While debating fanatic Moulvis in a case of love Jihad, one of them laughingly asked, “If your God is omnipresent, does he live in toilet too?”

I replied- Does your God live in 7th sky?

Moulvi : Yes.

Vashi : Does He have eyes?

Moulvi : Yes.

Vashi : Does He have hands?

Moulvi : Of course yes.

Vashi : Does he have legs?

Moulvi : Oh come on , yes.

Vashi : Whats there between them?

Moulvi : Zubaan sambhaal ke baat kar, you are in our area.

Vashi : I give a little more than what I get. Interest is not Haram in my faith. It might be in yours.

Moulvi : I didn’t insult your faith.

Vashi : Ok, so repeat your toilet line with your God. I am waiting.

Moulvi :

Vashi : Why silent?

Moulvi : This debate is over.

Vashi : No its not, answer, whats there b/w God’s legs?

Moulvi : Laahoul vila kuwwat illah billah

(leaves debate. Girl said thanks brother – You saved me from animals.)

Said final goodbye to her. Now she is happily married with a little baby son. May Eeshvar keep you healthy and happy always, little sister.

PS : I will be sharing critical parts of my debates with you all for the benefit of all those who work for saving our people from swine flu.

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