Q – If you have to choose between life of a human and cow, whom would you save?

A – Cow.

Because she is my mother. And only way for such situation to arise is that the human wants to kill a cow. Hence I would save my family than a killer.

Q – Would you kill someone to save a cow?

A – If someone insists on killing my mother, I would never wish for his long life. And celebrate his death like I celebrated death of Burhan Wani.

Q – Would you kill such a person?

A – Definitely, every patriot would have been proud to kill Burhan Wani.

Q – Don’t dodge question. Tell clearly, will you kill someone to save a cow?

A – No. Since our PM became Gandhi Bhakt, I also became Gandhiwadi. I will sing “Ishwar Allah Tero Naam” and offer the killer two more cows so that his heart changes. Then I will become Harshwardhan and study 8 hours extra daily to do PhD in Gandhian Heart Transplant Technology. I hope that answer will make you happy.

Meanwhile I will follow footsteps of Pratap and Shivaji for Goraksha.

Q: What if the human is your brother who also loves cow?

A: If he is my brother, he would be a gorakshak himself.

Q: So you will save the cow instead of your brother and let your brother die? 😐

A: No. We both will save the cow and kill Burhan Wani.

Q: Your brother(human) is himself in danger than how you both will save the cow?

A: My brother is not ordinary human. If he is around, cow killers will be in danger.

Q: You’re not replying me to the point..
Suppose if the cow and your brother is drowning in the river…
You can choose or save only one between both…

What will you do? Whom will you save?

A: Will have to save none. Both are excellent swimmers.

Q: What if, if the human is not trying​to kill the cow but he is also in danger then whom would u save?

A: I will kill the source of danger.

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