Zakir Naik says Quran is the book of signs/miracles. Lets discover the science behind the signs!


Today we are going to discuss the concept of Miracles in the world’s fastest growing religion! Miracle is probably the only phenomenon that is common in all the cults- otherwise fighting on everything uncommon- prevailing today. Cult, being promoted by a person or a group has to have some exclusive divine performances under its belt in order to attract people towards it and evolve as religion. Except Vedas, every book considered as divine in the world offers miracles. Puranas in Hinduism being written by different people belonging to different sects in different times are full of miracles. History books like Ramayan and

Mahabharat too have been interpolated by cultists time to time and thus one finds many miraculous stories in those. We completely reject any story/incident that can not be understood with rational mind and thus goes against Vedas. However we will not analyze stories related to Hindu beliefs and refrain ourselves to scrutinize the miracles of Islam in particular for the two reasons

a. No Hindu ever claims that his/her story or book is the exclusive way to bliss. He neither prays/believes that the unbelievers of his stories will go to hell. But on contrary Islam/Christianity both claim the perfection of their stories that are to be believed blindly to secure seat in heaven. Not only that but as per leading Islamic scholars and translations, Quran orders to fight/kill those who don’t believe in these stories. Please see Quran [9:5, 9:29] where the believers are commanded to fight those who don’t believe in heaven, hell, Jinn and angels etc. In these circumstances, it becomes obligatory to grill the violent cults preparing to slit throats of unbelievers for the only sin of theirs of disbelieving in their “miracles”!

b. Vedas are the foundation of Hinduism. So any question directed at Hinduism must be asked to Vedas. Any so called Hindu belief against Vedas should be considered as one’s own and not that of Hinduism in general. Since there is no mention of any stories in Vedas, we will not write what Hindus believe. But on the other hand, Quran and Hadith, the authoritative scriptures of Islam claim to possess miracles and force others to believe in those too. Thus they need to be examined. Please note that we will not analyze Muslims for their manmade beliefs in superstitions and miraculous stories of Sufis and Peers but will restrict ourselves to Quran and Hadith only. We keep our promise that we gave to Zakir Naik- don’t judge the Car by its driver!

So here we go.


Miracles are believed to be the signs of infallibility of the trio- God, His messenger and His divine book in Abrahmic religions. Zakir Naik proudly claims that Quran is the book of “signs” (miracles) and not of “science”! This line speaks tons about the common perception of Islamic torch bearers and their followers about science. Zakir is proud of following a book that is not based on science but stories! Perhaps this is the reason why Muslims and Islamic countries struggle to find their representatives in the scientific fraternity worldwide. We feel pity for Dr Abdus Salaam who was declared Kafir by his own Pakistani countrymen, at the time when he was going to become the first Muslim Nobel laureate, only because he did not belong to the majority sect of Islam in Pakistan But leaving aside the history, it is time to question the very phenomenon of miracles.

First of all lets look at some signs/miracles of Islam mentioned in Quran and Hadith that have been highlighted by hundreds of Islamic patrons on cyberspace. (We are not giving references to these famous miracles because every Muslim believes in these. Anyone can cross check their authenticity with the scriptures.)

1. Muhammad flew to heavens riding on a flying donkey named Buraq to meet Allah and his previous messengers! (Shab e Miraj)

2. Muhammad broke the moon into two!

3. During the battle of Tabuk, water started sprinkling from Muhammad’s fingers when Muslims ran out of water!

4. Idol of an idol worshipper spoke to Muhammad! It gave testimony of Muhammad’s prophethood to its worshipper and then he became Muslim!

5. Bunch of dates hanging on a tree came near Muhammad when he ordered and went away when asked for the same. This was to convince a disbeliever and then he became Muslim.

6. Muhammad made a dead girl alive!

7. Muhammad healed burning of someone with his blessed saliva!

8. Allah turned many people into monkeys!

9. A person who had died rose again to give testimony when he was hit by a piece of cow’s meat!

10. One stone ran away taking clothes of Moses. This stone was hit by Moses with a stick and twelve waterfalls started from that stone!

11. Moses turned his stick into a python!

12. Allah turned Moses’ stick into a thin snake which scared Moses. Then Allah asked him not to be afraid.

13. People refused to believe in Moses. So he sent grasshoppers, insects, frogs, blood etc to destroy their crops and leave them without water!

14. River was split into two for Moses.

15. Jesus was born to Virgin Mary without father!

16. Abraham killed a peacock, crow, cock and sparrow and kept their heads with him. Then he mixed their bodies and wings. Now when he called them, all the pieces went back and joined with each other to make these birds living again!

