2 – Modern Science

Modern science, which evolved as a sharp reaction to biblical dogmas of late middle ages, is today no more than yet another dogma or cult.

1 – The Bouts

I woke up in the night and found myself sweating profusely. I felt like being choked. My mind felt all blank in fear. It was again one of those bouts...

फूल नहीं धधकता अंगार हूँ

फूल नहीं धधकता अंगार हूँ मैं। थके स्वाभिमान को झकझोरती ललकार हूँ मैं।

The resolve of a Human

Resolve of Agniveer

Arya and Castes

An illiterate son of Brahmin is also shudra. And any shudra, after having gained knowledge through his or her efforts can become a brahmin, vaishya or kshatriya.

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