15% Christains and other sects.Rest Hindus are broken by heart.

    Pray to you false gods they will come and save you.
    O Pathetic Hindus O son of cowards you all do not realize we broke Somnath temple so many times and your priets rather then fighting were stuck to false GODS.O followers of false GODS we will definately send you to Allah.

    Your mother and sisters we will convert to ISLAm and marry as wriitten in Holy Quran

    • //We are openly doing this with help of congress and no one knows that once we are 30% we will overtake congress and will bring aurangzeb era to india.We will cull you all.

      See 30% we will be in next 10 yrs and then we have 15% Christains and other sects.Rest Hindus are broken by heart.

      Pray to you false gods they will come and save you.
      O Pathetic Hindus O son of cowards you all do not realize we broke Somnath temple so many times and your priets rather then fighting were stuck to false GODS.O followers of false GODS we will definately send you to Allah.//

      True face of the religion of piece……………………..

    • Agniveer please report this terrorist to police. this place is for intelectual discussions. not brainwashed hypnotized jehadies like you.

    • Mr. Asshole Mahmood, I am a bengali myself, but the audio quality is bad, so could not make out much of what the f**k were you talking of. You want to meet me, come to Guwahati, and we will meet. I am an RSS karyakarta. Will cut you to pieces, I swear, and your balls will be sent to your motherc**d allah first.

      • Bhai
        kitne sharm ki baat hai
        ap kisko gali de rahen hain ek Muslaman ke ALLAH ko ya khud ke bhagwan ko ALLAH to 1 hai ye Quran bhi kahta hai aur Ved bhi.

        aur phir agar ap sache Hindu hain to apko sabr se kaam lena chahiye apka dharm gali dena to nahi sikhata aur nahi Islam.

        Kum se kum main us person ko achacha nahi kah sakta jo apne dharm ka palan na kare
        chahe wo hindu ho muslim ho koi bhi.

      • Bhai Arshad

        Sharm ki baat Mahmood ke liye nahi hai kya?

        Quran mein kafiron ko Allah ki sabse ghinauni paidaish (worst of creatures) bataya gaya hai. Is par aap kya kahenge? Ye gaali nahi hai?

      • Bhai ap kahan ki baat kar rahen hain.
        aur Quran kis ayat men ye hai?

        aur bhai agar bura na mane to kya main puch sakta hun ap kis khuda ke tassawar men yakeen rakhte hain
        1 ya anek?

      • bhai maaf karna beech me bolne ke liye me anek iswar me bharosa karta hoo bataiye usme kya problem hai

      • bhai mujhe koi tention nahi hai.
        lekin apka Ved khud kah raha hai ki “na tasya partima asti” yaani ki bhagwan ki koi partima nahin hai aur 1 jagah kaha gya hai ki bhagwan sirf 1 hain sirf 1 sirf 1
        aur wo log andhere men hain jo 1 se zyada bhagwan ko mante hai aur 1 jagah likha hai ki aur wo log aur andhkaar men ja rahen hain jo apne ishwar ki banai hui cheezo ko poojte hain jaise sooraj, hwa, aag etc and hatho se banai hui cheeze jaise but/murtiya.

        maaf karna bhai ye main nahi kah raha apka Ved kahta hai.
        ap kisi bhi achchi tarah Ved ko janane wale se pooch sakte hai.

        anek ya 1 bhagwan per yakin karna apke ooper hai lekin main jahan tak janta hoon har mazhab yahi kahta hai ki ALLAH/Ishwar/god 1 hai.

