Q – How to master fear of death?

A – One, sometimes you may confuse urge to live with fear of death. Urge to live is mandatory. Without it, there is nothing to look forward to. This urge is Prana Shakti. Nurture it. Just direct it to purpose. Do not try to kill it in attempt to win over fear of death.

Two, just keep in mind that every atom in your body has changed since birth. You were child, you were dumb, you were smart, your were good, you were bad. But it was you. You never changed. So something that does not change when everything else changes has no reason to suddenly stop existing because some biology in body ceased. You are beyond body. You existed. Hence you will continue to exist. So there is no death. What can change is what surrounds you. Believe in this, and become Mrityunjaya. Read Gita Chapter 2. I have also translated all shlokas in layman lingo to explain why death is impossibility.

Three, die mini deaths daily in mind. Desensitize yourself out of bad habit of fear. Kali and Rudra Sadhana are powerful ways to be Mrityunjaya. But that is for serious practitioners. You can simply imagine death situations, live through it and keep doing till sensitivity is gone.

Four, become hard worker. Stretch yourself to your physical and mental limits. Best antidote to morbid thoughts.

Five. Become Eeshwar Bhakt. Surrender all to Eeshwar. Bring out the emotional chemicals from body and direct to Parameshwara.

Remember that valor is also an habit. Anyone can nurture it. Be an Agniveer.

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