17. Allah created she-camel from a stone! 

After having glimpses of few of the innumerable Islamic miracles, one thing is clear. Any scientific rational mind can never believe in these stories. But for those who still want to believe in sings and not in science, we analyze the concept of miracles in general.

a. Which is greater miracle- sustenance of moon or its breaking?

Many unbelievers (Non Muslims) in Mecca one day challenged Muhammad to break the moon to prove that he is prophet. Muhammad then broke the moon on popular demand! So it was considered as the sign of truth of Islam by Muslims (we will later tell you what happened to those which this miracle was performed for!). As per Vedic philosophy, the perfect unchangeable laws of nature are strongest “signs” of God’s presence because laws/regulations need regulator to sustain. But it is opposite in case of Islam. Islam believes randomness as greater sign of God than planned, perfect and unchangeable universal laws!


Islamic concept of Miracle is something like this- Consider some ignorant people stop following Traffic rules someday. They demand the proofs of existence of Traffic rules and the regulatory body. And know what, instead of pointing towards thousands of vehicles following the Traffic rules and accidents when rules are broken, Traffic police itself started breaking Traffic rules and hit some vehicle with its Jeep to provide proof of existence of Traffic rules and the regulatory body! Interesting, isn’t it? Proof of existence of  Traffic Laws is being given by vanishing them

Actually the concept of divinity related to miracles is flawed. Rules are broken by weak; it takes strength to maintain those. It does not take much to cross the railway line directly but takes lot of energy to climb the bridge and cross the line using it. It takes nothing to be dishonest and untruthful but requires a tough character really to be honest and truthful. So we see it hardly takes anything to break the laws that everyone can do but it really demands guts to follow the rules. Similarly greatness of Allah should have been in maintaining the laws and not in breaking. Sustaining trillions of starts and planets with infinite control is a greater miracle than breaking of a poor moon! And anyone who cant see Allah’s greatness in sustenance of infinite times more complex system, he can never believe His greatness based on mere moon breaking. And unfortunately this was exactly what happened with non believers of Mecca after Muhammad showed miracle.

We can ask many questions based on this less understood moon breaking miracle

1. Who witnessed this miracle other than Muslims? Was whole world turned blind when the moon was broken? Why could not people outside Mecca see this sign and why could not even Non Muslim Arabs believe in it? When this sign is against science as well as denied by the very people for those it was shown, why should we believe in this in first place? Do we need to surrender to everything Islam claims?

2. Was there any relation between showing miracles on demand and prophethood? If no, then splitting of moon which was performed at public demand was no evidence for Muhammad’s divinity/prophethood. If yes then go to the next point!

3. What if people of Mecca would have demanded something more than moon breaking? Was Muhammad capable of showing anything to the people on their demand? If no, then go back to point 2 and accept that this miracle was no sign for his divinity. If yes, please let us know if he could do below things

a. Could he act against the writings of Allah- Lohe Mehfooz?

b. Could he change the words in Lohe Mehfooz?

c. Could he become God?

d. Could he create Quran?

e. Could he rebel against Allah and follow Satan?

f. Could he do idol worship for rest of his life and still be called as Muslim? Could he refuse to believe in Allah?

g. Could he recommend all Kafirs to Jannat and all Muslims to hell?

i. Could he refuse to be the prophet?…

We challenge Zakir Naik and fanatics like him to answer these questions. And even forget about Muhammad, could Allah do the above things? If no, where is omnipotence of Allah as claimed by Muslim friends?

b. Did miracles serve their purpose?


Muhammad broke the moon into two on the demand of disbelievers. But what he got in return? The disbelievers said, “Muhammad has performed magic.” They did not accept Islam. It means the miracle went in vain Here again many questions arise

a. Was Allah unaware of the failure of this miracle? If no, why Allah showed this in first place?

b. How wise it is to convince people of today based on this sign when even those for whom it was shown did not believe in it?

c. For those who argue that Allah knew everything but He was taking test of Arabs. So we ask test for whom? Test of dumbness or intelligence? Arabs did not believe in illogical act of moon splitting thus they passed the intelligence test! But instead of backing them, Allah fears them the wrath He shows on disbelievers of His illogical signs. I couldn’t understand this test at all in which a blind believer dumber tops and a rational mind fails!

c. Miracle sign of God or Satan?