      • thank you pandit arshad nawaj ji aap ne to mujhe vedon ka gyan de diya to phir to aap bhi vedon ko mante honge ,ved to iswar aur hamare beech kisi agent ko na lane ki baat bhi karte hain aur vedon ka iswar apne agent ke liye aurten bhi supply nahi karta hai ved chamcahagiri ko nahi gyan ki khoj ko bdhawa dete hain, aur jaha tak har majhab ki baat hai to ye aap bhi achi tarah jante hai ki iswar aur allah ek nahi hai aur islam 1 iswar me bharosa nahi karta aapka alha apni har baat ke liye dusron par depend hai muhmmad ke bina uska wajood nahi hai ,agaar aap me himmat hai to muhmmad ke bina allah ya islam ki kalpana kar ke dekh lijiye.such to ye hai ki aap allah ko nahi muhammad ko mante hai aapka islam muhammad se suru aur muhammad par khatm hota hai .
        aur jaha tak mere anek bhgawanon ki baat hai mera puchne ka matlab yah tha ki me pooja kaise karta hun ,kiski karta hun aur kitne bhgawanon ki karta hun ye to mere aur iswar ke beech ki baat hai isse aapko ,desh ya samaj ko kya phrk padta hai phark to is baat se padta hai ki men dusron ke sath kaisa behave karta hun, men desh aur samaaj ke liye kya karta hun .
        khas baat ye hai ki hamare liye kya mahatwapurn hai koi kitne bhgwanon ki puja karta hai ya uske karm.
        by the way aap kafi suljhe hue insaan lagte hain iswar aapko satya aur asatya men phark karne ki shakti de.

      • Arshad Bhai

        1. Mahmood ke baare mein aapki rai?

        2. Quran ke 98 sure ki 6th ayat mein yah likha hai ki kafir Allah ki banayi hui sabse ghinauni paidaish hai.

        3. Main ek Eeshvar mein Vishvaas rakhta hoon. Uske saath kisi ko shareek nahi karta jaise Musalmaan bhai Muhammad Saheb ko Allah ke saath har jagah shareek karte hain yahan tak ki apni namaj mein bhi. Aur main kisi but ke aage sajda karne waala insaan bhi nahi hoon jaise Musalmaan bhai Kaba ke but ko, majaaron ko aur bahut se Hindu bhai Krishna ji ke but ko sajda karte hain. Butparasti aur Shirk karne mein bahut se Hindu aur sab Musalmaan ek jaise hain. Bas antar itna hai ki hindu maan lete hain ki wo butparast hain aur Musalmaan maante hi nahi! Aur doosra antar hai ki Hindu kisi doosre ko isliye jahannam ka raasta nahi dikhaate ki vah butparast nahi hai lekin Musalmaan bhai doosron ko sada jahannam hi dikhate hain.

        Aapke purkhe (poorvaz) to Ved ke maanne vaale the na? Kya aap jaante hain vo Musalmaan kaise bane? Kya aap ab apne poorvajon ke ghar mein vaapas nahi aana chaahte? Main aapse ghar vaapas aane ki guzarish karta hoon, Vedic Dharm mein aapka swaagat hoga..


      • Sabse pahle main apke pahle sawal ke jawab ki taraf jata hun

        bhai main mahmood ke bare men apni kya rai doon ap to aise kah rahen hain jaise main mahmood ko barso se janta hun.
        main yehan par sirf aur sirf Islam ke mutallik galat fahmiyon ko door karne ki koshish kar raha hun na ki kisi mazhab ya kisi ke ooper tanqeed karne.

        bhai apka dusra sawal jo Islam ke mutalik hai, ap jis aayat ki baat kar rahen hain wo 5 hai na ki 6.
        “Innal lazina kafru min ahlil kitabe wal mushrakeen fi narejahnnam khaledin fiha. ulaika hum sharrulbariiah.”

        Bhai is ayat men kaheen nahi likha gaya hai ki kaafir ALLAH ki ghinauni paidaish hain.

        is ayat men ALLAH S.T. ne famaya hai ki “wo log jo mushrik ho gaye aur ALLAH ki batai hui baat ko nahin mante hain aur ALLAH ke alawa kisi aur ko shareek karte hain hamesha Dozakh ki men rahenge aur ye log badtar log hain.”

        aur ye baat mushrik logon ke liye hai jo sab kuch jante hue bhi ALLAH S.T. ki baat ko thukrate hain na ki kafir.

        aur ALLAH S.T. ne Quran kai jagah farmaya ki Agar ye log tauba karlen to beshak ALLAH unhen maaf kar dega kyun ki ALLAH S.T. nehayat hi raheem w kareem hai.

        bhai apko pata hai ki
        mushrik kise kahte hain aur kafir kise kahte hai.

        umeed hai apko pata hi hoga.

