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Agniveer’s Call for Action | Uprooting enemies of Nation & Dharma

No more killings of Jawans! No more of Jihadis creating mini-Pakistans! No more political correctness of leaders ignoring attacks on Mothers and Motherland! Join Agniveer.

10 huge problems with Quran I could not digest

Frank confessions of a teenager who went into state of shock after reading Quran. Why no one could convince him to become a Muslim. Uncensored admission.

How Quran changed my life forever!

Shocking uncensored confessions! Read to know how Quran changed life of a 14 year old boy. How Quran gave answers to the most perplexing question of world! Why everyone must read Quran!

5 – Summary was clear

The bout was gone, but summary was clear - Everything that I know till date is merely an inconsequential hoax. A sham or a...

4 – What do I do

Once again, I found all the habitual enjoyments and everything I am doing or plan to do in near term as completely inconsequential.I am...

3 – Optimal solution

The only other hope for me was the domain of spiritualism. What modern science cannot observe through its meters and scopes, a spiritual person...

2 – Modern Science

Modern science, which evolved as a sharp reaction to biblical dogmas of late middle ages, is today no more than yet another dogma or cult.

1 – The Bouts

I woke up in the night and found myself sweating profusely. I felt like being choked. My mind felt all blank in fear. It was again one of those bouts...

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