Warning : Not for weak-hearts. This is our reply to the beef-eating extremists only. It is not meant for general public.

Dadri’s Akhlaq is in news again. After so many lies spread by UP government, a section of media and others, it is now reported that the meat found in Akhlaq’s fridge was beef. Arnab Goswami now asks, whether it was beef or mutton, how does it matter? Its about life of a human. Is the beef in his fridge more important than his life?

Here is a light conversation with Arnab Goswami that will clear all his doubts and minds of beef-lovers.

Arnab Goswami : Ok, so it was beef. But how does it matter whether it was beef or mutton?

Agniveer : Is calling someone gay a threat to national security?

AG : How is it relevant to this issue?

Agniveer : This is not News Hour Debate show on your channel. It is neutral place. You alone won’t decide what is the relevant issue.

AG : Ok, Calling someone gay is not at all a threat to national security. Now come to point.

Agniveer : So why did you abuse Kamlesh Tiwari with words like madcap/madman? And why didn’t you conduct programs in his support who is falsely charged under National Security Act?

AG : Because he hurt sentiments of crores of Muslims by calling Prophet as gay.

Agniveer : But you just said, he did nothing against national security. So why did you abuse him in first place? And why didn’t you abuse Akhlaq the same way? On contrary, you are sympathetic to him?

AG : Why should I do that?

Agniveer : Because he ate mother of crores of Hindus and thus hurt Hindu sentiments.

AG : Oh come on, lets get serious. We won’t go by superstitions any religious community practices. If you find an animal as your mother, don’t eat it. But how can you stop others from killing and eating it?

Agniveer : Calling cow as mother is superstitious? And believing in Prophets/unseen heavens and their fairy tales is scientific? Moreover, if someone wants to call a man as prophet, let him respect him. How can you stop others from calling him gay?

AG : Look, prophet is role model of crores.

Agniveer : Cow is mother to crores.

AG : What I eat is my choice. Why should I not eat beef just because you consider it mother?

Agniveer: Whom I call gay is my choice. Why should I not call someone gay just because you hate homosexuals?

AG : But I don’t hate homosexuals. I support gay rights…..

Agniveer : Got it. That is why you never asked jail for Azam Khan who called Hindu leaders gays. Kamlesh had just responded to him. It is just that even the thought of offending some peacefuls brings wetness at wrong places.

AG : But prophet was a human and cow is an animal. Where is the comparison?

Agniveer : Cow feeds us like mother. It is evident. On other hand, nobody has seen the prophet. We have only read stories about him. So how can you compare real and mythology?

AG : Still, I find it difficult to compare humans and animals.

Agniveer : Is this about species at all? By that logic all iconoclasts, ISIS, Boko Haram, Babur, Akbar, Aurangzeb, Sikandar Butshikan, Ghazni, Ghori, Osama Bin Laden etc did nothing wrong when they desecrated idols. Because idols are stones with no feelings! No? So what is it? It is the emotions that matter. If someone wants to believe in an imaginary God on 2nd/3rd/7th,8th sky, I shouldn’t abuse Him. If I worship stones, others should not abuse them. If someone believes in prophet, I shouldn’t call him names. If I call someone as mother, you have to stop seeing her as food. It can’t be one way traffic. It is as simple as that.

If Muslims have feelings, so do Hindus. And unless you can prove that Muslim sentiment is special than Hindus’, all your defense of cow-eaters is crap. Yes, lynching of anyone by mob is unacceptable in a modern society. But harassing, threatening and abusing a man on TV who is already being threatened by mob of Jihadis on streets is equally unacceptable. We are waiting for your program on Kamlesh Tiwari apologizing to him for abusing while he was in jail and also demanding authorities to drop charges of National Security Act against him.

AG : But still, why offend a community and disrupt harmony?

Agniveer : So make punching bag out of Hindus! Right? Harmless Fun? Right?
Bottomline is that fear is the key. Your deeds and arguments are driven by who makes you more wet. Hindus must learn and work accordingly.

AG : Bhai, who are you?