      • Arshad Bhai

        1. Achchha ek baat bataaiye ki aapne Mahmood ko reply na karke SDC Bhai ko kyon reply kiya tha? Kya aap unhe barson se jaante hain? Islam ke baare mein galatfehmiyan kya mujhe aur SDC ko hain, Mahmood ko nahi? Agar haan, to aapne use kyon nahi samjhaaya aur agar nahi to aap bhi usi ki soch vaale honge.

        2. Quran [98:6] mein Arabi ke lafz hain- “Sharru Al-Barīyahi”. “Sharru” maane sabse buri/ghinauni/gandi/worst aur “Al-Bariyahi” maane jantu/creatures. To iska matlab vahi nikalta hai jo maine pehle likha tha.

        3. ————aur ye baat mushrik logon ke liye hai jo sab kuch jante hue bhi ALLAH S.T. ki baat ko thukrate hain na ki kafir.————

        Ye baat to Kitaab waalon ke liye bhi hai jo Allah ko maante hain, keval Mushrikon ke liye nahi.

        ———–bhai apko pata hai ki mushrik kise kahte hain aur kafir kise kahte hai. umeed hai apko pata hi hoga.————–

        Mujhe to pata hai lekin afsos ki aapko pata nahi hai 🙁 Mushrik unko bolte hain jo Allah ke siva bhi kisi ki pooja karte hain. Aur Kafir usko bolte hain jo Allah, uske rasoolon, Muhammad ko aakhiri paigambar maanne, Quran ko maanne, farishton ko maanne, Aakhirat, Jannat aur Jahannam ko maanne se inkaar karte hain.

        Vaise Quran mein kai jagah Mushrikon aur Kafiron mein koi antar nahi kiya gaya. Aur Quran ke kai tarjumon mein Mushrikon ko Kafir hi kaha hai. English ki har translation mein is aayat ko non believers (Kafir) par hi ghataya gaya hai. Vaise ladai hamari is baat par nahi hai ki mushrik aur kafir mein kya antar hai. Baat ye hai ki Musalmaan apne saath rehne vaale bhaiyon ko Al-Bariyahi (Allah ki sabse buri paidaish) samajhte hain aur unse ladne ke liye tayyar rehte hain. Unse pyaar na karke nafrat karte hain. Aur isi nafrat ki vajah se aaj aap apne purkhon (ancestors) ke Dharm ko chhod kar gair (Arabon) ke majhab mein fanse hain.

        Aap ghar vaapas kyon nahi aa jaate?

      • Wo isliye bhai
        kyun ki sdc Bro. ne kisi aur ko nahi apne bhagwan ko hi gali de thi
        Us ALLAH ko jisne hamen paida kiya wo jo hamen jaise chahe jis tarah rakhe.
        aur rahi baat mahmood ki to beshak agar wo 1 muslim hai to use aisa bartaw nahi karna chahiye baki mujhe nahi pata wo muslim hai ya nahi
        maine us baat ka virodh kiya jismen ALLAH S.T. khuli gali di gayee

        waqaee ye bahut hi bahut hi sharm ki baat hai.

        aur rahi ap ki baat
        halaki apko Quran ka kaafee mutala hai par maaf kijiye ap meri har baat ke jawab ko sirf uljha rahen aur istarah se sirf comment likh kar in baato per bahas nahi ki jaskti agar apko waqai lagta hai ki islam sahi nahi hai to sirf article likh ya commen likh kar is baat ko kabhi proov nahi kar sakte Dr.Zakir Naik ne khula challegd diya hai ki dunya ka koi bhi shakhs islam ki 1 baat ko bhi galat sabit nahin kar sakta agar apmen hai qabliyat to unke is challange ko media ke samne todie
        Inshah Allah main wo pahla musalman hunga jo Apke is dharm ko qabool kar lunga.

