Mr Jumla Expert : We will make India Sone ki Chidiya (Golden Sparrow) again as it was 2000 years back.

Agniveer: Sone ki Chidiya was looted for 1000 years. Know why?

If you have hobby of being Sone ki Chidiya, make sure you have Lohe ke Baaz (Iron Vultures) to protect you. Otherwise vultures from around and within will loot, disrobe and rape little Chidiya (Sparrow).

You had Pratap, Shivaji, Guru Gobind, Nalwa, Ahoms as Lohe ke Baaz who protected it then. But if little Chidiya is attacked again this time, this will be the end of this Chidiya from planet.

Focus on Lohe ke Baaz.
Sone ki Chidiya can wait.

Focus on Ram Mandir, implementing Uniform Civil Code, 2-Kid Policy, scrapping-off Article 370 etc.
Vikas can wait.

PS : Haters, Andh Bhakts, listen – We don’t give a fuck to what you think or say. We are not slaves of any man.

We are Sons of this Motherland.
And will do anything for her.
Losing page, power, prestige or even life.

So if you are upset with our posts, go to Jumla Expert.

Do not teach patriotism to us. Any abusive user will be kicked out w/o mercy.

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Disclaimer:  We believe in "Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam" (entire humanity is my own family). "Love all, hate none" is one of our slogans. Striving for world peace is one of our objectives. For us, entire humanity is one single family without any artificial discrimination on basis of caste, gender, region and religion. By Quran and Hadiths, we do not refer to their original meanings. We only refer to interpretations made by fanatics and terrorists to justify their kill and rape. We highly respect the original Quran, Hadiths and their creators. We also respect Muslim heroes like APJ Abdul Kalam who are our role models. Our fight is against those who misinterpret them and malign Islam by associating it with terrorism. For example, Mughals, ISIS, Al Qaeda, and every other person who justifies sex-slavery, rape of daughter-in-law and other heinous acts. Please read Full Disclaimer.
  • I strongly agree on scrapping off article 370, and Uniform civil code. In a democratic country, there must be a uniform civil code for every citizen irrespective of any religion etc. Laws of the land must be uniform for each citizen. And there was NEVER need of article 370. This article is the SEED of all the problems. It must be removed as soon as possible.

  • The real strength lies in rural india and youth of India. What is happening there. Farmers in rural india are doing suicide and youth of india is unemployed and wasting his energy in so many destructive activities. Shivaji and Partap tapped this energy by working with them, united the people who were oppressed and fought against the invaders to get the freedom. But freedom does not last long, if we do not have mature strategies, planning and policies.

  • Wonderful! It is good to have love for motherland. But if you read history of Shivaji, Partap, Guru Gobind, they did not become “Lohe ke Baaz” by building mandirs. What Mandirs, mosques, churches have given to India or to the world. These buildings are only good and worth to have it if they become a community center where people get together and solve the problems of their communities, villages, cities and towns. But it does not happen.