Agniveer : I am Agniveer. I protect weak. I protect innocents. I destroy hatred. I destroy haters. I destroy iconoclasts. I destroy Jihadis. I destroy hypocrites. I destroy casteists. I believe in- Live and let live. If you don’t, I won’t let you either.

PS : This work is an art of fiction and the conversation happened in the dreams of this post’s author. We appreciate Arnab Goswami for his coverage on Malda riots which no other media house has guts to do except Zee. Really showed guts against Jihadis. You are way better than most in your fraternity. Hope you take this conversation in right context and do even better next time.


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  • Anniveer brother I think u should talk to dr zakir Naik in this matter he will reply u the best answer and clarify u that our prophet is not a guy… before saying that cow is a mother u should read ur scriptural book where there is not a single page written that cow is a mother… If cow is ur mother then when ram ji has completed his vanwas he has slaughtered 100cows and feeds every Brahman it is not I am saying it is ur scriptural book says… First read it than say it…

    • Hinduism is not a scripture based religion. You maybe able to show many references of cow slaughter in the various puranas…..but u will also find various other instances where cow was indeed regarded greatly (eg:kamadhenu)….so there are written things in support of cow slaughte ban…..But more than that its the emotions that matter……if Hindu respects cow as mother (and actually mean it….) then others should give the same respect to cow equivalent to prophets

      • If u will think about emotion u shouldn’t eat goat, chicken or fish… Etc they also get pain and some people are there who worship them…. U also think about them they are also like us… Even trees get pain it doesn’t mean that u will not have it… If u want to so emotion then don’t eat anything…

      • Trees do not get pain. They do not have neuron system. But I agree that we should not kill other animals for food too. They definitely feel pain. Why to give pain to any animal for meals when nature has provided plants in abundance.

      • Purans are not the right scriptures. Theseare contaminated by corrupt pandits for their own fantasy. Vedas clearly gives emphasis on not killing of any animals especially cow as being agriculture country, cow had very important role in financial economy and heath of the nation. A life of soldier and king both are important as both are human beings but during war, thousands of soldiers sacrifice themselves to protect the life of their king. Therefore, cow was considered as mother of country.

    • slum is pest is vermin is virus. aakhri nabi modi (flowers upon him) knows slum safai marmar ke halal gharvapsi

    • Rasheed, there is not a single scripture that says that Ram ji killed even a single cow. It is impossible to even think about it during vedic time. As you like others to not talk about your prophet, you should also not say anything just because you heard from somewhere. Your ancestors worshipped Lord Ram Ji so before you say anything, think and do research about it.

    • Rasheed : Zakir Naik ( Joker Nalayak ) is shit of pig . If you follow him shame on you and on all those who follow him. I hv watched his many video he speak in his every video very confidently but all rubbish . he speak only as per his propaganda. he speculate Vedas and other hindu scriptures just to foolish peoples like you. what ever he has spoken about hindu scripture that is bullshit.

  • Good arguments. I only wish to add one thing which everyone seems to be forgetting. That before Kamlesh Tiwari made that comment about the prophet, some jihadis made the same comment about RSS leaders that they are gay.

    • U don’t have the right to say anything about prophet he is the only person who is perfect in this world and we believe him if u want to say anything u can say to us we will not mind…. And never ever try to compare our prophet with any of the person… I am bad but he is not, I may be wrong but he is not,.

      • Rasheed, Agniveer amended the article with your input. Can you do the same favor and ask your friends to not to say anything about our prophets. Our prophets are Ram, Krishna, Shivji, Vishnu ji and many more gods and goddesses. Trust me, our prophets have never done anything wrong to anyone. If I trust you that your prophet has never done anything wrong, then you should also give same respect to our prophets as you do to yours. Hope you can understand my point. It makes sense. Right. Thanks.

      • Rashid ; you are talking about the right to speak about Prophet and in your privious comment your was talking about zakir naik . that means u know this Rascal Zakir naik instead of following him why dont you ask him to not speak any nonsense about veda? want kind of conscious you people developed after reading your holy Quran ???