      • Bhai apka teesara sawal bahut hi achcha aur mujhe khushi hogi iska jawab dene men

        bhai koi bhi musalman kabe ki pooja nahi karta hai kaba ek simt/rukh hai
        ham log kabe ka twaaf yani ki chakkar lagte hai wo ye isliye kyun ki hum 1 ALLAH men yakeen karte hain jaise har dayre ka center 1 hota hai.

        muhammad s.a.w. ke zamane kai sahabiyon ne kabe per chadh kar azan di aur kya main pooch sakta hun ki koi but ko poojne wala kya kabhi us par bithega ya uspar khara hoga.

        aur hamare 4 big khalifaon men se hazrat Umar r.t.a. ne ye baat kah kar bilkul saaf bata diya hai ki musalma kabe ko nahi poojta hai
        unhone kaha “main is kale patthar ko sirf isliye choom raha hun ki hamare nabi ne ise bosa diya warna ye patthar kisi kaam ka nahi hai na to ye faida phuncha sakta hai na hi nuksaan”

        aur haan hum musalman muhammad s.a.w ko kabhee bhi ALLAH ke saath shareek nahi karte hain wo sirf ALLAH ke bheje hue paigummbar the aur akhri the.
        aur musalman unhen Namaz men shareek karte hain ap ise kaise proove karenge apko pata hai namaz kaise padhi jati hai
        plz proove it phir main apka zawab dunga.

        and bhai mujhe nahi pata mere poorvaj kaun the per jahan tak yaad hain sab muslim the aur hone na hone se kya farq parta hai mujhe khushi hai ki main ek muslim hun
        aur main puri koshish karunga ki main apne non muslim bhai ko islam ki taleem dun.

        aur bhai jo Islam ki ek baat ko nahin manta hai wo kafir(arabic word=non-muslim) hai chahe wo naam ka hi muslim ho.

        har musalman ko neeche likhi bato ko manna zaroori hai warna wo musalman nahi hai.
        aur bhi bahut si baate ye chand basic hain.

        1 ALLAH 1 hai
        2 uska koi mabood nahi
        3 hum sab log uske bande hain
        4 Muhammad s.a.w. ALLAH ke Akhri paigummber the.
        5 Quran ALLAH ki kitab hai

      • Arshad Bhai

        1. Pehle sawaal ka kya bana?

        2. Kaba ki sachchai jaanne ke liye http://agniveer.com/1685/kaba-or-idol-worship/ padh len. Us par jo baatcheet hamaari Musalmaan bhaiton se ab tak hui hain, vo sab bhi padh lijiye. Aapke saare sawaalon ke jawab diye ja chuke hain.

        3. Main ek Eeshvar/Allah ko maanta hoon aur apni praarthna mein koi but/patthar/kibla istemaal nahi karta kyonki Eeshvar sab jagah hai. Main apni praarthna mein kisi aadmi kaa naam nahi leta jaisa ki Musalmaan bhai Muhammad ka lete hain. To main Musalmaan bhaiyon se jyaada tauheed pasand hua ki nahi? Meri tauheed mein aapko koi khami najar aati hai? Mujhe aapki tauheed mein aati hai. Aap Allah ke saath chahe kisi vajag se bhi, ek aadmi ka naam jaroor padhte hain. Mere liye yah mumkin nahi, main isko shirk maanta hoon. aap kyon Ved ke sachche tahueed ke raaste par nahi aate?

        4. Aapke poorvaj Muslim the? Aap Arab ke hain kya? Kyonki Hindustaani (pak, bangladesh aur afganistan bhi) musalmaanon ke poorvaj to Hindu hi the, Arab nahi. Haan kuchh ek honge jo apni maaon par Arabon ki jabardasti ki vajah se vajood mein aaye honge aur isliye unhe apne poorvajon ka naam aur Dharm pata nahi. Lekin ummid hai ki aap jaise karodon Hindustani Musalmaan bhai bahan apni ragon mein apne poorvajon (hinduon) ka hi khoon rakhte hain, kisi darinde ka nahi.

