Bloody Terror Vs Corruption – Prioritize or Prepare for Extinction!

Unite all against terror and its roots, and everything else will be taken care of.

When Army Colonel Realised Indian Secularism Is Not So Secular

Few months ago, I was in train. The gentleman sitting next to me was a retired Colonel of Indian Army. Man with a class! We discussed Mughals, Marathas, Rajputs and their war styles. He enlightened me on many occasions. And then there was a discussion on Babri.

Concealed Reality of Islamic Brutality in India | 11 SHOCKING Facts

Its high time that we take a call & propagate our real history to our coming generations through informal channels & weed out the systematic rot.

Has Indian Democracy Failed India? Find out..

The democracy can not cry for imperfections in people's act after demonstrating utter partiality, cowardice and imperfections in its own conduct.

Bhagat Singh – Communist or Nationalist?

Sanjeev Newar (IIT-IIM) silences likes of Shashi Tharoor who equate Kanhaiya Kumar with Bhagat Singh. Know the true character of Bhagat Singh - an ardent nationalist, fan of Veer Savarkar, and son of "Bharat Mata". Watch and circulate. Break the false propaganda of Communists and anti-nationals. Vande Mataram.

‘मुग़ल – हवस के सुल्तान’ से उद्धृत

अग्निवीर की आने वाली पुस्तक ‘मुग़ल – हवस के सुल्तान’ से उद्धृत

Man Who Butchered Wazir Khan

Warrior who avenged killing of Guru Gobind Singh's children who were bricked alive by Mughals. Story you didn't know about.

Shivaji Statue – Answering all who have problem with it [Video...

Honest, piercing, to-the-point, mind-opening, checkmate answers from Agniveer founder Sanjeev Newar to all who have problems with Shivaji Statue.

Cow Is Soul Of Nation. Imaginary Intolerance Can Go To Hell

Cow is soul of our nation. Don't teach us what to do when someone attacks our mother - Gomata.

महाराणा प्रताप

महाराणा प्रताप के जीवन की कुछ घटनाएं इस कविता में हैं। भारत माँ के कुछ दमदार पुत्र ऐसे हैं जिन्होंने विपत्ति के समय में भी दुनिया में इस देश का नाम गुंजाये रखा। महाराणा प्रताप ऐसा ही एक नाम है।

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