There is another aspect to look into all this. In Islam, Allah is believed to be able to do everything. There is nothing that Allah cant do! This is the strongest argument (?) of Muslim friends against Vedic God, that Allah can do everything but Eeshvar (as described in Vedas) cant. So we ask our friends, can Allah kill himself? If yes then who knows He has already done that and now Satan is on His throne It looks quite possible because Allah used to sustain the moon but suddenly Allah’s law was broken and moon was cleft asunder before time! So this miracle of moon breaking seems quite possibly inspired from Satan the enemy of Allah who wants to challenge Allah’s authority. We ask Zakir Naik to calculate the probability of this whole event. After all it is non zero because Allah can do everything! And of course Naik and his Jihadi masterminds should calculate the probability of Quran being word of Satan and Momins going to hell and Kafirs going to heaven etc! Or Allah being alive but joking Muslims with tales of heaven, hell, scripture and prophet! After all Allah could/can do everything!

d. Scientific miracle- an oxymoron

After the advent of Zakir Naik’s Islam, there is lot of emphasis on the term Scientific Miracles of Islam in Muslim world. Anyone who knows a bit of English and listens to Zakir Naik is found explaining to fellow Kafirs that how Islamic Miracles are completely Scientific! However Islamic scientists don’t know what is miracle and what is science. Miracle is something that cant be explained/understood using reason/mind of humans. And science is nothing but the understanding of nature by humans. So this way miracle can be anything but scientific! The moment one says something is scientific, it means it can be explained using laws of science. So the moment any story/act is tagged as scientific it ceases to be miracle in first place and vice versa.


We came across the sites of some Islamic Scientists aka Dawah centers that claim to provide SCIENTIFIC EXPLANATION of Islamic miracles like moon breaking! They even claim to have some pictures from NASA that how two parts of broken moon were glued They don’t realize that they are digging their own graves by doing so. First of all by claiming splitting of moon as scientific, they refuse to believe in miraculous nature of the act! Second they cant answer why did not Allah show another miracle by adjoining the parts of moon without glue, why did He need glue! And if glue was needed to break the moon, why not need hammer while breaking it? The only way out as always- Allah knows the best!


Another claim regarding Science and miracles is that Quran contains scientific facts which science has come to know recently! So this is considered another miracle by Zakir Naik that Quran contains science! We agree completely on this with him! Because if we go by the definition of miracle, it is something unnatural and unexpected. And Zakir Naik himself claims that science in Quran is a miracle thus unnatural. Dear readers! Are you getting the hint by Zakir Bhai? It is simply that for searching science, go to the natural sources and thus you should look anything but Quran

e. Miracle never for present- circular logic to believe

Another important feature of miracles is that they are never shown in the present! One can only read their stories in books like Quran. No miracle is sent for present. This is biggest case against believers of miracles that miracles can never be verified but to be blindly believed. So you ask a Muslim, why do you believe in unscientific miracles? He will reply because Quran says so and Quran is Allah’s word. Then you ask why Quran is God’s word, he will reply because Quran is the book of SIGNS and who could show such SIGNS other than God 1400 years ago? So it becomes- Why do you believe in Signs? Because they belong to God’s book and that book is from God because it shows Signs and so on…..

Jihadis like Zakir Naik have been suffering from Circular Logic Syndrome from centuries. It may help them live in fool’s paradise that they possess the ultimate truth but drought of Muslim contributors in logic based fields such as science and technology reveals the truth of their ultimate truth!

f. Is Quran the book of signs at all?

Ye they say: “Why are not Signs sent down to him from his Lord?” Say: “The signs are indeed with Allah: and I am indeed a clear Warner.” [Quran 29:50]


This Quranic verse may be shocking to many. It is because the whole stories of miracles shown by Muhammad as claimed by Muslims are opposed by this verse blatantly. It says that signs/miracles were not sent/shown to/by Muhammad because he was a mere Warner. It was none of his business to show magic/miracles at all. So the Islamic balloon of miracles is busted by this verse totally! To Zakir Naik and his fanatic supporters, there is an additional package with this verse! He claims that every Ayah (verse) is a sign (miracle) sent down to Muhammad from Allah. But this verse says that no signs (Ayah) are sent to Muhammad So we leave it to Zakir Bhai to decide what he wants whether to consider this verse [29:50] as wrong or to deny the divinity of entire Ayah (verses) of Quran as they are not from Allah as per this verse. Both cases end up proving fallibility of Quran!

However we agree with this verse and would conclude that surely anything that is beyond reason and logic needs to be rejected unless proved otherwise. There will be many who may argue that these miracles that are against today’s science may be scientifically proven by tomorrow’s science and thus should be believed. To them we say that we will believe those tomorrow then. Why believing in advance? And yes, when these miracles have been proved wrong being unnatural TODAY, why should our Muslim friends need to stick to them waiting for an unseen tomorrow?

The above analysis is not only for Muslims but for everyone believing in miracles. We took examples from Islamic scriptures but our analysis holds true for every act called miracle found in any book of the world. We gave the reason for choosing Islamic examples in beginning but that does not mean miracles of others’ are justified. They are equally irrational and unacceptable to the rational mind. 

We appeal to every Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jew and everyone to reject superstitious beliefs of their books and follow Vedic Dharma  The Mother of all Philosophies!

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