      • Bhai
        phir to mujhe kahna parega ki ap waqai men 1 ishwar men yakin rakhte hain
        kyun ki ALLAH ne khud quran men kaha hai ALLAH 1 hai and muhammad s.a.w uske paigummbar hain.

        aur bhai apka kaun sa dharm hai ya ye kub wajood men aaya

        jahan tak main janta hun hundu bhai ka dharm apke dharm se bilkul bhi mel nahi khata kum se kum ap hindu bhaiyon ko to ye kaho ishwar 1 hai.

        And waqai apki history kamzore hai
        apko pata hain hindo logon ka ye wajood hane se pahle muslamano ki hoqumat thi.
        phir hamare purwaj hindu kaise ho gaye aur ho bhi to kya farq parta ap kis base aur daleel par mujhe wapis bula rahen.
        maaf kijiega
        mujhe kisi dharm se koi shikayat nahi hai main sirf apna farz ada kar raha hun
        lekin aap islam ko badnam karne ki koshish kar rahe hai
        but aap kabhi kamyab nahi ho sakte
        ek din puri dunya par islam galib hoga aur ye meri aur apki naslen zarur dekhengi

      • Bhai mere poorvaj bhale hi arab se na aayen ho par apko to khud ki hi history nahi maloon

        arya log to khud arab se aaye the
        ap history padh lo.

      • hamara itihas hamare purvaj jo batlayenge vah hamare liye many hoga yah foot dalne ke uddeshy se angrej jo batlayenge vah many hoga ? ap kisko many karenge vah ap batlaye ? kya muhammad ji ki hadis me iska ullekh milta hai ? ki bhartiy sabhyta ko manne vale arabi the v arab me rahate the ? agar ham sab arab se nikal kar is desh me bas gaye hai to ap bhi to isi desh ke vasi hai hamare jaise ap bhi ho sakte hai ?


        “Dr.Zakir Naik ne khula challegd diya hai ki dunya ka koi bhi shakhs islam ki 1 baat ko bhi galat sabit nahin kar sakta agar apmen hai qabliyat to unke is challange ko media ke samne todie
        Inshah Allah main wo pahla musalman hunga jo Apke is dharm ko qabool kar lunga.”

        sir ali sina ne zakir naik ko khulla challenge diya hai, aur zakir naik ne accept nahin kiya, aap is baare mein sab kuch search kar sakte hain. ali sina ne 50000 us dollar ka inaam bhi rakha hai, apne challenge pe, zakir naik ne khulle aam inkaar kiya aur kaha ki main chote logon ka challenge accept nahin karta, ali sina ki site ko zakir naik se zyada log follow karte hain.

      • Bhaisahab, aapko selective blindness hai. Aapko Mahmood ke vichaaron par pehle gaur karna chahiye tha. Maine to sirf jawabi karwai ki hai. If I have hurt your feelings, then let me at the outset apologize for that. I have no intention of hurting anyone’s feelings, but if attacked, then it is my prerogative to retaliate.

      • @Arshad Nawaz
        sharm ki baat toh aap jaise ‘dhongi shanti priya’ logon ke liye hi hai. jo fasad ki jad tak naa jaakar ul-jalool kisi pe bhi ilzam laga dete hain. Islami Aatankvaad aap jaise chadm-shanti priya logon ki vajah se hi phal phool raha hai. bade aaye hame lecture dene, apni kaum ko toh sambhalo pehle.

      • Bhai
        main bhi eent ka jawab pathar se de sakta hun
        lekin mera mazhab mujhe rokta aisa karne se.
        aisa karne se sirf nafrat failti hai na ki muhabbat

        mujhe behad afsos hai
        mera 1 hindu dost hai halaki maine use islam ki dawat di mashahallah wo kuch bato par yakin rakhta hai jaise ki ishwar 1 hai. allah usko hidayat de.
        usne bhi is site ko dekha aur usne bhi yahee kaha kum se kum hum hindu log musalmano ke bare men aisi rai nahi rakhte.

        rahi baat dhong ki to
        wo kaun kar raha hai saaf dikh raha hai

        aplogo ke comments dekh kar lag nahi raha hai ki ap log hindu ya vedantist hain.

      • eenth ka kawab patthar se doge bhi kaise? Apka mazhab hi toh pehle eeth marna seekhata hai. 😉
        Apki muhabbat ke toh hum(bharathvasi) takreeban 1000+ saal se kayal hai. apki muhabbat ne toh kai crore logo ki qurbaniya bhi le hai, abhi le bhi rahi hai.

        haan, dhong kon kar raha hai woh toh saaf dikh raha hai.

        Khud ki imarat ke khambo ki parwah nahi hai, bade aaye dusro ki taraf ungli uthane.

      • bhai mere 1 sawal ka jawab dene ka kasht karenge

        1 agar 1000 sal se qurbaniyan lee ja rahin hain to abhi tak india men hindu bahusankhya kyun hai?
        Aur main ye bhi janana chahunga ki wo 1 crore kaun log hain gujrat ke log to nahin ya batla house encounter men mare gaye log?
        jawab zaroor dijiega.

        1 aur baat main bhi 1 hindustani hoon aur ye haq india men rahne wale sabhi nagrik ka hai chahe wo hindu, muslim, sikh, isai ya koi bhi ho.

      • Aapke sawalon ka jawab dena chahunga. Sabse pehle toh aap yeh jan le ke bharat kewal India hi nahi tha. Aryavrat aka bharat mein aaj ka pakistan, afghanistan, bangladesh, nepal, sri lanka, burma shamil the. Ab mein aapse puchta hu ke afghanistan, bangladesh, aur pakistan ke hindu kaha gaya? Unhe zameen nigal gayi ya aasman kha gaya?

        Rahi baat gujrat ki, toh aaj bhi gujrat mein musalman hain na? Agar ha, toh main aapse puchta hun ke kashmir valley ke panditon ka kya hua? Kuch batane ka kasht karenge.

        Batla house encounter mein ek inspector sharma bhi mare gaye the. Toh kya aap yeh kehna chahte hain ki delhi police ne aapne ek senior inspector ko bhi false encounter mein mar dala? Aapke buddhi par zyada zor nahi dunga.

      • Bhai
        apne histnry thoda adhuri batai hai
        chaliye main apko batata hun
        India ko azad hue kitne saal hue?
        63 year hai ki nahi?
        kya apko pata hai jab afganistan, pakistan, bangladesh jab 1 the tab kattar musalmano ne 300 saal tak hokumat ki aur us waqt democracy bhi nahi thi, jo chahe kar sakte the aur koi rok bhi nahi sakta tha phir bhi aap aur ap jaise bahusankh log bache hai
        pahle iska jwab den
        phir main baki sawal ke answer dunga.

      • Waise aapke pass to baki sawaalon ke thik uttar toh nahi honge, main janta hun, phir bhi chaliye aapko main batana chahunga ki aap phir se bharat ki nahi modern India ki baat kar rahe hai aur ha modern India 63 saal pehle azaad hua. Usse pehle democracy nahi thi aur aap jo chahe kar sakte the aur kiya bhi, lakhon logon ko aapke peaceful logon ne mara aur talwar ke nokh par dharm parivartan kiya. Jo hindu aaj bhi hain unhone struggle kiya aapne dharm ko bachane ke liye. Aap sochiye ki pakistan ki azaadi ke samay 10% hindu the jo ki aaj kareeb 1% reh gaye hain, agar democracy mein yeh halat hain, toh uss samay kya aalam raha hoga. The same is the case in Bangladesh as well.

      • jaise gujrat ki kahani ap yad kar lete hai ,lekin godhra ko bhul jate hai ! yah hai apka “sachha insaf ” ? kashmiri pandito ka nam lena bhi pasand nahi karte hai fir bhi apne ko bhartiy kahalana pasand karte hai vah to ap rahenge hai lekin mansikta se nahi sharir se ? musglon ki takat ko hukumat ko , shivaji ,maharana pratap , gurugovid sigh ji guru teg badur sigh ji adi ne mukabla karke unko shaktihin kiya tha v bad me angrej aye muslim saltnat ka vjud samapt hua 1 agar muslim shasko ne julm kiye to uska pratikar kiya gaya mushkil si log jit paye bad me apki puri saltnat samapt hui 1 isliye ab is desh me kathit hindu bahusankhya me hai jab gujrat ka katleam yad karte hai fir bhi muslim kafi sankhya me hai vaise hi muglon ke shasan me kai guna julm hone ke bavjud kathit hindu bahusankhya me rahe iska yah arth nahi hai ki muglo ke julm nahi huye the !

      • @ Arshad Nawaz

        Ask your muslim guy Mahmood to shut the f*** up… what r u talking about?

        @ Mahmood
        is baar to musalmaano ko kaat karr rakh denge…bahut ho gaya. agar maa ka doodh piya hai to samne aa…

  • @ Mahmood: And please do not forget to tell your brothers that have khan as the last name this…Khan is not an Islamic last name. You guys owe it to Ghengis KHAN. He outbrutalized you guys in the way he slaughtered everybody in those towns that he sacked, He & his soldiers were noted for the way they did the same thing that Aran armies did after sacking a town – raping. So the name KHAN directly ties those carrying it to Ghengis Khan and not to an Islamic lineage. Is your last name Khan too? I hope not…

  • @ Mahmood, he he he…like I mentioned elsewhere, you are part of the progeny of enslaved forefathers. It does not matter where you are from. Your caliph Muwaiah’s forces were kicked repeatedly.It was only after the neo converts from Turkey and Persia restarted the jihads did the desert dwellers cross Sind. And do you know of the multiple versions of Quranic manuscripts hidden in the Great Mosque of Sana’a (Yemen)? Do you know that there are differences between verses/contents/numbers of Quran inscribed in Dome of Rock of Jerusalem have no connection with the Quran of today? And it gets even pathetic. The multiple versions of Quranic manuscripts showed the sign of palimpsests, i.e., versions very clearly written over even earlier washed off versions.

    So,while the Vedas have been potected by way of recitals since aeons, your Quran has been washed, written over and over again with multiple verses that are disjointed. So human hands have corrupted Quran.It translates simply into Quran having no divine origin. Quran is not Allah’s unaltered word. It is hardly God’s word.

    And your Kitab has a God that changes his mind at will. Someone not having an erection, here is a ayat. Someone having a hrd on, change / abrogate the old ayat. Please ask Allah to make up his mind. Will ya?

    “No change there can be in the words of God” (Q: 10.64)

    “There is none that can alter the words (and decrees) of God” (Q: 6.34).

    But at the same time, Quran itself confirms that God’s words can be changed. This is what we
    call the ‘doctrine of abrogation’, by which later revelations can cancel previous ones, as Quran
    confirms, “Revelations… We abrogate or cause to be forgotten” (Q: 2.106).

    What base do you,an enslaved progeny of an enslaved forefather have to even talk about Vedas. And by the way, they spilt blood right inside the Grand Mosque @ Mecca in 1979. Your Arab airheads needed the help of Kafir French soldiers to handle a bunch of terrorists holed up inside the Grand Mosque. More tha 120 people were killed inside the mosque during the siege of the grand mosque @ Mecca in 1979. Take a hike….

  • Again holy crap.Why this confused book is recited by you all when no one can understand the encrypted book.

    Anyway after peace TV we are launching some more TVs in India from Sonia Gandhi Permission and already Swami Ramdev Channels have been banned.Soon he will be behind bars.

    Well you all without balls just stick to this place and we will wipe out your false demonic religion.

    Again same thins I will say Your Dharma/Religion is of Enuch and so you all are.

    If even single Hindu has balls then lets see how Swami Ramdev channels come back and anyone can stop us from converting India to ISLAM.

    Allah hoo Akbar,Yaa Khuda hum tere bande hein aur kafiro ko tere kadmo mein dalenge jinda warnah unki rooh tere paas bhejengein.

    • @Terrorist:

      Well you all without balls just stick to this place and we will wipe out your false demonic religion.

      Spoken like the true spokesperson of Islam – the religion of “peace”.

    • Sooner BJP AND RSS is coming to power and kick you and your jehadi and evangelist friends out of india. Pakistan and Bangladesh will be part of akhand bharat. jai hind

    • @Mahmood

      you have trully proven yourself to be a perverted terrorist, after all you been following the Quran so what can be expected. You think we are scared of your stupid Aurengzeb eras, you are more than welcome to bring back your aurengzeb again, but remember, just like how your aurengzeb and Moghal empire was wiped out, this time they will be wiped out by people like us in such a way that you would regret that you were ever a part of this stupid moghal empire.

      You cannot refute articles on this site and now you talk crap, I feel sorry for your ancestors that they gave birth to a creed of yours who justify terrorism.

    • @Mahmood
      “Allah hoo Akbar,Yaa Khuda hum tere bande hein aur kafiro ko tere kadmo mein dalenge jinda warnah unki rooh tere paas bhejengein.”

      Woh ‘Muhammad’ kya tha jisne zulm se jeeta jahan,
      pyar se jeeten dilo ko woh jhuka de aasman


      They may kill me, but they cannot kill my ideas. They can crush my body, but they will not be able to crush my spirit. – Martyr Bhagat Singh

      • Wah! Wah! Roger Bro

        Woh ‘Muhammad’ kya tha jisne zulm se jeeta jahan,
        pyar se jeeten dilo ko woh jhuka de aasman

        jhooth aur nafrat ko jo satya se jhulsayega
        Roger bro ki tarah wo Agniveer Kehlayega 🙂

      • ty bro IA and sameer

        I copied those lines from a song called ‘rote hue aate hai sab….’ from movie muqaddar ka sikander.

        it was ‘woh sikander kya tha…’ i liked the message and used it accordingly. 🙂

        btw…i loved your lines bro IA.

    • @mahmood

      Quote,”Well you all without balls just stick to this place and we will wipe out your false demonic religion.

      Again same thins I will say Your Dharma/Religion is of Enuch and so you all are..” Unquote

      Well, tell me where to meet in combat, and then I will show you the full power of demonic false religion, your one and only true allah wont be able to save you. We will see who is eunuch.

      With your kind of attitude, why do yu muslims cry when we retaliate like we did in gujarat?

    • Hello Mr., U’ve gone blind under falsehood. Rig veda is the oldest religious volume on the earth standing aloft till date and will be guiding the mankind so long the sun and moon are in the sky. In no religion so much deep and details about God has been described like Rig veda. Your comment shows you have not touched any of the religious volumes of Hinduism. Tell me any line from any of the volumes including from Rig Veda, I will explain you the wonders n beauty. No channel of Ramdev has been banned nor there is any legal system in India to ban it for the grand popular mission he is running. Further, U’ve mentioned to convert the whole of India into Islam. Pity on U, go thru the history of India to know that this country remained under Islamic rulers continuously for nearly one thousand years from 10th to 18th century. Still Hinduism is the soul of India now, though it is a secular country. More than 90 crore population are Hindus. If during long Islamic rules they could not convert, how many lakh of years will U take ? With such a mentality Bin Laden has been finished. Hinduism teaches patience, tolerance, peace, love , kindness for all the mankind as written in the Vedas. It prefers no agression.

  • Excellent Response Agniveer. I will call you ‘dada’ as a bangali address to elder brother.

    Mushafiq Sultan is a Jehadi from Kashmir. His ancestors were forcefully converted to demonic Islam. His favourite job is to lie about Vedic faith. Hope it will expose our lost faith.